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SalxLarry OneShots by HastyToast
SalxLarry OneShotsby HastyToast
This is based before chapter 4, because like haha we all died in the chapter. Both smut and fluff OneShots. Requests are open
Don't Tell Them | ( Sally x Larry) Smut! by laufxy
Don't Tell Them | ( Sally x Larry) eat ass
Warning: This story will contain yaoi, smut, sexual shit, whatever you want to call it. If you're NOT ok with that, don't read! [] There will be trigger warnings at the...
sally face x larry |SMUT|  by sallyfaceloverlol
sally face x larry |SMUT| by yourlesbiantrash
warning! : this story contains... sex, gay sex, etc. but if your into that go ahead I'm not stopping yall little perverts (jk) anyways enjoy or not idk bye enjoy
I'll earn your love~Larry x tsundere Sal [Discontinued] by SallyIsABoy
I'll earn your love~Larry x Emo trash
Basically a fanfic where when Larry meets Sal he tries to get him to like him. But Sal is a tsundere in this So it won't be easy ;3 also it might be kinda cringy but jus...
Faggot | Salarry by CoffeeComatose
Faggot | Salarryby Em
If you knew Sal in highschool, you knew that he went through a.... phase, as people called it. But it wasn't a phase, it was who he was, and very few people accepted him...
Sally X Larry  Smut by I_shipDekubaku122
Sally X Larry Smutby Devin
This is my first book about Sally and Larry and Im late to the sally and larry trend but im sorry i dont believe myself for this book i feel like i didnt put effort in...
Locked In (Sally x Larry) [Complete] by Calico_16
Locked In (Sally x Larry) [ ChibiLyfe
This is an AU, where Lisa and Henry don't get married. Larry isn't dead. None of that sadness. (I own none of the art till I upload my own) Only the story is mine. Warn...
The Boy In The Basement ( sal x Larry ) by nefariousmaddi
The Boy In The Basement ( sal x nefariousmaddi
A 15 year old boy named Sal Fisher just moved into Addison Appartments, he meets a boy, maybe he could make friends with them, or something more? This is my first public...
--In My Eyes--  (Sally Face) {Larry x Sally}  by TarpitEyes
--In My Eyes-- (Sally Face) { no hands wrists empty
Amazing cover designed by @whysiriamacat Go give them lots of love! They're extremely talented, and hella cool too!
why... by dont6hugme6imscared6
#11 biggest nerd ever 👌
this is story is gonna be fucked up its gonna have ALOT of drama ands its gonna be an alternate universe with fran bow when sally goes into a mental hospital there is go...
sally face oneshots :)  by _satan_hoe_
sally face oneshots :) by _satan_
larry x sallyface and others but thats the main !! The art is not mine !! if there are any warnings i will put them in that story because i dont know what i want to do...
sally x larry - blooming (ongoing) by anxietyclique
sally x larry - blooming (ongoing)by peach
sal and larry had been inseparable from the very beginning. it is now senior year, and sal begins noticing strange and out-of-character behaviors from larry. he begins t...
Sally Face Oneshots by superdupernoyasimpp
Sally Face Oneshotsby Asher
This contains mostly smut and sometimes fluff if I feel like it. I don't update too much because I'm busy a lot and other stuff. But I'm trying to update as much as poss...
Home? by emobicth25
Home?by “Let me live.”
Love In Nockfell  (Salxlarry) by Hey_mochiii
Love In Nockfell (Salxlarry)by Hey._.mochi
Sally and Larry ship- Larry and Sal grow up together as good friends, but Sal finds out he has growing feelings for Larry, though Larry soon gains over time feelings fo...
Sally face x Larry!! 💜☔️ by notokay133
Sally face x Larry!! 💜☔️by notokay133
This is a Sally face story! :) Also, I do not own any of the characters!!
Sally Face One Shot Book (Requests open) by xSallyxLarryx
Sally Face One Shot Book ( xSallyxLarryx
Hey guys! I've decided to start a Sally Face one shot book and am currently taking any kind of requests - Sally x Larry, Larry x Ashley, Sally x Travis, whatever you des...
sallary and one shots by s117273hateya
sallary and one shotsby Zauana Wright
Hello my lil demons my version Lisa and Henry didn't get together {first time writing so sorry if it's bad} *UNDER EDITING*