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SCP Foundation by emolife5211
SCP Foundationby emolife5211
do you dare?
  • thaumiel
  • scp
  • neutralized
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Old Birch Roleplay Centre - Individual Roleplay by cloudyinthehead
Old Birch Roleplay Centre - Jenny
Welcome to Old Birch Roleplay Centre, where you can roleplay your heart out and join plenty of different fandoms and rps.
  • new
  • open
  • art
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Special Containment Procedures by ReverseAnka1
Special Containment Proceduresby ReverseAnka#1
-Genellikle pek bilinmeyen SCP'leri yazıcam -Kitapta bulunan bütün SCP'ler "SCP Vakfı"ndan alıntıdır.
  • keter
  • seri1
  • dclass
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Skies Of Life by skiesoflife
Skies Of Lifeby skiesoflife
Just as the sky is different each day so are my thoughts. Here's a window to my thoughts. *disclaimer: I don't always understand them.
  • love
  • positive
  • believe
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Kahramanlar(Alım Var) by AblanGG
Kahramanlar(Alım Var)by AblanGG
Alım Var.İlk Bölüme Bakın. Bu Hikayede Baş Karakterin Diğer Kahramanlarla Olan Olaylarına Bakacağız.Bir Dahi Olan Baş Karakterimiz Güçlerini Nasıl Kullanacak ?
  • çeviklik
  • kahraman
  • tek
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To anyone who needs it by WizardHeather
To anyone who needs itby Heather💫
This is a safe place, come here to recharge. The sun will come again soon, until then, rest your eyes and finally sleep. ~ Small paragraphs of encouragement, to anyone a...
  • inspirational
  • love
  • selfworth
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Dramione (forbidden love) by Amberjo2004
Dramione (forbidden love)by Amberjo2004
Is this just a dream? Or was it fate? Hermione and the rest of Hogwarts school are re doing their last year after the war, everything is perfect until the prince of Slyt...
  • fan
  • malfoy
  • forbidden
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Safe....? by Wolfytheweirdo
Safe....?by Wolfytheweirdo
A disease is going around the island. Some aren't aware of it while some are. The disease turns people into cannibals, not only that but also ripping their sanity away...
  • disease
  • oif
  • safe
Unfiltered by arabellawallis
Unfilteredby Arabella
Welcome to my safe place. Here is where I'll be storing all my thoughts and emotions during hardships and happy times. Ignore if you want to but this is a safe space fo...
  • life
  • reality
  • safe
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The Book by HunterPatey
The Bookby Hunter Patey
When your born you get a book that makes it so you can talk to your soulmate. and Nico finds out that his is a guy. Read on to see what happens.
  • âu
  • safesa
  • soulmate
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He's here. by AH-Smiles-
He's AH-Smiles-
  • love
  • sad
  • adventure
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The Diary of a Fellow Lost Soul by NightJanuary16
The Diary of a Fellow Lost Soulby KarenAndre
Have you ever felt like a miniscule part of society because you didn't fit in with their ideal. A matter of fact even before society told you that you weren't enough, d...
  • happy
  • questions
  • therapist
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The lost soul by shannonpax
The lost soulby Shannon McCloskey
foggy mist and grey sky all you see and why will she live to see the sun one more time before the world is gone .
  • safe
Don't Call Me Angel. by IsabellaLowri
Don't Call Me Isabella....
17 year old Rose, was an Outsider. Living without a father was hard, but she was strong. Living with her mother was hard, but she was capable. The only thing that kept R...
  • wings
  • friends
  • teenager
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This is family by alittle_bit_of_fluff
This is familyby alex nightgale
This is a look into what happens after a hunt with team free will, and what happens when an angel fight with a coffee pot.
  • dean
  • fluff
  • supernatural
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safe (e.d) by KUDIGRAY
safe (e.d)by KUDIGRAY
"no matter what happens, you'll always be safe when you're with me" ethan dolan fan fic
  • grayson
  • graysondolan
  • ethandolan
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The Guardian by Ms_Midnight21
The Guardianby Krim_Stix21
He keeps me safe... He protects me... He takes care of me... He's like a guardian angel to be exact. but... Is he really one?
  • safe
  • guardian
  • angel
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Safe Haven  by Cat_girl_3000
Safe Haven by Cat_girl_3000
Her thoughts overcrowd her, sending her over the edge. She can't take it anymore, the pain and stress was too much to bear. The situation is too much, her heads spinning...
  • gentle
  • teenfiction
  • shortstory
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Pretty by freckledblue
Prettyby Ellie
"Hey pretty boy" I said with a wink before sitting down in the chair across from him. Horace blushed slightly causing a smirk to creep onto my face. "Uh...
  • home
  • missperegrines
  • lost
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Wanted by babyyymayaaaa
Wantedby babyyymayaaaa
Unspoken Fragile Caring Those are the words used to describe Swril. Since her 13th birthday she was sold by her parents to the alpha to do whatever he pleases with her...
  • mates
  • alphaking
  • beta
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