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Will You Remember Me Though? Rewritten by peacesign210
Will You Remember Me Though? Derpy Fangirl
Same story, same plot as the first book of the Will You Remember Me Though? Series. This is rewritten book because I was reading the original one and I noticed that my b...
Dauntless-high!  by Seamkidproy
Dauntless-high! by Seamkidproy
BEFORE STORY STARTS READ THIS! In Chicago you have schools and you have to choose high school when you are sixteen. Before that, you are schooled in your own faction of...
Our History Repeated Itself by Avianela
Our History Repeated Itselfby Avianela
A story of a girl's first and second life. Both lives started as a happy, perfect life and both ended as a sad, miserable death.
Born This Way by ShinyPotato504
Born This Wayby Piece Of Trash
Trey has a beautiful black haired girlfriend named Christine, and he is happy. But his relationship is on the line when a cute new boy arrives at his school, and everyth...
My Pokemon Master Academy *UP FOR ADOPTION* ^Incomplete^ by Xxspen10xX
My Pokemon Master Academy *UP SpenWrites
The World of Pokemon was always a world filled with majestic Creatures but, as time went on, they disappeared from the world becoming extinct. Arceus himself was dying...
Marvel Cinematic Universe FEATURING BAND MEMBERS | Crossover by DanTheBruv
Marvel Cinematic Universe DanTheBruv
The Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe but instead, each major character is swapped out for a Band Member/Singer/DJ/Rapper. Or any musical artist.
Tours of Insanity by theartsylost_girl
Tours of Insanityby AJ
(SAME STORY JUST A DIFFERENT ) Iris had always felt different, and the year she turned twelve was when she discovered just how different she truly was. She is now 17 an...