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Life Will Change (Ryuji x Akira AU) by Keith2302
Life Will Change (Ryuji x Akira AU)by Keith2302
In a twisted soulmate AU, Ryuji Sakamoto doesn't want to be romantically associated with his soulmate, Ann Takamaki. Instead, he'd rather just be friends with her. Whi...
  • persona5
  • ryujixakira
  • pegoryu
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Akira x Ryuji One shots by HeyItsToon
Akira x Ryuji One shotsby Toon
Aw yeah gay time -Persona 5 spoilers! Read at your own risk -Joker will be referred to with the name 'Akira Kurusu' instead of 'Ren Amimaya' -FLUFF!! No smut
  • ren
  • akira
  • skullxjoker
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Steal Your Heart (Akira x Ryuji) by ifeelbadforseven
Steal Your Heart (Akira x Ryuji)by Seven★
Just some disclaimers and shit: - This is my first fanfic ever so if it's bad don't attack me lol - I do not own Persona 5, the characters or any pictures used in t...
  • homosexual
  • homorules
  • p5
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Dense by Nezumikin
Denseby Mouse
Ryuji is dense, and Akira's looking to get rid of all these butterflies in his stomach whenever he smiles at him. [This is my first story over on Wattpad! This ship need...
  • gay
  • akirakurusu
  • akiryu
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Soft as Snow by faiinai
Soft as Snowby Phi
Ryuji visits Ren for a Christmas date. Fluffiness ensues.
  • presents
  • cuddles
  • amamiya
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Secrets; Akira x Ryuji by bakuhoe-ish
Secrets; Akira x Ryujiby spicy big boy
"Baby you're like lightning in a bottle. I can't let you go now that I got it" »Akira and Ryuji are classmates. Akira was always quiet, yet, when they became...
  • gay
  • renxakira
  • persona5
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Persona 5 (One shots) by stfu-Seven
Persona 5 (One shots)by Samsu Zee
{There'll be end game spoilers ofc} Time for me to write whatever the hell I want ;))) It'll probably most likely end up being Akiryu but I don't know if I'll add other...
  • mona
  • queen
  • ryuji
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Change of hearts (persona 5)( Ryuuji x akira ) by sakurai_ken
Change of hearts (persona 5)( Ryuu...by RM
the phantom thieves were on a mission to changed a shadows heart, but Joker and the phantom thieves were tricked and got caught by the shadow..... Akira who made a deal...
  • shadow
  • akirakurusu
  • murder
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