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Pretender by LynClaireR8
Pretenderby Lyn Claire R
Poland is forced to get married to one of the son of the German family. Because she had no other choice but to obey her mother well then she agreed... Heh it's cringe so...
Countryhumans Smuts||Fluffs by Thisisaboyhere
Countryhumans Smuts||Fluffsby Sneaky boi Ash
Requests are open! How many will I do? Who knows. Will I even post half these? Fuck yea. No judging on people's ships, or kinks. That's just shameful. Stop it. Get some...
We Are One | Countryhumans Rusame Story by StrangeStrangeness
We Are One | Countryhumans ✌𝔰tⓡα𝓷ģⒺ✌
Antagonists, Villains, Antihero, Criminal, Sinner, Enemy, Foe, Rival, many names to describe the bad guy in every superhero story. Among the busy streets, citizens hav...
That Hospitality( Sunshine Harem )((Countryhumans oneshots)) by Xianzemarville
That Hospitality( Sunshine Harem ) su pequeño autor
ಠ︵ಠ this fanfiction contains only fluff and ships mainly about the poly ship that some people began to create. This might contain Japan x Philippines, Spain x Philippin...
Do You Know What I'm Thinking? by pompomdo
Do You Know What I'm Thinking?by Ji
RusAme One Shot. The two are in an office alone and both are dying to get a taste of each other. Cover:
You Are My Pain Killer by nxdiir
You Are My Pain Killerby Saige
Read so you know what this story's about I can't make descriptions-
The New Kid at School - Rusame by WoahItzGavin
The New Kid at School - Rusameby Gavin
Hello peoplez of the internet. This is a Rusame story. It is most likely going to be just fluff, but I can not make any promises. I am new to this whole thing, so pleas...
Not my problem|Russame and Amephil? by Gigicandream
Not my problem|Russame and Amephil?by Gigi Celesto
It's been a few days since I started seeing Russia. I know there's nothing wrong with being gay, but the problem is... I was already dating the Philippines at the time. ...
Of Angels and Demons by TormaDevan
Of Angels and Demonsby Outis
When you die, it is your first task to act as someones Shoulder "Angel" or "Demon," serving, with a partner, as someones conscience from birth till d...
Test C.W by Lost607
Test C.Wby Lost607
Test C.W is a Russame related book about after the shcool year ends Russia joins a team of researchers that do testings on paranormal beings. He soon gets put onto UK's...
Vittoria ( RomanoxReader) by osterreichrot
Vittoria ( RomanoxReader)by secret weeb
Regionem Academy's soccer team has quite the cast of interesting players, and their dedication to their game is what pulled them through several seasons to make a statem...
dream or reality?History or made up?[Country humans & Hetalia one shots] by Xianzemarville
dream or reality?History or made su pequeño autor
just one shots of Country humans and hetalia Hetalia= country x country country x oc country x reader(male or female) Country humans country x country country x reader (...
Ненавижу но люблю by MariaCat113
Ненавижу но люблюby Мария Кастюкевич
Нет описания простите если тупо просто мой первый фф
Wait For Me by BackupAccounttoread
Wait For Meby Anatole Kuragin
Cover art and song not by me
Year of Farewell | Countryhumans AmeRus Story by Momoirobara_Rose
Year of Farewell | Countryhumans ๓ℴm̫̫o̷i̲̲̅̅яõ̰b̶αℜᴀ
Russia is put in a desperate situation, with the school musical/play starting and a psycho stalker in love with him, he goes to Canada, his science partner, for help. An...
Images ⌠RussAme⌡ by Le_Riot
Images ⌠RussAme⌡by 𝔖𝔞𝔧𝔬𝔲
Just one for cap. For Fans of Fans. ¿Something +18? Maybe. (Dude,i love this ship).