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Soul of Fire by Coyote223
Soul of Fireby Austin Mayberry
Superhuman Ryan Kyle tries to survive school and his abusive home life. That is until his friend gets hurt by the Triad, an international mafia that has influence everyw...
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The Christmas Book - Special - Advent Calendar Style by Miss-Cutie-Cat
The Christmas Book - Special - *❀⑅Catherine❀⑅*
❄ HO HO HO! ❄ Welcome to my Christmas Book Special! This is a limited edition one that will disappear until the last day of December! This book contains one-shots of an...
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Amor en Manicomio (Paw Patrol) by Skyela_rockstar_love
Amor en Manicomio (Paw Patrol)by Treyci Carhuachagua Inca
Chase y Skye son una linda pareja pero , si que pasan esos parejas están en la cárcel , Chase en una y Skye en la otra celda. Chase y Skye lucharán por su amor en la cár...
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Paw Patrol Pictures by SuperTracker98
Paw Patrol Picturesby MyBoyTracker
The title says all!!!!
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Stuck on the Island | A PAW Patrol Fanfic by AlixThePawPup
Stuck on the Island | A PAW AlixThePawPup
The PAW Patrol had been invited on a cruise trip for their success in being an amazing rescue team! As noon struck, the cruise ship had crashed in an island and sunk to...
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Zhase (One-Shot) by JacobDawn1324
Zhase (One-Shot)by ⓡⓞⓒⓚⓨ
This is a one-shot story and there's six pups and there's going to be a few chapters.
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The Last Train by Coyote223
The Last Trainby Austin Mayberry
This story is based off the video game, The Final Station. Austin Parker was always alone in life, but now he's one of the few people left alive in his city, Westport...
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The world according to Chase by SheldonJPlankton-_
The world according to Chaseby Lydia (:
This is pretty much Chase from Paw Patrol's diary.
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Rubble [PDF] by Jeff Byles by cobicofa11757
Rubble [PDF] by Jeff Bylesby cobicofa11757
Read Rubble PDF by Jeff Byles Crown Listen to Rubble: Unearthing the History of Demolition audiobook by Jeff Byles Read Online Rubble: Unearthing the History of Demoliti...
PupBorgs by EricS8
PupBorgsby Keegan S.
Has technology advanced this much, is this what the future holds. How much more can people handle it. Read for more interesting things that happen when pups start droppi...
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Paw Patrol: Origins by smartstorys
Paw Patrol: Originsby smartstorys
Do you wonder about the pups origine? Where they come? How they meet eachother? What is their past? Me too, so here is what I imagine. Enjoy.
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Cruel Summer (Marshall x Chase) by Charshall_Lover
Cruel Summer (Marshall x Chase)by Shaquila Banana
(ART IS NOT MINE) Chase is already in a love life. Chase is a member of the Paw Patrol, a group of pups working together to save people. Chase is the oldest of the group...
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The Sun's Light by Foolish_Tree
The Sun's Lightby Belle Mills
A young girl, an abandoned city, an uncontrollable future. When the time comes, will you find Wonderland? (Based off of a dream I had when I was like 12(?) that inspired...
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