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RESTART (TVD) by mikaelsons4ever
In which a girl's life restarts as a fictional character after she dies. Cover made by @-hopexmikaelson [Completed]
Ugh wrong number by Spiderman7578776
Ugh wrong numberby Spiderman7578776
Just a cliche when Tony Stark meet his not son son Peter Parker and their adventures (Hihihi) Btw the Avengers are also in and take the role of aunts and uncles. Aunt Ma...
Hard to Handle by xxakanexx
Hard to Handleby Cher
Gabrielle Eleina have always been the "good Gabrielle". She embodies this name she gave herself as she intends to always be the good daughter to her parents. S...
New beginnings (Percy Jackson abuse story) by murphy26
New beginnings (Percy Jackson abus...by murphy26
This story belongs to @Amberwolf2377 go follow her by May 3rd because my account is about to be deleted.
ang kwentong ito ay pang lgbtq o m2m and this is the original work of Samuel isaya wold covered by the copyright claim for the year created.....
🕷🕸 Field Trip 🕸🕷 by CloeTheTealSnake
🕷🕸 Field Trip 🕸🕷by Ghost
Typical Midtown field tripping to SI but Peter never gets a permission slip signed... plus plot twist. Also, other alternatives if requested. Cover by the amazing @MyShi...
Touch in the Worlds by Tulika98
Touch in the Worldsby Vasilisa Westwood
A Girl with no love for the mindless ramble that is Twilight is chosen for a mission... What is the mission? Who chose her? Waking up in the world of our own friendly va...
A Collapsing Star by Elliahrose
A Collapsing Starby Rose
The Stark family has started to mend the broken bond between them and the rogue avengers. After the incident with Doctor Octopus, things finally seem like it's going to...
Gaming path to supremacy by Canos1337
Gaming path to supremacyby canoska karasuma
I was a pretty average guy in my last life, but after graduation, I was asked to attend a graduation party, after the party was over truck-Kun came for a visit I was in...
The Girl Named Snow - COMPLETED by Cup4rcake
The Girl Named Snow - COMPLETEDby Si
Snow Aveña is a girl who has heart disease. In her life, she love two person in the world or universe rather. Her mom, her mom that doesn't know that she had a daughter...
Peter Parker || 𝓑𝓻𝓸𝓸𝓴𝓵𝔂𝓷 𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓮-𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓮  by MaLeCmIkAeLsOn66767
Peter Parker || 𝓑𝓻𝓸𝓸𝓴𝓵𝔂𝓷 �...by Malec Mikaelson
Jake Peralta x Male!Oc Peter is one of the younger detectives on the squad, being around 29 when the first season start (let's pretend all of the guys are around 29 exce...
I'm a 90's Nightmare.... by RedSova
I'm a 90's Nightmare....by RedSova
"The truth is, I'm not what you see. I'm nothing but the ghost of a memory. " -SI!Fresh!Sans
A Second Chance (WRITING IN PROGRESS) by Satansbabymama
A Second Chance (WRITING IN PROGRE...by Satansbabymama
Ai Hoshi WAS a badass 16 year old girl who knew how to beat ass. Until she dies. Woah I know what a spoiler but come on this is probably gonna be like every other Sakura...
Red vs Blue season 9 male oc by Garydeansonic
Red vs Blue season 9 male ocby Garydeansonic
Church and delta are trapped in a failing memory unit with memories of the reds and blues meanwhile Church is remembering the events of freelancer and the people that we...
medamsir -(ANUSHMA) tera mera rishta  by mishbir_kuku
medamsir -(ANUSHMA) tera mera rish...by meddamsir kareena
bhai bahan ka pyara sa khatta mitha rishta
~Missing Piece~                             Huaze Lei by CSpades
~Missing Piece~...by CSpades
Kim Aera a girl who hid her dreams deep within creating a fantasy on the outside for everyone else to see. Now going to Ming De University as a senior, she is majoring i...
Be My BEST Friend  (2) by LotusNero
Be My BEST Friend (2)by LotusNero
I don't know if should write the continuation, from my first story ( Be my guest 1) But here I am. I started without any plan at all, and I managed to write 16 chapter...