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Dimensions: Code Alpha by LupisCustodiaNoctis
Dimensions: Code Alphaby LupisCustodiaNoctis
When Skye meets two strangers, her life is pivoted on a 360° scale. She is transported to an alternate dimension where nothing is as it seems. Foes strike, enemies remai...
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The Alpha Beast by skylar3006
The Alpha Beastby _Skylar_
He put his head in the crook of my neck and inhaled making me moan involuntarily. Damn it, my body is betraying me as well. His one hand reached for my waist while the o...
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Misunderstood by shortstorys_14
Misunderstoodby Riley-rocks:)
We've all heard of the story where the bad boy finds the good girl and leaves the school Hoe, Slut, or skank. Well forget that cliche bullshit this is the story of how...
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PAW Patrol vs Dominick: WWE 2K20 Style. by GiovinazzoDominick26
PAW Patrol vs Dominick: WWE 2K20 S...by Dominick Giovinazzo
Dominick challenges Ryder and the Pups into WWE with this happening will Ryder or one of the Pups beat Dominick oh will it be all down here and he becomes the Ultimate C...
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The Bad Boy's War by T161218
The Bad Boy's Warby T161218
Meet Brooklyn Jones, a brunette blue-eyed 17 year old. She's in her last year at Redwood High and wants nothing more than to graduate happily with her two best friends...
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The shadow of dead  by smartstorys
The shadow of dead by smartstorys
This is the official sequel of the story. Enjoy.
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The Guard by HannahSmurthwaite
The Guardby MaskedWriter07
Luke is a bad boy who doesn't care about the effects of the actions and things he does. He steals, loves graffiti and when he winds up in prison the only thing he can co...
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Addicted To You by xDayaax
Addicted To Youby xDayaax
Ryder Prosper. That's it, that's the statement. what else do you want to know, his hella hot, has the prettiest shade of green eyes and no one other than his close knit...
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Across Galaxies (A Mass Effect Andromeda Fic) by honnleath
Across Galaxies (A Mass Effect And...by Kay
The Andromeda Initiative was supposed to be her chance to stand out of her sister's shadow, but when Nova Shepard finds herself nearly 600 light years away in a galaxy t...
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In life and in death  by LEGALLY_INSANE05
In life and in death by Mariah
Emily and Ryder are the children of famous ghost hunters but when their parents die and they go to a foster home a spirit starts targeting everyone they know. Will they...
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HIS BABY GIRL by dralaq
HIS BABY GIRLby dralaq
#pearlawards2018 #thewritersawards2018 #TalentAwards2018 She is his mate, she is his world, the light to his darkness, she is his everything. She i...
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Taking That Step by LeleBowdre
Taking That Stepby Lee Bowdre
Ashlyn has always loved babies, from a distance that is. But what happens when she has a one night stand with a hot biker (or what appeared to be one) and gets more out...
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The Empire Of The Rose [Coming Soon] by BellaDemont
The Empire Of The Rose [Coming Soo...by Janet Hernandez
It's time for the final battle... This time there is no going back; finally, Alice is face to face with the man who started all of this: William Falcon With being unabl...
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Mari mari cutie oneshots by Malichiar
Mari mari cutie oneshotsby Malichi
All the characters belong to Mari look I just really enjoy the series and if you don't like it well SUE ME
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Paw patrol: The Comments choice by kitten8888888888
Paw patrol: The Comments choiceby Shawn Woodle
hey everyone this is my first story and i am letting you decide what will happen to the characters in my story. The story goes like a now paw patrol rescue mission but w...
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A PAW Patrol Christmas Carol? by Rocky_the_Pup
A PAW Patrol Christmas Carol?by Stormfly Lover
I'm thinking of doing a PAW Patrol adaptation of A Christmas Carol. So, I'llI'll give the description here. If u think that anything needs changing, plz comment.
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Un nuevo comienzo (PawPatrol) by NatyLopez947
Un nuevo comienzo (PawPatrol)by NatyLopez947
Es difícil aceptar muchas cosas una de ellas es la muerte en esta historia veremos a la patrulla canina aceptar la perdida de su compañero y el largo viaje que les tomar...
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Aeons: or how killing people for the sake of bettering society is totally fine by Goddess_has_entered
Aeons: or how killing people for t...by Oizys
Keepers make sure history stays intact. Bangles show your class. Anything against the political agenda is censored. Suspicious talking can be counted as treason. The p...
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Something About Ryder by TeaceFindlay
Something About Ryderby Tyronickah Buckmire Findlay
Cover Credit @StormRidden (she's amazing right?) You can't really know just how incredible someone or something is unless you peel back the outer layers. It's more than...
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Lost Then Found |Fuller House| by Spidey-Tom
Lost Then Found |Fuller House|by Spidey-Tom
Ryder has been best friends with Ramona since kindergarten. His father is always busy at work which results in him not seeing Ryder much and not really having any kind...
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