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Don't Tell Them | ( Sally x Larry) Smut! by laufxy
Don't Tell Them | ( Sally x Larry) eat ass
Warning: This story will contain yaoi, smut, sexual shit, whatever you want to call it. If you're NOT ok with that, don't read! [] There will be trigger warnings at the...
-•The Blue Boy Upstairs•- ( On Hold) by quackss_
-•The Blue Boy Upstairs•- ( On PFP IS MC SKIN
Context: smut (on some occasions) bit sad bullying abuse gay/yaoi ghost/ paranormal activity *THIS IS MADE BEFORE CHAPTER 4-5* --------------------------- if you have...
Locked In (Sally x Larry) [Complete] by Calico_16
Locked In (Sally x Larry) [ ChibiLyfe
This is an AU, where Lisa and Henry don't get married. Larry isn't dead. None of that sadness. (I own none of the art till I upload my own) Only the story is mine. Warn...
Silence (Sally x Larry) by _tomochi_
Silence (Sally x Larry)by 🍈Megan🍈
Sally Fisher hasn't spoken since his mom died, and he didn't plan to speak for the rest of his life. Until a tall brunette metal head came into his life and changed ever...
Me, You, and a Kiss by deadinside85
Me, You, and a Kissby lost
(DISCONTINUED) This book will contain triggers such as Homophobia Slurs Cursing Mentions of Suicide Mentions of self harm Paranoia Depression Choking This Book will a...
Sal x Larry (Sally face) by lilscrawnyginger
Sal x Larry (Sally face)by lilscrawnyginger
NON OF THIS IS MY ART! ⚠️ Gore, Sex, Gay couple, Cussing.⚠️ If any of this makes you uncomfortable please don't read.
Salxlarry one shots (tw lot's of smut)  by lonelypsnsexual
Salxlarry one shots (tw lot's of lonelypsnsexual
I have so many thoughts for this ship so it's gonna be one shots and most likely mostly smut (all characters aged up no incest and let's pretend that chapter 4 on word n...
Is this loving wrong?(sally face x Larry) (ITS BACK!) by redhead132
Is this loving wrong?(sally face ÒwÓ
In an au where Lisa and Henry never had love interest, Sapp didn't murder anyone, Larry didn't kill himself, Todd wasn't possessed and Ashely didn't leave yet. Sally has...
Sally Face Oneshots {Slow updates} by _CoffeeDoodles_
Sally Face Oneshots {Slow updates}by _CoffeeDoodles_
Fluffy, smutty, and/or angsty oneshots! Now including all Sally Face characters!
Kidnapped  by ADumbEdgyTween
Kidnapped by Idiot
Sal hasn't spoken to the gang since graduation. Leaving Sal alone and unprotected. Leaving him with Travis Phelps. Being forced to marry the christian. I love this tras...
~A Little Bit Overboard~ by miridiriai
~A Little Bit Overboard~by Chunky_Milk
This is an angel/devil AU thing. And you guessed it! It's sal x Larry... ❗️Warnings❗️ This story will contain; Smut, Gayness, Bullying, Homophobic slurs, Underage drinki...
Sally X Larry One Shots  by Metalhead_Mayhem666
Sally X Larry One Shots by Metalhead Mayhem
One shot book open to suggestions. Sally x Larry. TW smut
Sally Face- 30 Days Of AU's. ((Sal x Larry)) by FanFvcktion
Sally Face- 30 Days Of AU's. (( Your Favorite Idiot
"You can't stick to a 30 day challenge even if it's your favorite fandom." ~ My friend, before I started writing. This is my 30 day writing challenge, but I'll...
~Strange lovers~Sal x Larry~ by miridiriai
~Strange lovers~Sal x Larry~by Chunky_Milk
This is an AU were Larry is the one with a Prosthetic. ❗️Warning❗️ Smut, Gore, Suicidal thoughts, Deppression, Gayness.
🧡 put your mess on me 🧡 {sal x Larry} by StRaWbErRyErRoR
🧡 put your mess on me 🧡 {sal x Lordofthegays
IGNORE THE RANDOM NAME. I FOUND IT ON A WEBSITE I'm so obsessed with this game and most inportantly this ship so here's a lovely fanfiction that I thought about today a...
Hugs, Kisses, and something else : Sal x Larry by JoraKitty123
Hugs, Kisses, and something else Oliver Zurcher
This a Sally x Larry story, I know they are step brothers in the game but this in a alternate universe where they aren't brothers. There will be smut so if you don't lik...
The Many Secrets and Lies {Sally Face x Larry} by CallMeMaxxy
The Many Secrets and Lies {Sally Maximus 🌧️💙
I don't own any pictures unless I say so :) I don't own any of the characters in this story, they all belong to Steve Gabry and his beautiful game, Sally Face. So, this...
Falling For You (sal x larry) -CANCELED- by khrispy0femur
Falling For You (sal x larry) Pen1s.pan1n1s
**** IMPORTANT**** There is a rewrite of this story, I'm starting from page one and making the whole thing better. It's going up on my profile one chapter at a time and...
I Never Thought I'd Love You (SalxLarry) by HastyToast
I Never Thought I'd Love You ( HastyToast
To think Sal Fisher would like anyone after being bullied throughout his life after his accident, would be hard. But he's had to come a long way to even think about liki...
Battle Scars (SalxTravis) by salisnotaesthetic
Battle Scars (SalxTravis)by MP3.Sal
(Soulmate au) Everybody is born with a soulmate, which you share your scars, bumps and bruises with until the end of time. Sal Fisher has never contacted his soulmate be...