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Steven x Connie Story ❤️  Lemon by InesDiva17
Steven x Connie Story ❤️ Lemonby InesDiva
READ, REALLY IMPORTANT : If you are reading this story you need to know this... This is my frist story, and I don't like Connie to be bullied so she is going to have fri...
  • love
  • shot
  • ❤️
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'ʀᴇᴅ ʜᴀs ʙᴇᴇɴ ᴍᴀᴅᴇ' by Female_Nighty
'ʀᴇᴅ ʜᴀs ʙᴇᴇɴ ᴍᴀᴅᴇ'by Female Nightmare
Cruel beauty, bright, one who's light shines much more then even White Diamond herself. Finally, she had been made. A few hundred years before Pink Diamond was shattere...
  • stevenuniverse
  • fanfic
  • yellowdiamond
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What Keeps You Up?  by 22kats
What Keeps You Up? by Skaii
Every zoo caretaking amethyst x reader Sinful I know but...aren't you curious? This fanfic is lemoney scented and cringy read at your own risk. Seriously it's garbage...
  • hollyblueagate
  • new
  • xreader
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A New Face (Pearl X Male Reader) by _No_More_
A New Face (Pearl X Male Reader)by NoMore
It was a normal day at Beach City. Birds were flying around, the sun was shining and you couldn't help, but smile to yourself. You always started your day with observing...
  • malereader
  • ruby
  • lapislazuli
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Steven Universe Memes, Pictures and More by Whenlifelemons
Steven Universe Memes, Pictures an...by SCRUBS
I have too many of these memes saved and nothing else to do with them so yeet.
  • whitediamond
  • garnet
  • humor
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My Red Diamond ♢ by YaoiFanFam
My Red Diamond ♢by Yaoi Fan Fam
"Don't leave Y/n,"Blue Diamond said in a pleading voice. Y/n avoided Blue's eyes and then looked at Lars and Steven. "Let's go,"Y/n whispered her voi...
  • love
  • reddiamond
  • whitediamond
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Garnet's Cutie Pie (Steven Universe Garnet's Daughter insert) by Garnets_Daughter
Garnet's Cutie Pie (Steven Univers...by Garnet's Daughter
Gaby was separated from her mom (Garnet) a little while after she was created (in an unusual way) what will happen after they are reunited after a long time, and how wil...
  • sapphire
  • lapislazuli
  • peridot
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Jasper's Redemption (Jasper x Child!Reader) by talle2014
Jasper's Redemption (Jasper x Chil...by Talle
Rose Quartz left behind many mysteries. Some of which were often hard to decipher, but the obvious connection she has with (Y/n) is probably the biggest perplexity the C...
  • jasperxreader
  • sự
  • universe
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Shatter Me Slowly (Jasper x Female! Reader) by xxsupremedaddy
Shatter Me Slowly (Jasper x Female...by s.r.
~read the title, people
  • jasperxreader
  • sự
  • jasper
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[ All Trừng ] Oneshot by __-Deux-Airist-__
[ All Trừng ] Oneshotby . | Điện Hạ | .
Artist : 蛇蛇请不要摸鱼 ------------------------- Viết ra nhằm thỏa mãn với All x Trừng. Có tên couple ở đầu chap, yêu cầu không đục thuyền, không buông lời cay đắng
  • sự
  • tố
  • đào
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My Mother by Torikour
My Motherby Fanfics!
Through out all of his life, Steven thought that Rose was his mother. He had her gem, and even the video tapes that she had given to him. But no one knew what went on be...
  • pearl
  • stevenuniverse
  • steven
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Steven Universe (Purple Purpose) AmethystxMaleReader by XiaoShiao
Steven Universe (Purple Purpose) A...by Xiao Shiao
Amethyst discovers that in his spare time, Steven likes to visit (Y/n), Beach City's most well known shut- in resident. Though (Y/n) is aware of Steven being a gem, he i...
  • adventure
  • cartoon
  • purplepurpose
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Embarrassed / lars x reader by keighte-
Embarrassed / lars x readerby katie
Moving to beach city is fun right? It is when you meet him.
  • beach
  • universe
  • stevenuniverse
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Lars x Reader by LeoNarzi
Lars x Readerby Sanctaphraxboi333
You are an off color Chrysoprase gem, ready to give up and let the robonoids shatter you. You had spent your whole existence in a cave in the lowest reaches of one of th...
  • larsofthestars
  • lars
  • sufanfic
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Mother Diamond by UmiOrigami123
Mother Diamondby Gumi Uchiha
The diamonds are stranded on earth, Steven will do his best to make all gems co-exist peacefully together. But, Yellow plans to bring back Pink diamond, but at what cost...
  • steven-universe
  • bluediamond
  • pearl
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Steven Universe One Shots by necr0misis
Steven Universe One Shotsby Shiragin’s cowlick
ON HIATUS! Ever wished you could have as many adventures as Steven? Because me too.
  • stevenuniversexreader
  • garnet
  • pearlxreader
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Jasper x Gem Reader by KingOfTortoises
Jasper x Gem Readerby KingOfTortoises
You're a high class gem in Yellow Diamonds court. YD asks you to go on a mission to protect Pink Diamond. You meet a Jasper. And that Jasper's actions will change your...
  • pinkdiamond
  • stevenuniverse
  • sự
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Twins (Su Gem War Fanfic) by FemmeLesbianKnight
Twins (Su Gem War Fanfic)by LionesswithaManeofFire
**DISCONTINUED** i promise ill be back when season seven/the movie is here Two rubies, bystanders in a war they didn't start and outcasts among all they stand with, atte...
  • garnet
  • stevenuniverseruby
  • stevenuniversegemwar
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QnA with me by Stormysue14number2
QnA with meby Stormy sue 2.0
Read the title
  • heck
  • random
  • sự
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Steven Universe OneShots by xxsupremedaddy
Steven Universe OneShotsby s.r.
~read the title~
  • diamonds
  • bluediamond
  • lapislazuli
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