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A Pirate in Time (Completed) by megsley22
A Pirate in Time (Completed)by Megan Happel
After finally graduating high school, eighteen year old Elizabeth Proctor is pressured into a party at sea. When things go wrong, she finds herself thrown into an entire...
Princess and The Little Ones by malin87
Princess and The Little Onesby Malin
Princess is chosen to become the next Alpha of the world famous Ninjan Pack. She has been trained her whole life to become an elite warrior and the Alpha offer was never...
Idiots by Hoi_Hoi_Hoi_Hoi
Idiotsby Hiiiiii
Kenma x Kuroo x Reader Reader is trying to get Kuroo and Kenma together. But their idiots. I don't know who drew the photos so please tag. Also there is raping, ptsd, an...
Electric Love by Hoi_Hoi_Hoi_Hoi
Electric Loveby Hiiiiii
Shinsou x Denki . . . . and Idfk . . . . Just read . . . . . . . . Also I have no clue who drew the photos so just tag if you know :)
When Will You Love Me Back?-Running Man Animation-GaiYo-Gai X Miyo ((OLD)) by GaiYoShipper127
When Will You Love Me Back? GaiYoShipper127
After the Despicable battle with the God himself,Ulcus,The Running Man Contestants went home,going back to their Tribe and Families safe and sound.With the DV7's finally...
WHAT IF...(BOYA)  by legendaryhans
WHAT IF...(BOYA) by legendaryhans
This is a platform for boboiboyxyaya💓 and fangxying💋 fans. The drawing is mine but the story and idea is mixed of mine and from other people. Enjoy, it may be series o...
sail away by timeisnow
sail awayby ❂ sunset
"what did you do while i was away?" he asked. and she never answered, until now.
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
My Thoughts On BanG Dream/Bandori Ships by Matsuo39
My Thoughts On BanG Dream/ Matsuo39
My simple thoughts on some of the ships in BanG Dream Girls Band Party/Bandori. WARNING: This is just my opinion!! It's alright by me if you have your own! Just don't be...
Thought's Voyage by Jeighci
Thought's Voyageby Jeighci
The sail of a poetic life.
『Advanture Of Misfortune Reader』 by reader-bender
『Advanture Of Misfortune Reader』by reader-bender
Story plot line: It's supposed to be like you insert into the video game world but somehow I change it into melancholy suzuki.. Ranking : #3 jyushi [27/8...
Luna Loud's opinion on ships by EmmaSilverGirl
Luna Loud's opinion on shipsby Emma Silver
Hey dudes. This is Luna Loud. I'm here to give you my opinions on ships! BTW, these are my opinions so sorry if I sink one of your favorites.
Rule the waves(azur lane x Assassin's Creed black Flag)xDestroyermen) by ORP-Orzel
Rule the waves(azur lane x ORP Orzeł
When a mysterious squall appears off the royal Islands the Royal Navy is sent to investigate.They find an old ship named the jackdaw but it is an old ship and is complet...
Saving Dolphins by luckyelephant
Saving Dolphinsby luckyelephant
Seventeen-year-old Sutton Lively's summer isn't turning out how she'd hoped. Her original plan was to sail the Atlantic with her parents and their team of fellow marine...
The Storm-Grey Sea by irishrose
The Storm-Grey Seaby irishrose
It is 1805, and Dr. Stephen Byrne leads the rather simple life of a country gentleman and a physician. However, on a voyage to Jamaica, where he has been summoned to try...
Matchmaker by lonelycornerr_
Matchmakerby A🤡
Mirajane. Mirajane Strauss. Mira is known by many names. The innocent bartender, the swimsuit model, the she-devil, and Fairy Tail's matchmaker. This is the story of how...
Tides by kuranda
Tidesby kuranda
" He always told me if I ever came into the hand of pirates I'd be beaten to a bloody pulp, locked up and raped before being sold to the highest bidder." Sighi...
Ocean Blue  by TheMessedUpSoul
Ocean Blue by Alexandria Swanson
"Hoist the sails! Everyone in their quarters! Take your cover!" The captain hollared as black clouds quickly came over the ocean. Waves crashing on the side of...
My Opinion On Ships by Kize_Seikato
My Opinion On Shipsby Kize
Why the hell not?!