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WWE Preferences  by piscespayne
WWE Preferences by Krissie
Preferences based on ur favorite wwe superstars babyyy. Message me if u have any requests lol
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Vampire Love by Rkmna97
Vampire Loveby Rkmna97
Dean Ambrose, a 200 years old vampire, falls in love with a human, Seth Rollins. When Seth meets Dean, the love blooms between them. He doesn't know he is a vampire. Wha...
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WWE Preferences/Imagines by JanahWDW
WWE Preferences/Imaginesby Janah.M
Preferences and Imagines. Dean Ambrose Finn Balor John Cena Samoa Joe Randy Orton Roman Reigns Seth Rollins AJ Styles
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Submisson by KanesCrazyChick
Submissonby KanesCrazyChick
Zoey is a sweet girl, and once Samoa Joe lays eyes on her, he has to have her.
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WWE Prompts   by harleymoxley1
WWE Prompts by Carrie Ann DiBartolomeo
These have prompt sentences with WWE Superstars.. that I have posted on my tumblr account @ username is harleymoxley. I HAVE removed these stories from my Tumblr account.
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Fourth Member of The Shield  by mfeamster
Fourth Member of The Shield by mfeamster
The Shield was dominant in the WWE. Until one faithful night. The Shields architect Seth Rollins. He betrayed Dean Ambrose, Alyssa Ambrose Dean Ambrose's little siste...
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New To Love  by Bryles_X_StylesLee
New To Love by ❤PunkLee❤
Love... "There is no way in this part of my life, that I could find it. I won't even waste a breath looking for it ."-Becky Lynch "I am in the best positi...
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Ship it or Rip it ||WWE Edition|| [Completed] by xboujeebellas
Ship it or Rip it ||WWE Edition|| sindy ♡
Request []Open [🏁]Closed [🏁]Completed Request me your ships and I will see if I ship them or not *Credit 2 @chattychels12344 for this cover*
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Rahzel: My Reign, Year 3 Part Two by RusslonzoBucx
Rahzel: My Reign, Year 3 Part Twoby Russlonzo Bucx
#3-rubyriott (2019 Smackdown June-2020 Wrestlemania) After getting his revenge on his former best friend, Rahzel looks to dominate and go for the ultimate goal: The WWE...
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Boys Like You | Rollins by FanficAngels
Boys Like You | Rollinsby P. Ambrose
When the world was against Seth, she stood with him. SETHxOC Written by Penelope "Poppy" Pace
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THE WWE DRAFT by cheytaylor1
THE WWE DRAFTby Chey Taylor
My own version of the WWE Draft
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Mischievous |Balor| by screamforbecky
Mischievous |Balor|by Brianna
Mis·chie·vous /ˈmisCHivəs/Submit adjective (of an action or thing) causing or intended to cause harm or trouble. crystal sets her eyes on the nxt champion. he's interest...
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Little Miss Devitt, Alexa Bliss X Finn Bálor by Matt-Steen
Little Miss Devitt, Alexa Bliss Steen Copia
After arriving in NXT, Finn Bálor as gain some attention around the WWE including one girl. As they bond together they slowly start a connection with one another.
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NXT Facebook! by KyleRackham
NXT Facebook!by TheyCallMeGov
(UPLOADED FROM MY FANFICTION ACCOUNT) You've seen the main roster on Facebook, but what about NXT? See many NXT stars past and present thrive in the Facebook world. T fo...
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WWE Drabbles and Excerpts by WrestlersOwnMyHeart
WWE Drabbles and Excerptsby WrestlersOwnMyHeart
This is my collection of drabbles (really short stories), and excerpts from upcoming stories. There will be many of the wrestlers from WWE-not just who is on the cover a...
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The Big Break by willdoss
The Big Breakby will doss
When newly signed nxt superstar j.j Tyson comes come wwe for a shot at becoming a major superstar has struggles with his pastand can he overcome these struggles or will...
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Wrestling by SlipknotWithaZ
Wrestlingby HayNize
It's not that fake..
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Elias by YourMomentOfBliss
Ladies and Gentlemen, Eliasby YourMomentOfBliss
Here you will find pictures and possibly gifs of my current favorite WWE Superstar Elias. Enjoy!
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