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Runaway Love (Jelena Fanfic) *Part 2* by islandofjelena
Runaway Love (Jelena Fanfic) * strange j.
Selena has just made the most difficult decision of her life. After following her heart she knows she made the right decision. Once Justin receives an incredible offer...
  • bieber
  • love
  • gomez
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Runaway Lovers by varchiesrvdl
Runaway Loversby ♥️Varchie♥️
Archie Andrews left Riverdale. He left trying to escape the wrath of his one and only true love's Father. Hiram Lodge. When leaving, he had to leave the love of the life...
  • riverdale
  • varchie
  • lovers
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Runaway Love by MaddieEtter
Runaway Loveby Maddie Etter
Celeste is getting married in a few months and is not looking forward to it. She doesn't love Justin. She fell in love with a man named David she always saw on the board...
  • thelostboys
  • celeste
  • david
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Love*Taylor Swift Fanfic* Spin-off to R.L. by islandofjelena
Love*Taylor Swift Fanfic* strange j.
~Spin-off to my Jelena Fanfic Runaway Love~ After Taylor hears the news of Selena running off to Paris with Justin, her heart shatters. Even though Taylor knows she shou...
  • spin-off
  • runawaylove
  • swift
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Ava - The Runaway Girl by zodf7g
Ava - The Runaway Girlby zodf7g
A 14-year-old girl Ava has been struggling with depression for the past three years of her life. She is tired of feeling broken and useless every day. Her friends, famil...
  • sad
  • runaways
  • teenlove
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The Martyr Girl (one shot) by sylph0
The Martyr Girl (one shot)by baja blast
  • romance
  • girl
  • religion
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Run away Love by tmntandmlpleoxaj12
Run away Loveby chyann Chaney ray
Applejack a 16 year old country girl runs away from her family after a huge fight with her Parents bright mac and Pear butter .while Running away from Home Applejack r...
  • leojack
  • mlpeg
  • tmnt
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Somewhere In Neverland by Smile_nowcrylater
Somewhere In Neverlandby Alondra Fuentes
  • selfharm
  • sudicidal
  • runawaylove
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i lied by ZhaneMccarty
i liedby Broken hearted girl
Nicki and British r best friends and look alike.they love each each other but is it more than wat is tho NOBODY IS FAMOUS just rich
  • thuggshit
  • rocroyal
  • nickiminaj
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Runaway love by Unknown_jxd
Runaway loveby anonymous_jxd
One girl One pregnancy. Abusive homes lots of failed promises. WARNING: this book has triggering scenes including the following: •Abuse •Rape •Explict language ¤suicidal...
  • abusivecontent
  • runawayprincess
  • runawaylove
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A Runaway Love by foxycrush
A Runaway Loveby foxycrush
(This story is still in progress.) Meredith, a 17 year old girl runs away from her home. On her way she meets 3 young, handsome men. She meets a powerful rich man nam...
  • mystery
  • succubus
  • werewolf
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Whatever by syd_the_alien
Whateverby ☾☼ sydney☼☽ 
They just wanted to be together.
  • besties
  • younglove
  • roadtrip
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Runaway Love ( Punk luke Hemmings) by angellover24
Runaway Love ( Punk luke Hemmings)by Taryn
Riot Irwin is Ashton Irwins little sister. When Riot starts hanging out with her brothers friends, she starts to fall for Luke. Then things start to turn horrid and she...
  • runawaylove
  • depression
  • ashtoniwirn
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Running From Love by BreChea
Running From Loveby Brene
I deserve better. Abuse and drugs are my life, but not anymore.
  • runawaylove
  • thugs
  • abuse
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all messed up \LH by lukeslover909
all messed up \LHby lukeslover909
  • 5sos
  • shortstory
  • date
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12 year old Michelle is looking for love in all the wrong places .She soon see her self on a then line running from her past
  • awardwinner2018
  • mustread
  • lovedrama
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A Second Chance by sashaleeduffy
A Second Chanceby sashaleeduffy
1 girl, 1 boy, 2 separate lifes and no direction of which way to go in life. Taking a huge step into a new society, Feeling new, Fall in love, Making decisions and findi...
  • college
  • mistakes
  • drama
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Fancy by instawriters
Fancyby instawriters
  • souls
  • romantic
  • love
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