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Disrepair Rose (RWBY Fanfiction) by Mrjo456
Disrepair Rose (RWBY Fanfiction)by Kivon
Ruby Rose, the cheerful 15 year old girl, turned into something unimaginable. Betrayed by her friends and family, she changed into something that no one will expect. The...
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Kirito X Reader by IzzysaNeRD
Kirito X Readerby Izzy T.
(Y/n) got home from school on Friday, and went home to play a new game called...SAO.(Sword Art Online) She thought she'd be done by 8:00, take a shower, then go to slee...
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Sword Art Online Volume 18 - Lasting by xGoldenArrow
Sword Art Online Volume 18 - Lasti...by xGoldenArrow
Translator's Notes: Sword Art Online Volume 18 is the final main volume of the Alicization arc. It consists of Chapters 21, 22, and 23, an Epilogue, and a Prologue. Tran...
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Sword Art Online Volume 20 - Moon Cradle by TaeGirlOfficial
Sword Art Online Volume 20 - Moon...by Nelle
Moon Cradle (ムーン・クレイドル, Mūn Kureidoru?) Part 2 is the 20th book in the Sword Art Online light novel series, published on September 8, 2017. It is the last volume of a si...
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You're Not Alone [Kirito X Reader] by theanomini
You're Not Alone [Kirito X Reader]by Lucina
You have always been a girl who loved video games. You were often considered a 'Legend' and were a naturally great and powerful player. One day, you are gifted the newly...
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The Hidden Player by SSAnimefan0930
The Hidden Playerby SSAnimefan0930
during the year of 2022 a new way to play games comes out the Nerve Gear and the first game for it Sword Art Online a new VRMMORPG. There one of the original beta tester...
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Sword Art Online: The Crystal Swordsman by KillerKieranQ
Sword Art Online: The Crystal Swor...by Kieran Quinn
After the events of SAO, Alfheim Online came to popularity. It introduced a whole slew of abilities to the game play like flight, factions and magic, all while keeping t...
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The Best Moments Of Our Life || Kirisuna (COMPLETE) by xXKirito_SenpaiXx
The Best Moments Of Our Life || Ki...by INACTIVE ACCOUNT, GO TO xXKir...
This is a story of when Kirito and Asuna are married. ~~~~ The first chapters are.... Bad. Ill say that. But I think.. It gets better as it goes. Say Yui never reappeare...
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Only 6,042 Miles Away (Kirito x reader) by Shaylan34
Only 6,042 Miles Away (Kirito x re...by Shaylan34
You enter the world of SAO hoping to get out of reality, when really you get trapped and left to either survive or die. And on top of all of that you meet a boy who seem...
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Anime memes  by mixed_fandom1230
Anime memes by mixed_fandom1230
I do not own any of the animes or characters that are shown
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Sword art online : Protection by Chronicle_holder
Sword art online : Protectionby Chronicle_holder
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[ONGOING] My Love For You (Kirito x Reader) by MiyaTeri
[ONGOING] My Love For You (Kirito...by Megumi Miyazaki
PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THERE ARE COPIES OR REWRITES OF THIS STORY RATED +14 In 2022, thousands got trapped in this mortal game, including you. Sword Art Online became a m...
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Unending love || Kirisuna by -Titania_Asuna
Unending love || Kirisunaby - ⭐ Asuna Kirigaya ⭐ -
First chapter on the account xXKirito_SenpaiXx
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Just let me die (RWBY x severely depressed male reader x Sword Art Online) by slimer954
Just let me die (RWBY x severely d...by Slimer954
What will happen when the son the beater of SAO and the one that gave almost gave her life to make sure he did Goes to beacon academy with his sister? Find out in this s...
Naruto Online by Rendix2900
Naruto Onlineby NARUTOx UZUMAKI
Naruto Uzumaki hijo de Kushina Uzumaki Y Minato Namikaze grandes héroes que salvaron su aldea...dando sus vidas y ahora era turno de este después haber derrotado a la di...
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Stuck Inside Sao (Lisbeth X Reader) by Ganta_Igarashi
Stuck Inside Sao (Lisbeth X Reader)by Aspect of cancer
This is my version of SAO. Btw the MainCharater is meant to be me but hey I can't have all the fun eh??
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A samurai/ninja love story (Kleinxreader) by MarieLecocq
A samurai/ninja love story (Kleinx...by Marie Lecocq
(Y/n) (L/n) is a gamer and got chosen as a member of the beta testing group. She liked being a solo player. She always was one, so why change now?
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Anime × Reader by khrnsfea
Anime × Readerby khrnsfea
The title says it all <3
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Her Mission To Save Them All || Sword Art Online Fanfic by FourEyedSpectacle
Her Mission To Save Them All || Sw...by FourEyedSpectacle
"It was Sword Art Online that drove us together and then tore us apart." As the niece of Kayaba Akihiko, Kayoko Akahoshi thought she knew everything there was...
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Love Is Like A Bullet[SLOW UPDATES] (Sinon x Male Reader) by Tanker980
Love Is Like A Bullet[SLOW UPDATES...by Tanker980
Y/N L/N is the best player in GGO he has never lost. He was a SAO survivor one of the best in it to be certain. In SAO he was always at the top of the board in SAO. He d...
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