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Love Underated Final Fantasy Characters? by MistyAngle2
Love Underated Final Fantasy Chara...by Shipping hell
Love Final Fantasy? This is for you; a book where I'll link books with underated characters to you. Luneth, Kain, Rydia, Terra Branford, Zell.. here's to them, and the p...
  • hearts
  • kingdomhearts
  • rydia
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Rydia's Last Cure | ✔️ #WattPride by kourtnienet
Rydia's Last Cure | ✔️ #WattPrideby Kourtnie McKenzie
Growing pains just leveled up, thanks to a sylph casting a spell on this summoner-girl's internal clock. Bisexual and asexual female leads. Complete FFIV fanfiction nove...
  • wattpride
  • gaming
  • ffiv
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Waters of a Shattered Heart by caedencesmind
Waters of a Shattered Heartby caedencesmind
Rydia gets into a lot of trouble when the desire to see her reflection grows over her own logic. Aegeus, her wiser and more powerful sister, is always quick to rescue he...
  • greek
  • mythical
  • greekmythology
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Blissful Innocence by Moonlit_Lilly
Blissful Innocenceby Lily
{Occurs during what would have happened if Zemus didn't try to destroy the Blue Planet} {FFIV fanfic} He was still an arrogant little boy. She was the perfect daughter...
  • dance
  • eblan
  • littlekids
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A Bard's Tale by Moonlit_Lilly
A Bard's Taleby Lily
In an ancient world, there has been peace for generations. But as of late, monsters have been on the rise, and evil has crept into the hearts of more and more men. This...
  • love
  • romance
  • loss
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Spell Disaster! by xxXShadowKatXxx
Spell Disaster!by Shadow Kat
A spell goes wrong and a certain Paladin has to look after his babified friends!
  • trouble
  • kain
  • disaster
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Rydia Holmes || Sherlock by Potterhead155
Rydia Holmes || Sherlockby Pøtterhead
"Rydia you are just like your father.. rude, cocky, impatient and sweet at the same time"
  • mystery
  • holmes
  • sherlock
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Archer by Moonlit_Lilly
Archerby Lily
With the tip of a blood red arrow embedded into a target, I smile. My commander nods in approval. If Father were still alive, he'd smile too. Father died while Rosa and...
  • magic
  • joanna
  • rpg
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