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Until Then by LiEmerald
Until Thenby Li
Ever wondered what happened during the blank period after Sasuke left village, post war? Well this is my take on that, so join Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto on their own ind...
not just a pretty face [sasusaku modern au] by saccharinskies
not just a pretty face [sasusaku ➷ryu
i fell in love with a person, not just their pretty face ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ "Tell me why you love me." "You're beautiful." "Wrong answer." ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ Sak...
Only Time Can Tell by AkineHimekawa
Only Time Can Tellby Akine Himekawa
"I didn't get to have my dad." Sarada said angrily. "My dad missed out on all of my childhood. Your dad is there, and every attempt he makes to be with yo...
NaruHina: Past (Discontinued) by HateAndDisgrace
NaruHina: Past (Discontinued)by Maren
"If I disappeared, would you look for me?" Hinata Hyūga is being forced to visit a family friend. She likes to spend her days by the beach, but when she meets...
Konoha High School - The year we met (COMPLETED) by stimemia
Konoha High School - The year we stimemia
Hinata is about to start her first year in high school. It's a new school, and who knows? Maybe she will find some amazing friends. Hinata is usually the shy type of gir...
Forget me by 11Ava11
Forget meby 11Ava11
One person needed courage to face the past. Another person needed effort to make a dream come true... It's been a few years after the great shinobi war and there's fina...
The Wrong Dimension (Naruto X HP) by rxbekah
The Wrong Dimension (Naruto X HP)by its.rxbekahh
Obito's Kamui malfunctioned, sending the 'Rookie 9' of Konoha to a entirely new place, one shinobis hadn't stepped on since centuries ago. As they reintroduce themselves...
Alchemy by blazing_blossom
Alchemyby blazing_blossom
A Naruto Fairystory crossover: Five couples, Five fairytales, one story... ♥Beauty and the beast Hinata runs away at the promise of an arranged marriage and finds an ab...
Paper Streets by konohaguild
Paper Streetsby 09 | 08 | 2018
Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha are normal college students. They're best friends and have two wonderful girlfriends, but when they wake up one day to a nearly destroye...
Remember me by 11Ava11
Remember meby 11Ava11
The sequel of the first book Forget me. Temari's been beaten and hidden away from the sun for two years, her memories stripped away from her. It was only after that fai...
Konoha Teacher Society Volume 1 by SiegrainKruez
Konoha Teacher Society Volume 1by Siegrain
Uzumaki Naruto recently applied as an english teacher in Konoha High. Little does he know how his life will change rapidly as he learns more about his co-workers, studen...
Naruto: Ball of Dreams by Rndm_Fnfc_Wrtr_021
Naruto: Ball of Dreamsby Xanthene Meiren
Being the mischievous three they are. They kidnapped every shinobi, transport them in a big theater, but with a twist. One Uzumaki. Two Uchihas. Three fakes. Followed by...
de ninjas a ¿ la realeza ? by AndreinaChipermalfoy
de ninjas a ¿ la realeza ?by Andreina_chiper
3 chicas y 2 chicos de konoha no pueden creer que ellos sean los desendientes de blanca nieves tenten es hija de blanca nieves su poder es hablar con los animales la na...
Their Love Book1 by Mumtaaz_Galant
Their Love Book1by mumtaaz galant
Two clans ,two complete opposites came together for the greatest love story of all time people will try and keep them apart but their love is strong I don't own naruto
For My Bad Boy 2 by Blue_Blossom07
For My Bad Boy 2by Blue_Blossom07
For My Bad Boy 2 Rate : T Genre : Romance/Drama, Friendship Disclaimer : Naruto Belong to Masashi Kishimoto :: :: "Aku tidak akan membiarkan kalian melakukan seenak...
Enséñame a Amar |Actualización lenta| by Kamii_Fanfics
Enséñame a Amar |Actualización Kamii Fanfics
Sakura, Hinata, Ino, Matsuri, Temari y Tenten siempre fueron a la preparatoria Akatsuki, pero el último año sus padres le consiguieron una beca en el prestigioso...
The Princesses Of The Night by CristalGirl26
The Princesses Of The Nightby Lorena
Naruhina: --Dime, alguna vez nos hemos visto --Dijo mirando a la chica fijamente. --Tal vez si, tal vez no, quien sabe --Dijo con una diminuta sonrisa. Saiino...
Sakura es la Modelo mas Famosa del mundo y esta casada con uno de los empresarios mas grande de Japón , sakura al descubrir un engaño por parte de su esposo se divorci...
Mirror Of The Future by FarihaTariq62
Mirror Of The Futureby Fariha Tariq
Konoha 12 and their sensei, kazekage, Inoichi, Shikaku, Hiashi, 3rd Hokage, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Sand siblings were transported to a large room by a strange man. He told th...
a ĸυnoιcнι'ѕ тrυe colorѕ by Akumi_no_Shi
a ĸυnoιcнι'ѕ тrυe colorѕby R.GL
"They underestimated me... They left me... They betrayed me... I was nothing to them... I was just another fangirl... a weakling My name is Sakura Ōtsutsuki Haruno ...