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Things You Should Know As A Muslim by Jundullah123
Things You Should Know As A Muslimby Jundullah123
Things you should know as a Muslim. Including the farrd and sunnah of of salat, the pillars of Islam, and the prophets of Allah, and so much more.
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Inspirational Stories by OwnerOfTajMahal
Inspirational Storiesby صائمہ‎
Few Selected Stories which Inspires us.. give it a try.. hope u wont regret reading this.. -OwnerOfTajMahal 30/08/2016 - #67 in spiritual
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Increasing Our Iman by slaveofAlwadud
Increasing Our Imanby slaveofAlwadud
In shaa Allah, the following steps will help us draw closer to Allah *This is not my original work, simply sharing*
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Permissible Actions in As-Salah by islamkingdom
Permissible Actions in As-Salahby islamkingdom
1- Walking in Salah due to some need which occurs; with the condition that one does not turn away from the Qiblah, like opening a door which is in the direction of the Q...
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Recommended Acts of Salat by islamkingdom
Recommended Acts of Salatby islamkingdom
Everything mentioned in the manners of Salat, apart from the conditions of Salat and its essential and compulsory parts, are all recommended acts. Omitting any of this d...
Ruling Concerning Congregational Prayer by islamkingdom
Ruling Concerning Congregational islamkingdom
The Shari'ah prescribed the observation of Salat in congregation for men who are capable, and warned against its abandonment. The Prophet ﷺ had wished to set fire to tho...
Rulings on Bathing the Deceased by islamkingdom
Rulings on Bathing the Deceasedby islamkingdom
1- It is important to choose, for the purpose of bathing the deceased, someone that is trusted, just and knowledgeable about the rulings of the funeral bath. 2- Priority...
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How to pray from the sunnah by islamkingdom
How to pray from the sunnahby islamkingdom
1- Supererogatory salat causes Allah to love His servant more. It has been revealed in a Qudsi Hadeeth that Allah, the Exalted, says: "A servant of Mine continues t...
Wisdom behind the Eclipses of the Sun and the Moon by islamkingdom
Wisdom behind the Eclipses of islamkingdom
Both of them are two signs, among the numerous signs of Allah, which He uses to remind His servants, so that they can return to Him in repentance. The Prophet ﷺ said: &q...
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Forbidden Acts during Salat al-Jumu'ah by islamkingdom
Forbidden Acts during Salat islamkingdom
1-Talking is forbidden when the imam is delivering the sermon on the day of Jumu'ah. This is evidenced by the Prophet's ﷺ statement: "When you say to your partner o...
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How to Perform Salah - Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha by islamkingdom
How to Perform Salah - Fajr, islamkingdom
Salat is one of the five pillars of Islam, it is an imposition (fard) from Allah, Muslims have to perform physically.
Facing the Qiblah and Saying Takbeeratul Ihram (the initiating takbeer) by islamkingdom
Facing the Qiblah and Saying islamkingdom
- The one intending to perform salatshould stand facing the direction of the Qiblah, being fully aware that he is standing before Allah, The most High, and with utmost h...
Bobbys Party by xopeachgirl
Bobbys Partyby Peach Girl
Bobby makes a party to get his crush
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How can sick person pray by islamkingdom
How can sick person prayby islamkingdom
It is compulsory for a sick person to observe his salat according to his capabilities. If he is able to observe it like the healthy people, then he must do so, but if he...
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Description of Salatul-Istisqa by islamkingdom
Description of Salatul-Istisqaby islamkingdom
1- It should be prayed as a two-raka'at Salat with neither the Adhan nor Iqamah. Recitations in both raka'ats are said aloud. 2- The person observing this Salat says the...
Faith into Poetry by LOSTgnosis
Faith into Poetryby Steven Thomas Bock
Poems about my spirituality. This is an open collection of works so look back from time to time for new content!
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The Meaning Of azan and iqama by islamkingdom
The Meaning Of azan and iqamaby islamkingdom
azan Announcement of the beginning of a certain time, during the day or night, pertaining to a particular prayer, by means of specific invocations. Iqama Announcement o...
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