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there's a demon inside by LouWillingham
there's a demon insideby Lou
(less than 500 words) For the prompt "There's a Demon Inside". A witch reflects on their life, death, and growth.
Ghost in the Machine by LouWillingham
Ghost in the Machineby Lou
Under 500 words: Flash fic for the prompt "ghost in the machine". An engineer fights to keep up with power demand.
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by LouWillingham
Let Sleeping Dogs Lieby Lou
Less than 500 words. Written for the prompt "Let sleeping dogs lie": Dante's hiding a secret from Harry, and it doesn't take much for the vampire to confess wh...
10 Nanoseconds in the Past by LouWillingham
10 Nanoseconds in the Pastby Lou
(less than 500 words) For the prompt "10 Nanoseconds in the Past". A character muses over a horrible memory of something that just won't leave him alone.
the space between the stars by LouWillingham
the space between the starsby Lou
(Less than 500 words) After rejection, Matthew has to come to terms with being so close and yet so far away from the guy he fell for.
You Don't Know by LouWillingham
You Don't Knowby Lou
(less than 500 words) For the prompt: "When casting seeds, you don't know which will sprout". A woman desperately longs for her son's return when she gets a su...
I'll Be Your Misfit by LouWillingham
I'll Be Your Misfitby Lou
Under 500 words. Written for the prompt: "I'll be your misfit". A boy and his boyfriend stay up late sewing an outfit for highschool prom.
The Mediator by XConvent
The Mediatorby tim
A father seeks the resurrection of his son.
Dead or Alive by LouWillingham
Dead or Aliveby Lou
Under 500 words: Written for the prompt Dead or Alive
I've heard enough about love by LouWillingham
I've heard enough about loveby Lou
(less than 500 words) A young woman calls her best friend for support.
Underneath it all, we're just savages by LouWillingham
Underneath it all, we're just Lou
Less than 500 words. Matthew and George try to find a safe space to stay. Prompt taken from Marina and the Diamonds: Savages.
You Fall to Rise by LouWillingham
You Fall to Riseby Lou
(less than 500 words) For the prompt: "Sometimes you fall to rise onto a new mountain." Daniel wakes up to face a seemingly impossible challenge.
Watch as I Fly by LouWillingham
Watch as I Flyby Lou
Written for the prompt "watch as I fly" Two soft guys confess their feelings.
Braiding Roses by LouWillingham
Braiding Rosesby Lou
Under 500 words. For the prompt: "we're only braiding roses" Two girls stumble through the snow and meet a welcome friend.
Some Princes Don't Become Kings by LouWillingham
Some Princes Don't Become Kingsby Lou
(Less than 500 words) For the prompt: "Some princes don't become kings". A young prince escapes from his kingdom with the love of his life.
All That Glitters by LouWillingham
All That Glittersby Lou
Less than 500 words. The morning after a party shines some light on the disaster of the night before.
Never Seen a Ghost by LouWillingham
Never Seen a Ghostby Lou
Under 500 words. Written for the prompt: "Never seen a ghost like...". A young girl tells her mum to interview her imaginary friend for an article she's writin...
A New Colour of Sunrise by LouWillingham
A New Colour of Sunriseby Lou
(less than 500 words) For the prompt: "A New Colour of Sunrise". Two nervous 20-somethings share a drink while hiding from their parents.
If your heart is broken, make art with the pieces by LouWillingham
If your heart is broken, make Lou
Under 500 words. One mistake too far breaks a heart and leads to three more regrets.