BTS Jungkook Scenarios  by AboraLeAura
BTS Jungkook Scenarios by AboraLeAura
Basically Jungkook being caring towards his hyungs in their lowest points or just being plain fluffy, and vice versa. This can be seen this as a romantic or platonic rel...
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Stupidest questions by rocketor
Stupidest questionsby RD
The most ridiculous,hilarious and just plain stupid questions asked ever!A Weirdo entry!Vote comment and follow me for more awesome books!
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  • comedy
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Anh Đây Cóc Sợ Vợ - Bán Hạ Lương Lương by HwangYiAlice
Anh Đây Cóc Sợ Vợ - Bán Hạ Lương L...by Cữu Vỹ Hồ
Tên gốc: Bổn Thiếu Không Sợ Vợ Thể loại: Hiện đại, thanh mai trúc mã, thanh xuân vườn trường, 2S, HE. Beta: Qin Zồ Editor: Jeongie + Mì Số chương: 60 chương + 7 ngoại tr...
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ᴛʜɪs..ɪs..ᴅᴀɴɢ-ᴇʀ-ᴏᴜs... (Art book 13) by her0001
ᴛʜɪs..ɪs..ᴅᴀɴɢ-ᴇʀ-ᴏᴜs... (Art book...by My little aaaaa
Cause I w̶a̶n̶t̶ you so much But I ɥɐʇǝ your ƃnʇs I ɥɐʇǝ you (Art book) Requests (permission), Art trades, Fan art, Gore/Murder and other stuff like that is allowed Fla...
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Imperfections// 4th Prince // Wang So // scarlet heart x reader ON HOLD by aestheticblossom
Imperfections// 4th Prince // Wang...by - ̗̀ 𝖑𝖊𝖎 ̖́-
(Y/n) Hae Ra lived a normal life. Being a doctor and learning new things. But when her whole world collapses and she finds her self back in the Goryeo era. She becomes a...
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me by otakuboyy-
meby o t a k u
random stuff including ranting about how perfectly cute Jennie is lol
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The Alanmanac (Tribute Forms) by yellowbillycat
The Alanmanac (Tribute Forms)by alan
All my Author Games character forms from the very, VERY beginning to now.
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So Far Away ; Dream ; A Min Yoongi Fanfiction by _me_sia
So Far Away ; Dream ; A Min Yoongi...by S.I.A
And he tried to push her away . Why ? She never knew . . . . . . . . Song hana . She had everything . Rounded eyes . Ginger shaped but tiny nose . And very plump l...
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Jacob & Sarah  by Queenn38
Jacob & Sarah by Queenn38
They guys this story is fuckingg crazyyy! ( In a good way!!) it's just so sexual! Lol have fun babes!
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isso é uma história q eu escrevi a zoar,n leia isso by XaraMalfoy
isso é uma história q eu escrevi a...by XaraMalfoy
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TEENAGE FBI ( BTVS ¹ ) by fvankcastle
TEENAGE FBI ( BTVS ¹ )by ˗ˏˋ buffy s. ˎˊ˗
❝ 'CAUSE TOMORROW YOU MIGHT BE DEAD... ❞ ( buffyverse ) ( season 1 & 2 ) ( oc x oc ) ( written by shania )
  • btvs
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I can't think of a clever title by BerryLimeade
I can't think of a clever titleby Nerdy Gavin
Stuff I'll tag friends to when I'm bored or dead inside. Or both.
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A nerd e o popular by leonildolima
A nerd e o popularby leonildolima
Ela....ama estuda Ele....odeia estudar Ela....e humilhada Ele....e o popular Ela....ama filmes de terro Ele....ama filmes de terro Ela.....odeia ele Ele.....odeia ela
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yandere error x blue by coolwolvesjazz
yandere error x blueby coolwolvesjazz
i promised myself i wasn't gonna make one of these but i had a good idea..... DX
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Running Water by Village_of_Strawhat
Running Waterby The Strawhats
"I am a river. I flow." She turns up in Konoha with the Hokage's name on her lips and intention in her bones. The girl greets the Hokage as an old friend and h...
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Mori x Honey by TakashiMorinozuka1
Mori x Honeyby TakashiMorinozuka1
If you read the host club's 9th manga you know Mori wants to kiss Honey. So I'm making a story about that. Almost like an extra episode. But this is extra long.
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The long or the short game? by ladypurr12
The long or the short game?by Bakhtawar Tariq
Like all the other stories of Maya and Josh's long game, this is the story about how fed up both of them are of waiting to be loved by each other. Read to find that can...
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Titan academy of special abilities2 by Phianleanda
Titan academy of special abilities2by Phianleanda
Hey guys! Kilala niyo ba Si Sherina Giash Grey at Gin Shafeth Grey? If no please read this! ☺️First book ko to guys. Sorry kung ayaw niyo but it's okay. I am just ma...
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Harry Potter one-shots by NatieTheWitch
Harry Potter one-shotsby Natie G.
Harry Potter oneshots! Gay and straight ships, Don't like don't read. No smut! Also really sorry for spelling errors... Edit: This book is 99% Drarry. You have been warn...
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Ever After High. THE MISSING GIRL Short Story by unicornsforeverlove
Ever After High. THE MISSING GIRL...by georgiann Jean navarrette
In the past blondie's anseter goes missing. In the joruny she finds out is she a rebel or a royal she has a since of where her anseter is Blondie and her friends are in...
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