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Time Traveler by Tanuki24
Time Travelerby Tanuki24
This is a story of a girl who loves watching Korean Dramas specially Sageuk. She has only one dream and that is to time travel and go back to the past, in Joseon era. ...
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Inevitable » Baek Ah by xuxi_moans
Inevitable » Baek Ahby Xuxi Moans
* Highest position #87 in kdrama #4 out of 160 stories in #Scarlet Heart Ryeo. * The little girl, with her petite body wrapped perfectly by the pink hanbok, twirled gra...
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River ᏬF Sorrows | ENG & FR DOUSSHKA
• ENG • Dam Su, a mythical creature, a nymph of the nature, had once hoped to find the great love, grow old with a companion and die by his side. But the naive dreams of...
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Ballad of the Mountain Fox by lavenderstar
Ballad of the Mountain Foxby Lauren-o de Bergerac
Long ago in the Korean kingdom of Joseon, a long-time rivalry between two young noblemen leads to a plot for revenge. Unfortunately for Young Min, the nobleman being re...
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Battle of the Sea Dragon by lavenderstar
Battle of the Sea Dragonby Lauren-o de Bergerac
The Kingdom of Joseon is at war, and they're losing. Terribly. The invading Japanese are equipped with advanced weapons that the Koreans' own bows and arrows are no ma...
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His What Ifs [Wang Wook X Hae Soo] by kieselguhr
His What Ifs [Wang Wook X Hae Soo]by kieselguhr
It had been a long time since he passed away. It the was end of his journey full of guilt, regrets, sufferings & loneliness - his everything, his life. One moment gave h...
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Flower of the Palace by Watercolur
Flower of the Palaceby Watercolur
A tale of a flower that became a king. For many years, Queen Gonghye has struggled to produce a son as a way to protect the Royal Family and from the evil machinations...
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SAGWA AGASSHI by LoveyChelsea
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Black and White «COMPLETED» by KurosakiSama
Black and White «COMPLETED»by KurosakiSama
An Asian historical fantasy. A beautiful tomboy. A banished prince. An adventurous bookworm. A chubby, plant loving, lady... In the fictional kingdom of Eondeog Mun, fou...
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Flower Knights 2 by nadiyasasmita
Flower Knights 2by Nadiya Sasmita
Xian Hun dan Ho Jae berangkat menuju Goryeo untuk mengawal putri Yeon Ah demi memenuhi tugas terakhirnya sebagai hwarang. Namun ditengah perjalanan mereka menerima kabar...
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The Eight- Eight king ~ King of Joseon by VinuriP
The Eight- Eight king ~ King of Vinuri Perera
In the palace of Joseon there is a rumor, the king may not be what he seems... Within the place rages a war. A war that has taken many casualties, many of who do not eve...
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My cold Prince by tteok-bokki
My cold Princeby tteok-bokki
Read to find out! ;)
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MY COLD PRINCESS || M.Y.G ||  by HwangZxy
MY COLD PRINCESS || M.Y.G || by 🔥 SugaxxxxLuvs 🔥
My Cold Princess. A Korean Historical FF in which a simple boy named Min Yoongi was sent to serve in Kingdom of Baekje as a Hwarang. Princess Y/N a cold princess in Baek...
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나의 반쪽이야 (Half of Me) by JHnimm
나의 반쪽이야 (Half of Me)by JHnimm
== TEASER == "Seja Joha [Crown Prince]... Can't you help me? I beg you..." The Crown Prince just staring to the woman that he loves. He...
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The King's Women by LoveyChelsea
The King's Womenby 빈궁
The King’s Women - Story of flowers, to love, to fight, to survive - (A prequel of The King’s Secret) .... Geumyi (Song Hyegyo) was a beautiful young woman who lived on...
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Love Me in 100 Days by grappletree04
Love Me in 100 Daysby apel ijo 🍏
Seorang putra mahkota Dinasti Joseon hidup kembali! Setelah mati satu abad lebih, Lee Yeong secara ajaib hidup lagi dan bertemu dengan Jung Eunha, siswi SMA biasa. Eunha...
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Pretty Boy (A Sungkyunkwan Scandal Fanfic) by Layamaria
Pretty Boy (A Sungkyunkwan Layamaria
Continuing the story of the Jalgeum Quartet after the events of the original drama. Dear readers: This is my first attempt at a fanfic, all because of Gu Yong-ha, probab...
I'm used to be a Queen  by BlackSwift_Princess
I'm used to be a Queen by Misis Kim
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Yang Myung by sskforever
Yang Myungby Lee
For many years, Queen Inhwa has struggled to produce a son as a way to protect the Royal Family. However, a fifth daughter is imparted upon her by the heavens after her...
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Hidden Time by IndiraSari
Hidden Timeby Dira
Choi Minho, seorang pekerja kota biasa yang akhir-akhir ini mengalami mimpi yang aneh, bukan berulang melainkan terus berlanjut layaknya sebuah kisah. Dan ketika ia bert...
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