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I'ma Make You Love Me Again (SasuSaku) by reduxy5to
I'ma Make You Love Me Again ( Red
Sakura your typical chick was once in love with Sasuke. Yet when Sasuke broke her heart Sakura decided to take her mind off him by turning to drugs and alcohol. After a...
what if sakura lived with the cursed mark? Comeplet
Switch flip || Naruto/Team 7/Sasusaku by Sasusaku4ever__
Switch flip || Naruto/Team 7/ *^Sakura_Uchiha^*
An accident switches Sakura's inner with her outer personality when team7 is training. Completely surprised by Sakura's sudden change in behaviour, team 7 struggles to r...
Welcome Home, Anata by trvpicalk
Welcome Home, Anataby 𝘒𝘪𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘢
WARNING THIS STORY IS VERY LEMONY - - - Sasuke has been on his mission for years now and comes home to a surprise by Sakura. Something they both were craving for, while...
The Return by Lamonehorn
The Returnby Fujoshifangirl
A missing woman,presumed to be dead,suddenly returns to her hometown,konoha, and with a son.Yes, a naruto fanfic. Uchiha ItachixOC.My 1st fanfic.Hope you like it.Highes...
SasuSaku One-Shots by konohaguild
SasuSaku One-Shotsby 09 | 08 | 2018
A collection of SasuSaku one shots written by yours truly :) a majority of these are from my time on SasuSakuComm, a few are new or continuations of two/three shots I ne...
Snow Glare [SasuSaku] by InnocentDumpling
Snow Glare [SasuSaku]by Innocent Dumpling
NOTE: This story has been discontinued. Sasuke kidnaps Sakura in the hopes that she will conduct the surgery needed to save his sight. Sakura thought that her feelings f...
Sasuke Uchiha and I  by Books4_Ever
Sasuke Uchiha and I by Maddy Grace
《Best Rankings - #1 in Naruto Characters, #2 in Naruto Fanfiction and #3 in Sasuke Uchiha》 "You know, I'm jealous of all the people that haven't met you." I bl...
The Bond between two Jinchuriki- Gaara x Naruto by ryujiryuzaki
The Bond between two Jinchuriki- ryujiryuzaki
I've been searching like crazy to read more Gaara x Naruto and Sasuke x Sakura fanfics and sadly I finished them all, so I decided to create one :3 If you say Sakura is...
🌸 SasuSaku Fanfic Recommendation 🍅 by MStoryline1
🌸 SasuSaku Fanfic MStoryline1
Are you looking for SasuSaku fanfictions? This is list of my favourite sasusaku fanfictions. You can basically find recommendations list HERE! All of these fics are bea...
The Blonde Bachelor's Son? (NARUHINA) by gjeon017
The Blonde Bachelor's Son? ( Uzumaki Glds
Naruto Uzumaki enjoying his night to the fullest as a bachelor before flying away from the country, after 4 years when he came back from where he belongs, a big surpris...
Need (Atsumu Miya self Smut) by PratKuroo
Need (Atsumu Miya self Smut)by PratKuroo
So basically Atsumu Miya and Sakusa Kiyoomi are leaving together and then.... Haikyuu Fanfiction ⚠️SMUT WARNING⚠️ Thirsty simps it's for you, Atsumu Miya is Bottom her...
Naruto :The genius  by Glich_7019
Naruto :The genius by Dymon_art
Smart Naruto Iruka and Kakashi are his "parents" The first chapters are a bit cringe but it gets better I only write at like 2-4 AM or when I'm drunk (You'll k...
Deadly Blossom by SlythrinPrincessRin
Deadly Blossomby Adelis faith feliciano
preview "Boys?" "Sigh I'm against it because I don't want that damn Uchiha to lay his hands on you." they both said at the same time I gave a small s...
Hitman's Dilemma by datteYaboi
Hitman's Dilemmaby datte’yaboi
Hinata decides to move in with her brother in Northern Japan, leaving Tokyo in an attempt to escape her fathers oppressive tendencies. Naruto is an orphan, having never...
Messages To Him [A SasuSaku Fanfiction]  by trishakeithpantua
Messages To Him [A SasuSaku "Kawaii" Potato
A story about a pink haired girl texting her raven haired bestfriend. Sakura Haruno... Is trying her best to make Sasuke forgive her for leaving him for four years. Sh...
Anthology: Connected by HerPrettySmile
Anthology: Connectedby rei
[Collection of SasuSaku oneshots] #1: "It's been a long time since I saw your smile." #2: "I'm sorry... for leaving again." #3: AU. Sakura wondered w...
De Regreso De La Muerte by x_mimie
De Regreso De La Muerteby Mimiana Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha a los 20 años tuvo los mejores años casado con una mujer completamente maravillosa sin conocer para nada su pasado, vivió un romance hermoso sin consentimi...