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Why me? (Jasper Hale love story) [Book 1] by StarrybatOfficial
Why me? (Jasper Hale love story) [ Vevila
Penelope Swan is the younger sister of Bella Swan. She lives a normal live until she and her sister go to Forks. Her sister starts to date a guy of her class and Penny m...
My boss is my ex?!? by hello1peeps
My boss is my ex?!?by MAYWARD.17
What would happened when your New boss is your Ex??!??!? Mayward❤️
Novel "Perempuan Penyulam Sabar" berkisah tentang perempuan yang berada dalam kemelut cinta dan kisruh rumah tangga yang menghantam jiwa dan membuat hidup tera...
A Crusader's last hope by AInterestingKnight
A Crusader's last hopeby Michael
ps the picture is not mine and this is my first book so go easy okay thank you and enjoy (SLOW UPDATE)
Light princess by israa_hegazy
Light princessby kiara hataki
Kiara's life story complete
كـذبـة ٢٠١٣ ✅ by Andreanj55
كـذبـة ٢٠١٣ ✅by الـرقيب💙
اخا كبير يحب اخوته حبا جما لكن القدر لم يكن حليفه ابدا فا كما تعلم شمس السعادة لا تشع دائما فإن ما بعد الشروق غروب شهوة البشر للمال تنسيهم علاقاتهم عقل واهم و شخص يفيق ا...
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.{SHEZO. {THE BLACK g t rr l f 95
~ My dear friend might cast you in bliss. ~ ~ But, my black butterfly, I said it to you, and I will say it once that our proverbs do not go to bliss at all Humans call t...
Secrets in the snow by user1isunknown
Secrets in the snowby Sara Rehman
What if everything was a lie? What if the person you love the most is not who they claim? Athena is struggling to cope with her heartbreak; over the dazzling Zac Woods...
Dear Justin, by grace_elyse
Dear Justin,by grace mansouri
a tragedy of star crossed lovers
The Guardian by FarahhToghan
The Guardianby Abstract Fool
Things are going berserk worldwide. People are dying - but there's a new twist to the story: Their hearts are always missing. Sally Bishop is just an ordinary girl, whos...
Up to me by peppermintteabags
Up to meby peppermintteabags
After living in a city where u have no control maddie Ziegler decides to put a stop to it and begins to rebel and fight she joins in with her oler sister lauren and her...
Do I Love Him by JoeTheTributeOnFire
Do I Love Himby Joe
One night Effie Trinket goes into haymitch's house and asks does he love her, he does but can't show his love because he's to shy one night something terrible happens th...
Am I depressed  by yee123567884
Am I depressed by yee123567884
These are just my feelings on how I feel. I don't feel like I can tell my family or friends so i will tell you
Escaping Sadness by sarahlovesbooks1998
Escaping Sadnessby Sarah
Connor and Chase have both had bad things turn their life upside down. As soon as they meet at a therapy camp that they were forced to go to, they plan their escape from...
In Love With A Super Hero by MightyLeafy
In Love With A Super Heroby Sky Amber
This whole book is in Garroth's pov. It is how he recovers from loosening a loved one and finds a new love. But little did he know she was a hero. I also don't ship Gar...
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2u by JK_bangtxn
2uby J U N G K O O K
"Let's take both of our Souls..." Start: 25/10/17 End: ON GOING!
The German Files by 563125i
The German Filesby Amazing Gamer
A bunch of kids want to prove their bravery by staying in the woods for months, and while their in the woods weird things happen to them... Written by Ian and Gavin, t...
A Thousand Names by Jollirancher
A Thousand Namesby Jollirancher
"I was around the age of 8 when I was ripped from my mother arms..." Based off of a short story from 1973 named "The ones who walked away from omelas"...
A Flowing Course by eixara
A Flowing Courseby eixara
My thoughts are like river A never ending course Strong And full of deep water Beware of the tide We don't want you to die