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Since the day we met (RWBY shipping Oscar x Ruby) by WarKingLeo
Since the day we met (RWBY WarKingLeo
This story takes place when Oscar brings Qrow back from the bar and meets Ruby and the gang. When he does he feels almost instant feelings of attraction towards Ruby. Th...
Beautiful Roses (RoseGarden) by Luna_Yakamoto
Beautiful Roses (RoseGarden)by Luna_Yakamoto
A RoseGarden Fanfic. Oscar is entranced by Ruby Rose. Her beautiful eyes, her cheerful personality, she's truly a rose. He's never seen her ugly side, and he doesn't wan...
RWBY-The Adventures of Oscar Pine (One Shots) by s03Rose
RWBY-The Adventures of Oscar ~~Simona~~
Oscar Pine a former farmhand from Mistral must head to Haven in order to start fulfilling his role in keeping Remnant safe. Join Oscar and his side adventures with his n...
Abella's Writing Commissions! by AbellaHeart-
Abella's Writing Commissions!by HeartsandRoses
Want me to write a story for you? I write ships, oc x character, reader inserts, fics and plenty more. This book has multi fandoms. I have animes, video games, cartoons...
An unexpected change  by AndreaJenkins768
An unexpected change by Rosegardenlover05
Ruby and Oscar had always been best friends but what everyone else didn't know was they were in love and one night on the train ride to Argus something happened that wou...
Unexpected Love by UnicornPlatypus
Unexpected Loveby UnicornPlatypus
When Oscar first met Ruby, it was after her drunk uncle led him to the house in Mistral. Ever since, he had to admit he had a crush on the spunky team leader. Now, they'...
RWBY Rosegarden Fanfic (NEW) by Ninjago100
RWBY Rosegarden Fanfic (NEW)by RubyxOscar4Life
This is the new version of the story RWBY Rosegarden Fanfic (RWBY Try out)
History tends to repeat itself  ruby x oscar/ozpin x qrow by unakittyfangirl
History tends to repeat itself unakittyfangirl1
Qrow knows all to well what it's like to love somone with a unavoidable destiny. He doesn't want her to go through it as well. Qrowpin Mainly rose garden
Rwby one shots by gontagokuharakinnie
Rwby one shotsby gontagokuharakinnie
Just some rwby one shots Some mature Some fluff Strong language and theme warning. I lvoe u credit to cover artist. not sure who it is
When the Curtain Falls by Effenay
When the Curtain Fallsby Effenay
"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" Ozpin lived many lives. In the years of plenty, to the years of famine and bloodshed; he carved his existence...
To be Human (Beowulf/Werewolf Oscar Pine x Ruby Rose) by GodzillaFan15
To be Human (Beowulf/Werewolf GodzillaFan455515
Inspired by Part of Your World from and Archive of Our Own.
Little Miracles (RoseGarden)  by RoseSsiren
Little Miracles (RoseGarden) by RoseSsiren
This is a RoseGarden/OscarxRuby fanfic from the show RWBY! Oscar is 20 here and Ruby is 21 Art in cover by seshirukun1 on Twitter! TW!! (Also spoilers) . . . . . ...
Young Gods - Rose Garden by The-Midnight-Raven
Young Gods - Rose Gardenby I AM!
(Written by Mod Ruby) "Remember, Ruby." Taiyang's voice ran through the huntress' mind. "The youngest can be the strongest." -- Ruby had often wonder...
Bloody Petals {A Rosegarden Fanfiction} by elementz_R
Bloody Petals {A Rosegarden R_elementz
After the Fall Break ended, 16-year-old Ruby Rose was quite skeptical about going back to her highschool, Beacon High. However, the feeling went away when she made frien...
Grim Oscar x ruby by diaurora123
Grim Oscar x rubyby diaurora123
Oscar a grim was just doing what he normally does wander the forest and help from the shadows at least he was until he met the silvered eyed beauty. (I completely skip t...
Rich Like Rose Gold- Ruby x Oscar (Heiress & Servant AU) by 17angelsprings
Rich Like Rose Gold- Ruby x Angélique Nguyễn
Oscar is sent to live with his god father Ozpin after his family loses their farm. Although, Ozpin doesn't have a house of his own and instead lives on the Xiao Long est...
Yuko's Journey Season 2 Volume 5 by BraveWolf220
Yuko's Journey Season 2 Volume 5by Brave Wolf
Josh and Kokomi are concerned about Meliodas so Yuko talks to him to find out he's been working on a new move.Everyone notices that Ruby has been quiet lately and Yuko f...
RWBYS by CaitlinBryan0
RWBYSby Caitylove
My name is Star Fire and 16 years ago I was born and I live a semi normal life that is until I got accepted into beacon then I learned something awful and terrible I lea...