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Broken Tears  by sallys-gearboi-
Broken Tears by ☀️
Sal Fisher has constant nightmares and flashbacks from 'the incident' but ever since he moved to nockfell, he's had his best friend, Larry Johnson, to help him through t...
Don't Tell Them | ( Sally x Larry) Smut! by laufxy
Don't Tell Them | ( Sally x Larry) eat ass
Warning: This story will contain yaoi, smut, sexual shit, whatever you want to call it. If you're NOT ok with that, don't read! [] There will be trigger warnings at the...
Sally X Larry One Shots  by Metalhead_Mayhem666
Sally X Larry One Shots by Metalhead Mayhem
One shot book open to suggestions. Sally x Larry. TW smut
👏Sallary oneshots👏 by sallys-gearboi-
👏Sallary oneshots👏by ☀️
One shots and scenarios or Larry and Sal. No smut in this book just cute and dumb moments. This is a book shipping them but not all moments will be them in a relationshi...
I'm Scared Sally X Larry (Sallarry) Omega AU by EmilySellers13
I'm Scared Sally X Larry ( Es_Enterprises
When Sally made a decision he know he cant take back, he packs his bags to leave. He doesn't want Larry to know; Just leaving with an extra package. (there might be smut...
Sally x Larry |DISCONTINUED| by Alixn_prince
Sally x Larry |DISCONTINUED|by Bat Prince
I've been hella into this game the past few weeks so here's this. Warning, might include a bit of smut ;) !!!Art does not belong to me!!!
Empty Promises  by _tea_and_honey_
Empty Promises by Tea
Have you ever wondered what would happen if those promises you made actually went as planned? No matter how big or small it was, it still makes you wonder. So does Sal...
I Never Thought I'd Love You (SalxLarry) by HastyToast
I Never Thought I'd Love You ( HastyToast
To think Sal Fisher would like anyone after being bullied throughout his life after his accident, would be hard. But he's had to come a long way to even think about liki...
Blue Flowers (LarryXSal) by CallMeSock
Blue Flowers (LarryXSal)by ☁️Empathetic Cloud☁️
Hiya I want to let you know, this book is based off of a different story that was unfortunately discontinued with only one chapter. So don't come at me :^) Disclaimer...
Sally Face ☆ Larry × Sal [DISCONTINUED] by currently_dead
Sally Face ☆ Larry × Sal [ C.H
•I don't own any of the characters mentioned in this story, all credit of characters + game goes to their creator,Steve Gabry. [I am no longer working on this story] •...
The Warmest Blue by TheWeirdOne666
The Warmest Blueby J
(USED TO BE TITLED BABY BLUE BODY) Being the new kid during the final semester of your last year of high school sounded like hell to Sally Fisher. Counting the days unt...
unmasked (Sally x Larry) DISCONTINUED by the_yeeyee_man
unmasked (Sally x Larry) Bunny
I'm bad at writing but I hope you enjoy this anyway! :) none of the characters/ideas/art are mine unless stated otherwise.
Just Friends (Sally Face X Larry) by Depressed_pan_person
Just Friends (Sally Face X Larry)by Evan Nightshade
This is a Larry face book it's a little different kind like a au but this is my first book so I hope it's ok...😅
G Noting Gee (+More of The Emo Trinity) by pumpkinpiemuthafucka
G Noting Gee (+More of The Emo Katie
Mostly just nice romantic stuff. Most will be Gerard X reader. Male and female. However you can request some! I NOW CHANGED IT SO ITS THE WHOLE EMO TRINITY!
move, I'm gay //salxlarry// by greenteaboo
move, I'm gay //salxlarry//by 😈 always sad 😈
"I think you forgot the main thing here." Sal said, twirling a piece of blue hair between his fingers. Larry raised a curious eyebrow. "And what's that?&q...
Sally Face: Surgeon at home by PC_Clicker
Sally Face: Surgeon at homeby PC Clicker
(This is just a fanfic, not written after. and I add my OC from voltron Crystaltea.) Sal had started to scared when he's around public. He wished that he would returned...
Todd x Neill Mpreg fanfic!! <3 <3 UWU UWU!! XDD by HoBoPhoBo
Todd x Neill Mpreg fanfic!! < mhm mhm mhm
Hears a lil Todd Moreson x Niel fanfic from Sally Faces!!!!!! their will b smut ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) XDXD lol NOT FOR UNDER 18!!!!1!11!!1! IF UR UNDER 18 GT...
I'll always love you. •Sal x Larry• by Ghostieboysal
I'll always love you. •Sal x Larry•by Sal
So, this I my first story, I'm kinda nervous about what people will think. WARNING: This story will contain: Sexual content Abuse Bullying Swearing Sadness
new beginnings* (Sal fisher x Larry johnson) by travisphelpsisahomo
new beginnings* (Sal fisher x 🔥𝚛𝚊𝚒🔥
Just a love story between two best friends, an abusive father, and a loving mother. Sal and his dad Henry have been in the apartments for about four or five years. Sal i...
Sallarry (Sal x Larry) Smuts by umieno
Sallarry (Sal x Larry) Smutsby umieno
The title says it all honestly 😂🔞