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Hypnosis Mic Texts/oneshots by KookieMatzu
Hypnosis Mic Texts/oneshotsby Donuts for Takeru
Wonder what the HypnoMic Boyz would say to you?
Hypnosis Mic x Reader • Flow • [One-shots] by iam_shiomi
Hypnosis Mic x Reader • Flow • [ Cistem Aperio
Requests [CLOSED] Opened: April 10, 2020 Closed: September 19, 2020 Continuation: --- Commissions [OPEN] --- Book Cover isn't mine ↓↓↓ Artist: @siodadesu1 (Twitter)
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𝐌𝐄𝐋𝐎𝐃𝐈𝐄𝐒 ┆ 𝐉𝐉𝐊 & 𝐇𝐘𝐏 ˗ ˋˏ 𝒇𝒍𝒖𝒇𝒇𝒚 𝒃𝒐𝒌𝒖𝒓�...
Turnover by ChildOfHypnos
Turnoverby Sky
After Vorona stabbed Izaya during his fight with Shizuo, he was taken far away from Ikebukuro to see an underground doctor to treat his wounds if he survived. Kine and...
tweet | hypmic ✓ by navyshtring
tweet | hypmic ✓by s
cuitan mereka yang penuh hikmah. - social media au! • ooc
DIVISION || HypnosisMicrophone by bustedbros
DIVISION || HypnosisMicrophoneby ☆
... Oneshots, scenarios, you name it, i probably wrote it
I'm Innocent, I Swear by davyxxjones
I'm Innocent, I Swearby Davy Jones
Ten years ago, the untold, uncannon story that explains future feuds between Ichiro and Samatoki.
Sgt Frog One-Shots by RiverFleur
Sgt Frog One-Shotsby RiverFleur
A bunch of random one-shots of Sgt Frog!! All 500 words and over for your enjoyment. Asks are welcome!!
Why am I in love with you  (Izaya X Reader) by Anime__Nerd
Why am I in love with you ( Cutie Pie
Your are Shizuo's little sister in this story and obviously by the title you eventually fall in love with the flea
Hypnosis Mic Zodiac signs by AyaneMilihori
Hypnosis Mic Zodiac signsby Ayane Milihori
Guys this is meh first book so... Enjoy! And please don't take it seriously!♡
Saburo  Yamada Instagram by DazaiSofaOsamu
Saburo Yamada Instagramby -SofaHayane-
"yo don't you dare be friends with me" anyway welcome to my Instagram im the youngest brother of Yamada im from division of Buster Bros. I hope you punk enjoye...
HYPNOTIC -Hypnosis Mic x Reader Oneshot Collection- by fujiwara-natsuko
HYPNOTIC -Hypnosis Mic x Reader Fujiwara Natsuko
「The Rap Battle Season has begun. Prepare to be hypnotized by me, [Name].」 ・Hypnosis Mic Oneshot Collection ・Female Reader-insert Oneshots only ・Requests : CLOSED [for n...
Sgt. Keroro - Only and Only you by MegaCore112
Sgt. Keroro - Only and Only youby MegaCore
I always felt that Keroro should not be always a comedy show, but the episode 110 gave me what i need to write what you will read now. watch the episode part A before re...
25 days of Fandom by mashmato
25 days of Fandomby ASHLEIGH
Based on the list of prompts from tumblr. A collection of fanfics and reader inserts based around the 25 days of fandom list.
Red Like Blood || Aihara Mei x Asexual Reader by KuroKaneki
Red Like Blood || Aihara Mei x Bearlad
An unfortunate outcome in an attempt to save Mei, leaves you injured. Reluctantly, she looks after you in her home that she usually lives in alone. Will she open up to...
Hypnosis mic cracks  by ShigemiKuroko
Hypnosis mic cracks by Shigemi Kuroko
This book mainly contains vines from YouTube or video. I don't own Hypnosis mic, the characters or the vine, video's or pictures except my oc Honoka
My Favorite Dollar  by Makuuuuuuuu
My Favorite Dollar by Makuuuuuuuu
I'm Y/N Karisawa. Erikas older sister, with a lovely crush on the man that we look up to. Kyohei Kadota. Y/N is kind of a dick in this fic but that makes her a strong wo...
Hypnosis Microphone Lyrics Book by rinchan_sentpie
Hypnosis Microphone Lyrics Bookby 猿渡泉
All are collected and edited by me, rinchan_sentpai Lyric list : -Division Rap Battle- lyric -Division Battle Anthem- lyric WAR WAR WAR lyric IKEBUKURO WEST GAME PARK ly...
Izzy's Alola Journey by pokemonwriters
Izzy's Alola Journeyby welcome to the club!
Follow Izzy on her second adventure to the alola region! Her and her partner sylveon and ready to go! Read more to see their new friends, adventures, battles, and more!!
sgt frog Secrets of The Castle in The Sky by mmcco27
sgt frog Secrets of The Castle mmcco27
A long lost friend is apearing (no not dororo) and she is not letting anyone stand in her way