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UnderTale AU Ship Children Ask/Dare OPEN! by A_Kind_Soul
UnderTale AU Ship Children Ask/ A_Kind_Soul
The 2nd generation of heroes and villains are here. These kids will interact with each other and YOU, by telling their stories, experiences they had, and more. Watch the...
(Archived) Poth Short Stories and One-Shots by Myoukin
(Archived) Poth Short Stories Myou
A collection of short stories and one-shots centered around... you guessed it, Poth! May have bits of Afterdeath and Drink sprinkled in every so often. Expect drama, a...
FellPoth Short Stories and One-Shots by Myoukin
FellPoth Short Stories and Myou
It's time for pairing that puts the 'fun' in dysfunctional. This is a collection of short stories and one-shots centered around the daily life and (mis)adventures of Lot...
Poth One Shots (Requests Open!!) by findingmysolace
Poth One Shots (Requests Open!!)by Solace :)
Hey guys! Started another collection since it didn't make sense to put Poth in the AfterDeath one. Hope you guys enjoy reading these! Cover @Angexci
He hates me - right? by Poth_Fangirl
He hates me - right?by Poth is da best :3
Fell!Poth Story, I hope you guys like it!
My Rp book [Open] by Shipmaster2007
My Rp book [Open]by Undertale shipper
Different ships and Sanrios to roll play. I don't kink shame or mind blood, gore, or drama. Feel free to roll play with me or each other.
Poth Stories by puka_chan
Poth Storiesby Puka
Like the title says. A small collection of short stories. Requests are open as long as they remain in the pg limits, because I don't feel comfortable enough to write...
Familia Roller Star by Marufubu
Familia Roller Starby MatuEnUnaCajita
Si existia un libro solo para la familia Afterdeath, por que no habria una sobre el mejor amigo del semi-dios?
Durik by RapyFubLove
Durikby Fubuki
Rurik parecio sorprendido al momento de tener una respuesta positiva de parte de su mejor amigo, aun sabiendo que Lotus sentia un afecto hacia el, decidio por la felicid...
The Making of a Monster (A Fell!Poth Story) by SmaugBandit7
The Making of a Monster (A Fell! SmaugBandit7
Rurik Liderc, the once feared general who led a division of Asgore's army, now faces the greatest challenge of all: losing the final individual who stuck around through...
Rurik, Lotus, Palette, and Goth by A_Kind_Soul
Rurik, Lotus, Palette, and Gothby A_Kind_Soul
A painter, a librarian, an edgy teenager, and a maniac. What could go wrong?..
W Objęciach Sadysty~||ZAWIESZONE|| by Perpyl
W Objęciach Sadysty~||ZAWIESZONE||by Purple GirlPL
Palette Roller- Wesoły, pewny siebie szkielet postanowił wyznać swojemu najlepszemu przyjacielowi miłość- Goth'owi. Ten jednak nie odwzajemnił jego uczuć. Palette dowiad...
My nightmare roommate  by Shipmaster2007
My nightmare roommate by Undertale shipper
Rurik and palette are 16 in high school and don't really get along how will this play out
Corrupting Fatals (Fell!Poth Story) by LotusAfterDeath
Corrupting Fatals (Fell!Poth Story)by Lotus AfterDeath
A young male skeleton nearly gets killed by a year older taller skeleton male but survives. He stays in the save-screen for almost 5 months, and he eventually meets some...
(+18)【N̶o̶ ̶【p̶u̶e̶d̶e̶s̶ ̶【E̶S̶C̶A̶P̶A̶R̶】FELL POTH  ONESHORT by Dech_h
(+18)【N̶o̶ ̶【p̶u̶e̶d̶e̶s̶ ̶【E̶S̶C̶ Dechito senpai
Cupcake una vez más intenta escapar de las seducciones de Rurik, sin saber que realmente nunca podrá safarse del militar. (+18) Fell Gothy/ Cupcake Fell Pallete/ Rurik A...
⭐️ ASK/DARE THE PALETTE'S!! ⭐️ by ColorfulxPain
⭐️ ASK/DARE THE PALETTE'S!! ⭐️by ⭐️ ~ Palette ~ 🌟~ Rurik ~ ⭐️
Please don't ship up together- ASK US WHATEVER ⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Rurik and Palette
Fell poth by SakuraChan870
Fell pothby fell goth
Rurik is popular with the jockey's he also a girl player and he likes to kill for fun and is a badass
            Russian History One Oh One by mikk1066
Russian History One T.W. Mikkelson
A twisted look at Russia's twisted history
UT Drabbles!! by SpiritNinja45
UT Drabbles!!by The Floofy Chimera Ninja!!
All the sfw drabbles. Mostly rps between ProwlingKitten and I. Will take requests too. I own none of the characters!