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Because I Love You (Destiel & Sabriel) by Stranger_Forever
Because I Love You (Destiel & Wreck
Castiel's in love with Dean. Dean's in love with Castiel. And there's only one person who knows it - Sam Winchester. What will happen when Sam decides to go on a lone hu...
Sabriel Summer by tricksters_angel
Sabriel Summerby @HelloSongbird
Summer 2015, the summer at the Novak's house, the unusual group of teens liked to call it, the summer everyone found a place for themselves. The summer everyone found s...
In The Beginning |Destiel Highschool AU| by skinnedsoul
In The Beginning |Destiel Prince
Castiel and his two brothers Gabriel and Michael are new kids to Dean and Sam's high school. Dean falls for Cas instantly and it takes him a while to understand what tha...
The Haunting of Sam Winchester by i-can-dig-freckles
The Haunting of Sam Winchesterby i-can-dig-freckles
Sam Winchester has just moved for the hundredth millionth time to Pontiac, Illinois. His dad promised this would be the last move. He's staying here until he graduates...
Heaven and Hell {destiel fanficton} by bittersweet__tragedy
Heaven and Hell {destiel fanficton}by antisocial author
Dean had it all - girls, friends, a scholarship for a great college. But when a mysterious boy named Castiel moves to town, will Dean risk everything for him? (( UNFINIS...
You, me, and the third wheel by Superwholockian57
You, me, and the third wheelby Superwholockian57
Gabriel stared at the beach where a group of women crowded around the hunky tall moose-man that came to the beach to surf every morning. Gabriel came to the bowl every m...
The Angel and the Righteous Man  by superwholockmemes67
The Angel and the Righteous Man by Dean
"I'm an angel" "You're Arrogant" "No, I'm an angel of the Lord"