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How do you do? by TheArmadist
How do you do?by CDrey
Callum had gone looking for Ezran just a little sooner and Harrow is still killed. The two princes escape the castle and encounter the elves sent to kill the king. Unawa...
The dragon prince x female/male reader one shots by Alanatheweirdoperson
The dragon prince x female/male Alanatheweirdoperson
Your name is moon lycan and you are an elf, and dragon mix, your skin is just like aaravos except a little lighter and has patches of black and white scales, your eyes a...
Runaan x Ethari by Abcdork
Runaan x Ethariby Abcdork
Smut. Fluff. Angst. Runaari style bitches🏳️‍🌈!
Kingdom | The Dragon Prince x Reader Oneshots by aidemint
Kingdom | The Dragon Prince x meimei ! ☠
❝ you might say it's the ka-tallest ❞ (#2 TDP 11.14.19, #26 Oneshots 11.28.19)
Traced Lines by gbscorner
Traced Linesby gbscorner
Ethari helps his husband, Runaan with repainting his tattoos.
Runaan x Reader by Chaosrunner
Runaan x Readerby Chaosrunner
The moon was full and shown down as claws raked down the walls of her prison. The small infant fought to be released from the cramped area and to be freed into the world...
If Walls Could Talk by SavageTexter2021
If Walls Could Talkby Hover Pride
Can he stay loyal to his people when he's being tempted by the god of hotness and is lusting for love and affection. Runaan a stern, loyal assassin and Aaravos a pervert...
The Dragon Prince: After The War (In process) by ShadowElf-DemiGod456
The Dragon Prince: After The War ( Rayla Lunarson
It's been seven years since the battle at the Storm Spire, there is now peace in the Human Kingdoms and in Xadia. This is a fanfic story about Callum and Rayla. Keep re...
Rayla x Callum (Rayllum) by Firestar_05
Rayla x Callum (Rayllum)by Rose Beveridge
Rayla has been having terrible nightmares, but she has no idea what's causing them. Could they be revealing the truth about things she can't even begin to understand? Or...
The Royal Return || Rayllum/ Book 3 by Mycolorguardian45
The Royal Return || Rayllum/ Book 3by Eᴍᴍᴀ Pᴀʜᴏʟᴀ
[ON GOING!!!] ❝Claudia told me you left me. And now you want children? You sure are a 'fantastic' mom,❞ I said before running out of the castle before Rayla could say an...
The  Dragon Guards by Lord_Alderaan
The Dragon Guardsby Lord alderaan
Rayllum after the end of season 3. Also, some ezran and Ellis 😉 and Callum has to gain Raylas parent's approval. And try not to die from runaan Secret bad guy...
The Dragon Prince Stuffs by thegirlwho-reads
The Dragon Prince Stuffsby ♡ вєтн ♡
Hello fellow The Dragon Prince fan!! Thank you for taking a peek at my book about this awesome tv show. This book includes/will include: ~ Fan art ~ Memes ~ Theories (?)...
By the Stars (Runaan x Ethari Oneshots) by YiHua_YiJian
By the Stars (Runaan x Ethari Fingerless Gloved Elf
Ethari has captured Runaan's heart, and Runaan has done the same . This book has it all. Their adventures, their angst, their fights, but most importantly, their love. ...
Healing Scars by Songbird_Rebel
Healing Scarsby Songbird Rebel
While season 2 of The Dragon Prince was incredible, I was a little disappointed that Runaan wasn't in it (though I am still hopeful). But seeing Viren in that cell was n...
Two Lands, One World by RubyRoundhouse17
Two Lands, One Worldby Arwen the Storyteller
Caroline is a human ostracised by much of Katolis for being a "step-princess". Raylan is a trained elf- assassin desperate to restore his family's honour. Upon...
Amaya x male elf reader- her knight in shining armor by Alanatheweirdoperson
Amaya x male elf reader- her Alanatheweirdoperson
your name is moon lycan and you are a startouch, moonshadow, and sunfire elf combined into one, you are the strongest living this that breathes, hell, your even stronger...
Of Another World | The Dragon Prince x Reader by sovasbf
Of Another World | The Dragon sam ☁️
Just like any other day, walking home from school using the shortcut in the forest. You never expected to be dragged through a portal to the world of your favourite show...
My heart goes out with this one by Candy_Mason342
My heart goes out with this oneby Sammy ♡♡
This tory was inspired 🙌 this is not my original idea. The original story is called: 'Runaan's bunddle(s) of joy' by @Cleo_Starlight_Hell go check them out, and support...
The Journey Called Life by yeetmcfeeetus
The Journey Called Lifeby yeetmcfeeetus
The Dragon Prince Fanfic (Y/N) joined the Moonshadow elf assassin shortly after her eldest brother died. She goes to Katolis to with the rest of the assassins, she is gi...
The TDP Characters Watching The Show by Lizzi_The_Raven
The TDP Characters Watching The Lizzi_The_Raven
My magical self has transported the characters of The Dragon Prince to a movie theatre to watch the future.