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The Girl with the Changewing Cloak (RTTE Fanfic) by MiniDragonRen
The Girl with the Changewing Cloak...by MiniDragonRen
Only the figure's eyes were visible, the rest hidden by a changewing cloak. Hiccup's jaw dropped as he realized. He knew those eyes. * The Dragon Riders have just defeat...
Through A Dragon's Eye (A Httyd Fanfaction) (Completed) by CamsterDragon
Through A Dragon's Eye (A Httyd Fa...by The Dragon Girl
By the age of seven, Draira's home island had been destroyed and her family dead. She still isn't sure how she survived so long with no one but herself, but that may hav...
makligr,       httyd by braekerofchains
makligr, httydby 🎄◜gemma ◞🎄
makligr ❝ this changes everything! ❞ in which yrsa learns to be comfortable in who she wants t...
Dusk and Her Wings (On Hold, Rewrite) by Obfuscator428
Dusk and Her Wings (On Hold, Rewri...by Nightingale
This is my first story, sorry for it being late but I just couldn't wait to show this to the world and get feedback. Depending on the reviews I might extend it or change...
renegades,       httyd by braekerofchains
renegades, httydby 🎄◜gemma ◞🎄
RENEGADES ━━ 💫 ❝ i swear, i lived! ❞ httyd universe au pre httyd 2 - homecoming hiccup x oc (based loosely off sod quests) ...
A Forbidden Love (Viggo Grimborn x reader) {Slow Updates} by Razorwhip1835
A Forbidden Love (Viggo Grimborn x...by Razorwhip1835
YN Haddock is the younger sister Hiccup by 2 years. Unlike her brother YN is aggressive. She and her brother share Compassion, adventure, and a love for Dragons. Before...
Hiccstrid One Shots by Astrid_Evanlyn
Hiccstrid One Shotsby Astrid_Evanlyn
One shots for the best animated couple of all time. I've posted most of these on Instagram already but I decided to post them here as well.
HTTYD One-Shots by PJO_Fangirl_13
HTTYD One-Shotsby PJO_Fangirl_13
Most these mini stories will probably be Hiccstrid (Hiccup and Astrid) So yeah. Enjoy. Editing in progress. May be continuing soon.
Hiccup x Reader (Race To The Edge) by spiritwing13
Hiccup x Reader (Race To The Edge)by Spiritwing13
ANNOUNCEMENT: My HTTYD series is currently undergoing revisions. If things change while you are reading, I apologize for the inconvenience. Please have patience with me...
reacting to rtte by roro1786
reacting to rtteby RosieMckenna💝💗
so basically the beginning of rtte watching the series i might be a lil slow updating but i'll try my best and i'm determined to finish the series
The Gray Area - A Viggo Love Story (HTTYD/RTTE) by MultiFandomAccount0
The Gray Area - A Viggo Love Story...by ♡ Unknown ♡
"The line between good and evil is often unclear. Black and white can become gray so easily. What one soul considers evil, another might consider righteous..."...
The Wild Stryke by Lightningfelix
The Wild Strykeby Cerulean_Arctic
Perhaps one of the rarest dragons is the Triple Stryke, a huge dragon with three scorpion-like tails, a barbed hide, explosive firepower and speed only rivaled by the Ni...
Heart of a Dragon Whisper (An RTTE Fanfic) by Mystical-Beasts03
Heart of a Dragon Whisper (An RTTE...by Mystical
Ever since Melia the Merciful was born she has always been a friend to dragons. To Melia, their roars and growls are no different to the Norse speech of the humans aroun...
Wild Girl. (Hiccup X Reader) Complete. by Red-Ramen
Wild Girl. (Hiccup X Reader) Compl...by RedRamen
Hiccup, a boy living in the village Berk. Being a weakling yet the son of the chief. Y/n, a girl flying on her Night Fury. Loving to be free. Flying without a worry in t...
Hiccstrid Oneshots: Book 1 by 7LetterShips
Hiccstrid Oneshots: Book 1by Abby
Fluff, fluff, fluff and lots of fluff. Some angst too! Oh and, updates very frequently. Hope you enjoy! Btw, I encourage requests! I don't own these characters. If I di...
Hiccstrid one shots by Moonchild73
Hiccstrid one shotsby Emma
I think the title says it all.❤️ I hardcore ship hiccstrid, so this book is a collection of one shots written by the one and only, me. I'm NOT going to break hiccstrid...
To The End - A Tuffnut Love Story (HTTYD) by MultiFandomAccount0
To The End - A Tuffnut Love Story...by ♡ Unknown ♡
(COMPLETED) Once their time in the Great Beyond had come to an end, the riders returned to Berk for good. But thier search for new islands and dragons was far from over...
A Siren's Song - A Hiccup Love Story (HTTYD/RTTE) by MultiFandomAccount0
A Siren's Song - A Hiccup Love Sto...by ♡ Unknown ♡
Hiccup and the others have finally found an island to call their own; Dragon's Edge. However, Night Terrors aren't the only dragons indigenous to this land. A gentle son...
The Strength of the Princess (HTTYD) by PedePaulie
The Strength of the Princess (HTTY...by Dani
The vikings of Torvald have always been friendly with dragons, and when they learn Berk has also accepted dragons, they send Princess Eira and her Windwalker to live amo...
The Alpha Night Fury  by FeatheredDemon
The Alpha Night Fury by FeatheredDemon
After IceGlow, A Night Fury dragon, loses her soulmate she is heartbroken. Then when her queen dies IceGlow must lead the dragons to another island and become their new...