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Piano [Kagamine Len X Reader] by SoLongAndGoodnight12
Piano [Kagamine Len X Reader]by SoLongAndGoodnight12
(Y/n) is a lonely girl. She has a broken home, no friends, you can guess the rest. The only thing that keeps her together is music. She's an amazing pianist and singer...
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The Jekyll and Hyde Love Triangle (KaiMiku/KaiLen) by JackAnti2277
The Jekyll and Hyde Love JackAnti2277
Hatsune Miku and Shion Kaito have known each other ever since Miku was created. Both have really strong feelings for each other, but something evil is in the way of thei...
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The Vocaloid Mafia by LilyRoszaidi
The Vocaloid Mafiaby LilyRoszaidi
The Vocaloid Mafia has always been one of the world's most notorious mafia gangs. Known for the heinous crimes they commit almost every single day around the world, with...
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The Perfect Boyfriend (RinXLen) by kawaii_donutus
The Perfect Boyfriend (RinXLen)by kawaii_donutsu
Meet Kagene Rin, the most rich, popular, beautiful and over powered girl in school. She takes perfection seriously with her snobby personality and diva friends. She has...
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The Prince by RinShippingStories
The Princeby RinShippingStories
I know, I wrote this fanfic right after I published the whole chapters of The Fantasy High School. This fanfic is just written for fun like my other fanfic Suki Kirai Ti...
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Danganronpa: World is Mine by officialmeikahime
Danganronpa: World is Mineby hime
Involuntarily waking up in the school you just signed up for. Meeting 15 other people, who all are in the same situation as you. Finding out you're spending the rest of...
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Vocaloid Music by HimeIbara
Vocaloid Musicby HimeIbara
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[Vocaloid] MASHUP: Diva Remix! by Ayu_maki
[Vocaloid] MASHUP: Diva Remix!by Heyo_345
Vous êtes vous déjà demandé comment vos idoles favoris agissent dans la vie de tout les jours? Quels sont leurs cours à l'école, comment ils occupent leurs temps libres...
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Not Normal | A Vocaloid Fanfiction [OLD] by KagamineKitten
Not Normal | A Vocaloid DEAD ACCOUNT
A/N: I have left this account, and I'm moving over to my new account, LittleBlueberryPies, so this acc is now dead. My old writing style is kind of cringey, and I've got...
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The Crash by LenkuShipping101
The Crashby Soul Lovage(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
The problems of drivers who can't watch their speed.
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Gakupo's Book of Thoughts by Samurai-Gakupo
Gakupo's Book of Thoughtsby Kamui Gakupo
Because everyone has one.
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Teto Territory: The Story of Teto by Taylortimestwo
Teto Territory: The Story of Tetoby oofer
"The music in my mind had started, and it would never stop." Kasane Teto was born with one dream and one dream only: To sing and be able to make music with the...
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Bad End Night Novel by RandomIsRandom7
Bad End Night Novelby Random IzRandom
To save you people from looking through the bad places on the internet. And yes, this is the whole, official novel, not a stupid clickbait.
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my feelings • KAIMEI one-shot by iced-wine
my feelings • KAIMEI one-shotby me
The diary entry of a man who has been enchanted by a woman. . Art belongs to daigoman. Everything belongs to it's respectful owners, I only own the plot.
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Daily Vocaloid songs~ ❤ by WhipAndLovely
Daily Vocaloid songs~ ❤by Ichika & Megumi
Hellooo!!! Megumi here!! Each day Ichika and I will take turns posting our favorite vocaloid songs on here!!! ❤ ~Peko! Sorry ~Ichika
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Ask Gakupo Kamui by Samurai-Gakupo
Ask Gakupo Kamuiby Kamui Gakupo
In this glorious book, you can ask me, Gakupo Kamui, pretty much anything! I won't be accepting dares quite yet, though.
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VOCALOID Song Lyrics by ohana_exe
VOCALOID Song Lyricsby SG Antiporta
This book contains lyrics for Vocaloid songs + video + image of the artist(s). Note: Accepting requests DISCLAIMER: I own nothing but my hard work ;)
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