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PAW Patrol : A New Life by Amazing-Writer
PAW Patrol : A New Lifeby Stings, doesn't it?
After Steve, the new mayor of Adventure Bay, announced that the PAW Patrol is making worse the city's development and economy, the pups are separated, and each begins a...
Sneaky Crush •Chase X Skye• Skase Paw Patrol by justimagine-
Sneaky Crush •Chase X Skye• Skase...by Skase The Best
Chase and Skye from paw patrol starts having Sneaky Crushes on each other. They didn't pay much attention to this weird feeling and let it go. They thought everything wa...
School days... A part of our life which cannot be forgotten... A place where we used to play tom and jerry pen fights in the classroom. The most amazing days of our live...
For Adventure Bay - [PAW Patrol Fanfic] by __amour_riza__
For Adventure Bay - [PAW Patrol Fa...by •͙͙✧⃝•͙͙Ree the Writer
⚠️Warning⚠️ The story you're about to read will contain violence, gore, and any other contents that might be disturbing to some people. Viewer's discretion is advised...
Patrol High by bruhHEHHEH
Patrol Highby Hmm
A Paw Patrol Book... Skye used to be a student at Humdinger Academy until one night while she was doing the dishes an unexpected call came up from the school, After ever...
The German Shepherd and the Husky by Amazing-Writer
The German Shepherd and the Huskyby Stings, doesn't it?
Chase has always had feelings for Skye. The day has arrived! Our brave Chase is going to tell Skye his feelings, but the coockapoo doesn't like him! He then fell into de...
Cookies and cream (a PAW patrol Evershall fanfic) by AllenIsAWriterNowDuh
Cookies and cream (a PAW patrol Ev...by Allentheanimator 004
this is a continuation of my first book(Chocolate strawberry cake) but this time,our beloved shipped characters would be between a clumsy dalmatian named Marshall and th...
Chocolate strawberry Cake(a PAW patrol Skase fanfic) by AllenIsAWriterNowDuh
Chocolate strawberry Cake(a PAW pa...by Allentheanimator 004
Join me while I tell you a story of the popular and beloved ship between a German shepherd named Chase,and a Cockapoo named Skye in my own creation. There will be Advent...
A German Shepherd's Crush by alwaysskase
A German Shepherd's Crushby alwaysskase
Chase, a German Shepherd puppy, has always had a crush on Skye. Soon, his friends Rocky, Rubble, Zuma, and Marshall start suspecting something. When they start finding o...
A Ryder and Katie's Love story Part 3 by Amazing-Writer
A Ryder and Katie's Love story Par...by Stings, doesn't it?
This is the sequel to "A Marshall and Everest Love story". It's snowing at Adventure Bay. Ryder and Katie had always feelings for each other. But now it's to t...
Paw Patrol: Love Story Between Marshall And Skye by qwertyy_azerty
Paw Patrol: Love Story Between Mar...by Jenny :)
Marshall and Skye has feelings for each other but they don't know. How would they tell each other how they feel? Read to find out! This will include a little bit of Ryde...
REUNION.... a Pawfull story by WildcatTheRacer
REUNION.... a Pawfull storyby Hunter:3
The best book I've ever Written. "who am I" a young male voice said. "Where are my Parents, what happened to them" He said again wondering aimlessly...
Love Between Pups | PAW Patrol | 3 by CharshallForever
Love Between Pups | PAW Patrol | 3by Charshaller
Chase has a crush on Skye , but Skye likes Marshall . Marshall has a crush on Everest but Everest likes Chase . But then one day , a young kid locks Chase & Skye into th...
Paw Patrol: Singing Disney Songs by alwaysskase
Paw Patrol: Singing Disney Songsby alwaysskase
This book will be consisted of the pups and characters in the Paw Patrol show singing all sorts of Disney songs. I will pick some songs by myself, and I will also take r...
PAW PATROL- TRUTH OR DAREby ❄Jelsa_4_ever❄
The pups are bored and can't beat the heat. So Ace, Danny, Ryder, Katie and the other pups are playing truth or dare at the lookout.Very secret. Everyone finds out the s...
Forbidden to Love [A PAW Patrol short story] by RyderCutie01
Forbidden to Love [A PAW Patrol sh...by Rylee Titan
"Never underestimate the power of True Love" A Kyder fanfiction Katie, a pet groomer and vet, falls head over heals for the world's youngest billionaire just l...
Paw Patrol Truth or Dare by alwaysskase
Paw Patrol Truth or Dareby alwaysskase
The pups are playing a game. Please give truths and dares through comments. Note: I do not own Paw Patrol.
PAW Patrol: Friendship and Love are Powerful then Wickedness  by Sailorserenity12
PAW Patrol: Friendship and Love ar...by Serenity
A collaboration with @Amazing_Writers_06 (Amazing Chase). Adventure Bay can count on the pups of the PAW Patrol. Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Skye, Rubble and Everest. ...