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The Prince's Temporary Wife by DreamScribbler
The Prince's Temporary Wifeby シンシアケイ
I'll just have to accept it and move on. Because it's only temporary. That's the only thing I can't change. I'm temporary and that's permanently true. I close my eyes, s...
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Caster Academy [COMPLETED] by Nezoku-Chan
Caster Academy [COMPLETED]by ♡ C U T I E ♡
[Book 1] [Complete] [Edited;Revised✔] Siya si Alyssa Nicole Mendoza, isang babaeng abnormal. She is cold sometimes, sarcastic masungit, matarayin, OA, expressionless, An...
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The Huntress by WingsOfDarkness200
The Huntressby satan
"My dear, you are special, I can sense it." "W-what do you mean." A little girl said in an adorable 6 year old voice. "You will bring the differ...
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To Live Is To Fight (#2) by justanothergirl1314
To Live Is To Fight (#2)by Michelle J
Second book of 'The Nerd Can Fight' Series *You'll need to read the first book to understand this one* After Adam's memory loss, Cassandra struggled to keep her distance...
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HER PSYCHOTIC HUSBAND by Crazy_lollipop_lover
"You know what? You are a cheap trash who just deserves to be belonging to the garbage. Yeah. You belong to that garbage tin. Just go away. They're craving for you...
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I Give My Love To You. (Completed) by nadiamalik786
I Give My Love To You. (Completed)by Future Writer In Sha Allah 😉
Cover by @Ellmaimran75 #1 in Muslim as on (4th August 2018) "WHY?-Why are you doing this to me?" he screamed defening my ears. "I-" before I could sa...
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It's Okay If You Don't Love Me ✓ by ThePrincessOfIslam
It's Okay If You Don't Love Me ✓by Zehra Sheikh
Highest ranking #1 in sacrifices many times #1 in muslim many times #16 in Spiritual on 30.11.17 #19 in Spiritual on 29.11.17 #22 in Spiritual on 28.11.17 Alhamdulillah...
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Forgotten Fiancée (COMPLETED)  by katsumayu
Forgotten Fiancée (COMPLETED) by 加藤まゆ
[Forgotten Series #1] Their past may not perfect, they are one year engaged yet they argued every single time. Both of them was unhappy, they wished to revised all of i...
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My Beloved Vampire knight  by leon0writer
My Beloved Vampire knight by Leon 🦁
Historia and James Bloodsworth Hellsinger are the children of the BWHS siblings, William and Elizabeth Bloodsworth Hellsinger. The most famous and prestigious of the pur...
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Beloved Savage by xDarkCrescent
Beloved Savageby Sofía
She gazed out over her land, seeking revenge for the savages that had come to her colony. He was one of them. He was an enemy. A man as mysterious as the new moon over...
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Our Stars Aligned ✔️ by HappieGeetie21
Our Stars Aligned ✔️by GeetVik
"You jerk!" I was about to hit him but his strong arms caught me in mid-air. Now he was holding both of my arms and I did my best to push him away but that di...
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The Lost Princess- Arteya Kingdom by Maxxxyx
The Lost Princess- Arteya Kingdomby K.K
I'm Charlie Lany Lotte. Hindi ko nga alam kung ayan nga ang totoo kong pangalan. Isang malamig at walang pakealaman sa mundo ang kagaya ko, kaya nagsasayang kalang ng la...
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Forcefully Married ✅ by SanaKazi
Forcefully Married ✅by SanaKazi
"You should have told me before that you weren't interested in me" I yelled at my so called husband Samad. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. "Jawariyah p...
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Pyaar Hai Ya Sazaa (Is it love or Punishment) by Anaya_vmathur
Pyaar Hai Ya Sazaa (Is it love Anaya Mathur
It's a story for complicated love stories, heartbreak, betrayal, Misunderstanding , anger, posseviness , breakups, sacrifices & ultimately pure love.. Everyone in love...
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Her Noor_His Hoor✔ by Striving_Niqaabi
Her Noor_His Hoor✔by Jannat Afruza
There are so many pain, cries, betrayal, revange, sadness in a love story.Well , that's must for every story ? But why not a story which is just full of happiness, smile...
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For You, For Me. | JaeYong  by jaeyongdocx
For You, For Me. | JaeYong by ❁ashi❁
Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a Prince with his Knight in Shining Armour. Both were living the best out of their lives. Not until the Dragon came and...
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Miracles And Magic by _verteller_
Miracles And Magicby _verteller_
《A Muslim love story》 My name is Izza khalid. I'm sarcastic, rude, a little bit tomboy and football player but I'm not a practising Muslimah. This story is about my pas...
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the traveller // louis tomlinson by perksofbeingaweirdo
the traveller // louis tomlinsonby perks of being zaughty
Everybody has a story, but Mia's is definitely special. After being seperated from Shiloh, her one true love, she decides to hitch-hike across the country to reunite wit...
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The Masked Conquest  by Shreya_Surendran
The Masked Conquest by Shreya Surendran
He wanted her. But all she wanted was to escape him. She was his life, a reason for him to live in this foresaken world. He would leave no stone unturned. To conquer her...
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GID2: The Queen's Revelation by Siszt_212705
GID2: The Queen's Revelationby Siszt_212705
GANGSTER IN DISGUISE BOOK TWO... "Everything has a reason." Sabi nila. Tatlong buwan. Tatlong buwan na Simula noong naghiwalay sila. Tatlong buwan na naghihint...
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