Mekhi by curlynerd4ever
Mekhiby CurlyNerd
Is a King without a Queen, truly a King? Mekhi is a lost soul. His lycan lies awake in agony, missing for something they would never be able to have. The Moon would only...
  • tattoes
  • struggling
  • romance
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Phoenix by sunnishy
Phoenixby Sunni
The last thing that Lexa Sinclair's parents ever told her was that she was a fool for staying here. The City. The capitol of fine art, eloquence, and royalty: Lexa's one...
  • werewolf
  • lord
  • vampire
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Royals by fallenxstarsx
Royalsby Fallen Stars
Shaylee, a young woman with a pre-decided future that can't be fulfilled. Her whole life has been leading up to the moment she brings "him" back to his rightfu...
  • royal
  • secrets
  • fantasy
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Reincarnated By Lottery!?  by Clair010
Reincarnated By Lottery!? by Clair010
Gods are looked upon in awe and anyone would want to be one if given the chance. However they are so bored that they decided to reincarnate someone. The famous actor and...
  • femaleprotagonist
  • elves
  • beautifullprotagonist
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The Second Prince by Luna_Uchiha1
The Second Princeby Luna Uchiha
What if Kai Von Granzreich was not the second prince but instead the third. Meet Alexander Von Granzreich the Second prince of Granzreich Kingdom.
  • eins
  • viktorgranzreich
  • princelicht
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Royal Throne 5:32 | Ongoing by FieryNughts
Royal Throne 5:32 | Ongoingby FieryNughts
❝Oh my fucking God! You're-❞ ❝Prince Elias Valentino Ambrose-Nicholas the Third. And I inform you with all the grace I could muster laced to my incredible acti...
  • diverselit
  • prince
  • cellphone
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Future Queen ↠ Royal Family by alissacharlotte
Future Queen ↠ Royal Familyby alissa🤯
Born on June 21, 1982, Princess Elizabeth Diana Victoria of Wales and her twin brother Prince William of Wales, they were the royal twins everyone had been anticipating...
  • british
  • princewilliam
  • wales
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From the Ashes by CurlyFries9096
From the Ashesby Pancake
Commander of the royal guard Aadya Omisha and rebel Lilith Fermi are on opposite sides of an almost war. The kingdom of Emotora is not the fairy tale land that outsiders...
  • swordfighting
  • phoenix
  • royal
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Royal Love by ShooqJanahi
Royal Loveby Shooq Janahi
Sheikh Hamdan visit his sister and her husband in Bahrain. Only for him to find the girl of his dreams.
  • faz3
  • sheikh
  • hate
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Royal Blood - A Prince's Love Story by RagLaklover57
Royal Blood - A Prince's Love Storyby Shivika Ki Duniya
Yuvraj Siddharth Rathore is every woman's wildest fantasy. He is believed to be an incarnated Greek God beyond a mortal's reach. He is a doctor with a medical degree in...
  • romance
  • royal
  • parineetichopra
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ᎡᎾYᎪᏞᎢY by JenzieHannieStory
ᎡᎾYᎪᏞᎢYby Angelina
α lífє σf rσчαltч íѕn't αll єlєgαnt. ín σnє cαѕtlє, thєrє íѕ ѕσ much drαmα. whσ knєw вєíng α rσчαl, αlѕσ mєαnѕ drαmα, crαzч rσmαncє, lσvєrѕ, ítѕ αll crαzч.
  • hayden
  • love
  • annie
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Take Me Away (Gawsten) by spacedoutweirdo
Take Me Away (Gawsten)by 𝘎𝘸𝘦𝘯 𝘪𝘴 𝘢 𝘳𝘦𝘫𝘦𝘤𝘵
Geoff has a mission. Take out the Prince. But the Prince wants to be taken out. And now Geoff can't hurt him. "Just get me the fuck out of here then!"
  • jawnrocha
  • waterparks
  • geoffxawsten
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Royal Roleplay by -Over_the_Rainbow-
Royal Roleplayby Queer and I’m here
One moment your chilling out in your kingdom next to be shipped off to a castle with others from different kingdoms to find a husband/wife. Is it for love? Alliances? Mo...
  • ốc
  • rp
  • royal
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How you fell in Love - Edmund x Reader by TravelMusicBooks
How you fell in Love - Edmund x TravelMusicBooks
The title says it all. I'm going to assume your name here is Adara, because..idk why. Anyway, All for entertainment, don't take it to the heart! love y'all! Also, The f...
  • lion
  • narniaimagines
  • reader
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Royalty (LesTwins fanFic) by laulaus-girl
Royalty (LesTwins fanFic)by Zeanje Bourgeois
who will be leading the pack?
  • bourgeois
  • royal
  • letwins
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Sebastián by caellag
Sebastiánby Ella
"Mark me" His eyes show no humor. He was serious. I gape at him. "Wha-who-are you k-kidding me?" I sputter. He doesn't start laughing and say 'no! It...
  • king
  • soulmate
  • featured
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Demonized by 11fantasywriter11
Demonizedby 11fantasywriter11
Stop. Don't read this book yet. I'm currently editing and posting.
  • demon
  • vampire
  • fantasy
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Under lock and key by nalu_ft4life
Under lock and keyby nalu_ft4life
Every girl is given a lock at birth Every boy is given a key at birth Soul mates have each other's match. A princess's father has searched for years for her prince. H...
  • rules
  • love
  • royal
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Royals&Rebels: Discover▪ by ShevSan
Royals&Rebels: Discover▪by Sunflower🌻
Sessizlik... Karanlık... Nefes alamıyorum. Boğuluyorum. Sudan çıkmak istiyorum ama çıkamıyorum. Bir güç beni gittikçe dibe çekiyor. Elimi uzatıyorum yukarıya, hiçbir i...
  • distopya
  • rebels
  • royal
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The Lost Fairytales by AlienUnicorn
The Lost Fairytalesby AlienUnicorn
Billy was raised along side the Royals--better known as the ones who were Fairytales--but she herself never was one. She's a Renegade, or a Fable. With her older brother...
  • troll
  • forgotten
  • quest
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