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Lost Then Found |Fuller House| by Spidey-Tom
Lost Then Found |Fuller House|by Spidey-Tom
Ryder has been best friends with Ramona since kindergarten. His father is always busy at work which results in him not seeing Ryder much and not really having any kind...
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PAW Patrol's NHL Surprise by GiovinazzoDominick26
PAW Patrol's NHL Surpriseby Dominick Giovinazzo
The Paw Patrol have been working very hard on their rescues lately, so Dominick decides to give them something which makes all the pups and Ryder very happy to get this...
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PAW Patrol vs Dominick: WWE 2K20 Style. by GiovinazzoDominick26
PAW Patrol vs Dominick: WWE 2K20 S...by Dominick Giovinazzo
Dominick challenges Ryder and the Pups into WWE with this happening will Ryder or one of the Pups beat Dominick oh will it be all down here and he becomes the Ultimate C...
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GTS Wrestling Comes To Adventure Bay. by GiovinazzoDominick26
GTS Wrestling Comes To Adventure B...by Dominick Giovinazzo
Dominick couldn't believe his eyes when he Saw his GTS Friends Grim and Duhop arrive here!!! When they arrive they want to Wrestle here for views Dom thought it was a ba...
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Paw Patrol: The Original Club (OC) vs The Shield by GiovinazzoDominick26
Paw Patrol: The Original Club (OC)...by Dominick Giovinazzo
It's the Day after Dominick gave the Pups the NHL Surprise Of A lifetime. And Dominick wakes up to go and Wake up the Others. When he does he tell them that Tracker was...
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Tracker's worst birthday by smartstorys
Tracker's worst birthdayby smartstorys
After some weeks the birthday of Tracker came. He know that fact he need to share the day whit Everest. But what happen if everybody forget his birthday. Let's find out.
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Spy Pup by Rocky_the_Pup
Spy Pupby Stormfly Lover
Rocky was born to be a spy dog. But, he always dreamed of helping the world getting rid of rubbish. Alas, he goes to spy school. Then, his adventure really begins...
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Addicted To You by xDayaax
Addicted To Youby xDayaax
Ryder Prosper. That's it, that's the statement. what else do you want to know, his hella hot, has the prettiest shade of green eyes and no one other than his close knit...
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The Guard by HannahSmurthwaite
The Guardby MaskedWriter07
Luke is a bad boy who doesn't care about the effects of the actions and things he does. He steals, loves graffiti and when he winds up in prison the only thing he can co...
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Misunderstood by shortstorys_14
Misunderstoodby Riley-rocks:)
We've all heard of the story where the bad boy finds the good girl and leaves the school Hoe, Slut, or skank. Well forget that cliche bullshit this is the story of how...
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Dat Ass - a Blyder fanfiction by ZaraChandler1
Dat Ass - a Blyder fanfictionby zara
Ryder is the most popular guys at Mckinley and Blaine is just a singing twink who's always had a crush on him, so what happens when Ryder is forced to join the glee club?
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Paw Patrol Love by ShinkenTurquoise
Paw Patrol Loveby Akina Tansi
This is a Ryder x OC story Ryder was your friendly neighborhood 10-year-old boy and the leader of the PAW Patrol. But one thing was missing-an assistant. That's where s...
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Aeons: or how killing people for the sake of bettering society is totally fine by Goddess_has_entered
Aeons: or how killing people for t...by Oizys
Keepers make sure history stays intact. Bangles show your class. Anything against the political agenda is censored. Suspicious talking can be counted as treason. The p...
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Paw patrol School days  by ThatHuskyStorm
Paw patrol School days by ThatHuskyStorm
Title says all
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Paw patrol: The Comments choice by kitten8888888888
Paw patrol: The Comments choiceby Shawn Woodle
hey everyone this is my first story and i am letting you decide what will happen to the characters in my story. The story goes like a now paw patrol rescue mission but w...
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PAW PATROL: Infinity War by MARSHALL2053
PAW PATROL: Infinity Warby MARVEREST2053
This story is based on infinity war. Disclaimer:I don't own paw patrol or in finity war
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Death, Oh Death. (A PAW Patrol fanfic.) by Ford-The-Shepherd
Death, Oh Death. (A PAW Patrol fan...by Ford-The-Shepherd
Sometimes it's best to open up. Most people don't. It has been a year since Ryder died. All the pups and Adventure Bay have moved on. Except for Chase. He still remember...
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A PAW Patrol Christmas Carol? by Rocky_the_Pup
A PAW Patrol Christmas Carol?by Stormfly Lover
I'm thinking of doing a PAW Patrol adaptation of A Christmas Carol. So, I'llI'll give the description here. If u think that anything needs changing, plz comment.
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Lexie by hmterry
Lexieby hmterry
The small town of Port Isabel, Texas is home to about 5,000 people. It is quiet, nothing out of the ordinary ever happens. Alexis Little is a rebel in the eyes of her f...
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