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I'm in One Piece!?!? (One Piece fanfiction) by Darkleer-Sempai
I'm in One Piece!?!? (One Piece Raven
'Okay, ocean- Check!, island-Check!, Three brats trying to steal basically nothing on me- Check!! Wait.... WHAT!?'
  • sabo
  • marco
  • shanks
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Two Years Apart | LuNa by Chess-chwan
Two Years Apart | LuNaby ZoroGotLostAgain
COMPLETED The Straw Hats began their two years training that were needed for them to survive the New World. The captain and the navigator, though, caught themselves thin...
  • catburglar
  • sanji
  • firefist
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One Piece x Reader one shots by OtakuFirePhoenix
One Piece x Reader one shotsby Phoenix-Chan
Some Romantic scenarios between you and some One Piece characters. Though, I haven't watched every episode, but I know enough characters to make this, so that's good. An...
  • onepiecefanfiction
  • onepiececharacters
  • oneshots
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ASL'S Big Sister (One Piece Fan-Fiction) by WaterMistress
ASL'S Big Sister (One Piece ☠ A Pirates Life For Me ☠
(COMPLETED) Portgas D. Atami was her name, eldest daughter of Gol D. Roger & Portgas D. Rouge & older sister of the ASL. ... i know that the new book cover is Lightning...
  • marco
  • franky
  • luffy
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The Three Brothers With An Older Sister (One Piece) by Yui_03
The Three Brothers With An Older Yui_03
I was on my lil' brother's ship I can't wait to see him! He probably doesn't remember me since it was over 17 years ago. I was the oldest out of Ace, Sabo and Luffy. The...
  • memories
  • roronoazoro
  • sad
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I promise- One Piece Fan Fiction- Luffy X Reader. by Levis_angels_123
I promise- One Piece Fan Lucien is my kawaii Evol
Luffy and Y/N have known each other since they could even start remembering. Shanks and the pirate life was introduced to Luffy and Luffy declared that he'd be a pirate...
  • acedportgaz
  • marineford
  • luffyxreader
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Through Time by R-Hope515
Through Timeby R-Hope(키얼스틴)
Ace and Sabo looking for Luffy wander into a cave and end up 12 years into the future. Through the craziness they meet their Little brother now 12 years older than them...
  • sabo
  • sad
  • happyending
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The Uncrowned Tactician Ver. 2 by Hot_Chocolxte
The Uncrowned Tactician Ver. 2by 커피
"As a tactician and a sister, I have my ways to handle Luffy." This is where Monkey D. Anzu makes her appearance in the One Piece story as a known Tactician, o...
  • franky
  • sabo
  • zoro
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The Ocean's True Queen by chu1luc
The Ocean's True Queenby flufluv3421
Inspired by the One Piece/Harry Potter crossover: The Lost Queen of D, Jasmine Seleste Marissa Potter learns that her life was a lie. Gathering the few people she could...
  • wattys2018
  • onepiece
  • luffy
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One Piece x Reader Oneshots by redheadedpineapple
One Piece x Reader Oneshotsby Bamse
-Requests Open- Oneshots of all your favourite pirates, marines, and revolutionaries from One Piece! Feel free to request characters and/or scenarios! Enjoy!
  • enel
  • reader
  • shanks
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ASL'S Big Brother - (One Piece Fan-Fiction) by WaterMistress
ASL'S Big Brother - (One Piece ☠ A Pirates Life For Me ☠
(COMPLETED) this is a request from @luna16love & I was very interested in the idea
  • zoro
  • chopper
  • ocxrobin
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The Uncrowned Tactician Ver. 1 by Hot_Chocolxte
The Uncrowned Tactician Ver. 1by 커피
She is Luffy's older sister. She is the so called 'Uncrowned Tactician'. She is a pirate well known across the four seas and the Grandline, with a bounty of 500 million...
  • pirates
  • sanji
  • xreader
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one piece the Elemental Dragon ( Oc x Male Reader X Boa Hancock) by Nasapeepolover
one piece the Elemental Dragon ( Nasapeepolover
Your luffy's physical brother he also relatively going to have the same thing as my other story The elemental emperor as your abilities plus the abilities of chroma from...
  • luffy
  • malereader
  • ace
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Warm Memories and Brotherly Bonds By RoseDragonWitch by BeingAJackson
Warm Memories and Brotherly BeingAJackson
Not mine!!! All rights belong to RoseDragonWitch, an amazing writer!!! Some parts may be missing because they're private, aka hidden. Go to FAQ to figure out how to get...
  • chopper
  • hat
  • usopp
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One Piece X Reader (One Shots) by MCBatmaniac
One Piece X Reader (One Shots)by MCBatmaniac
One Piece X Reader Oneshots, everyone!!! Accepting requests! I do not own any of the characters. Hope you guys enjoy \(^#^)/ ☺️
  • shanks
  • sabo
  • zoro
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One Piece One Shot Reader Inserts by Kendra064
One Piece One Shot Reader Insertsby Tsundere with a laptop
One piece one shots x reader inserts. Taking requests
  • vinsmoke
  • shanks
  • readerinserts
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Tattooed Face [One Piece] by Redb4Black
Tattooed Face [One Piece]by rᥱd
STATUS: VERY SLOW UPDATES "My name is Monkey D. Luffy! And I'm going to be the pirate king!" The boy declared proudly, "Who are you?" Before getting...
  • wattpride
  • portagasdace
  • ace
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One Piece [One-Shots] (Reader x Character) by ShadowRacoon
One Piece [One-Shots] (Reader x ShadowRacoon
Some One Piece One-Shots. (Female) Reader insert! Enjoy the stories~ Characters/Anime (c) Eiichiro Oda Gif/Art (c) NOT mine Story (c) TachibanaSan PLEASE DON'T COPY, STE...
  • smoker
  • nami
  • roronoazoro
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Scarecrow: Defender, Impostor...Littlest Brother by Anonarra_Rorokitake
Scarecrow: Defender, AmandaJean12
Sometimes Kakashi doesn't know where he really is. That's fine. It doesn't stop him from defending his three new precious people in this diverse, chaotic world he finds...
  • adventure
  • ace
  • anime
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My Three Trouble Makers (ASL x Reader x Law) by hey__book
My Three Trouble Makers (ASL x hey__book
You were a college teen. The Best of friends with Law. What if one day you wanted to adopt a child? But ended up adopting three? Find out in My Three Trouble Makers!
  • lawxreader
  • franky
  • ace
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