Warrior Daughter  by sexygirl802
Warrior Daughter by Kourney Chilcote
Alexandra Bethanel is future queen. So everyone believes but truth be told there's secrets hidden behind everything. Alexandra must work with a special guest to escape a...
  • beauty
  • royal
Tall Drake And Handsome  by KansasRayne
Tall Drake And Handsome by Kansas Rayne
[A Pixelberry : CHOICES : Fanfiction based on The Royal Romance ] After scandal disrupts the coronation of Cordonia's newest King, disgraced suitor Kate Darling is sent...
  • cordonia
  • drake
  • royal
Original Castle by OriginalCastillo
Original Castleby Katalina Castle
You're not a gang member, you're a tourist
  • rebekahmikaelson
  • anastasiaclaire
  • royal
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From Ashes Forged ⚔☠ by AlcinaMystic
From Ashes Forged ⚔☠by Samantha Leonard
The Flying Saints have returned. Known for their brutality, the pirate crew has one goal: to capture the siren who escaped them and steal her powers for their capt...
  • fairytaleretelling
  • pirateslife
  • fairytale
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Bound by Duty by quillofkarnika
Bound by Dutyby quillofkarnika
Who would have thought killing her step-uncle would exile her from her pack immediately? By her own father? Becoming a fugitive, Danielle runs away from her old pack ai...
  • strongfemale
  • pack
  • femaleprotagonist
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His Darling Mate by NightShineAQUEZA
His Darling Mateby ~•°×AqυєzαKєιѕуα×°•~
Meet Elizabeth Khatwood or Lizzie, a female werwolf who was kidnapped away from her identical family, she was found by witches in the middle of winter she almost died bu...
  • mate
  • friends
  • werewitch
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Stone Cold Heart by YourHopeYourAngelll
Stone Cold Heartby YourHopeYourAngelll
Kim Taehyung is the prince of Daegu, but called the "Stone Prince" by the citizens of Daegu. He was called this because he acts cold towards everyone. He was o...
  • royal
  • minyoongi
  • jung
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The words of Adeline by who_is_ellen
The words of Adelineby Ellen
Adeline has spent her whole life in a castle with each of her actions being controlled by her mother, up until the day she is married off and joins a family with royal b...
  • true
  • rich
  • risk
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Night Maps by wifidoesnotsleep
Night Mapsby aloo
Two runaways. One hotel room. Loads of tension. After running away from each of their homes, neither Aero West nor Lyra Dixon expected to be sharing a hotel room. © Copy...
  • dorky
  • pissed
  • angst
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The Prince and Me  by Booksislife714
The Prince and Me by Booksislife714
Eimiani meets a royal what can possibly go wrong? Or right
  • fantasy
  • royal
Tainted love  by lolitsmebitches
Tainted love by 💜SKYS-THE-LIMIT💜
Xena's POV I'm currently in the middle of a meeting. Me being the best pack warrior and the female alpha known as the Luna. Sorry I forgot to introduce myself my names X...
  • alpha
  • pack
  • love
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Running Around Royal (Prince Harry #4) by SophiaJohnson255
Running Around Royal (Prince S. Johnson
****Fourth book in Prince Harry series-- Summer in Scotland, Across the Pond, Princess in Training**** Married now, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, also known as Princ...
  • awesome
  • godsavethequeen
  • royalfamily
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ɓѳku ɳѳ ɳicɦiʝѳu!~ ☆ by Momoiro-Sama
ɓѳku ɳѳ ɳicɦiʝѳu!~ ☆by ピンク
"ɦɛʆʆѳ ɱy ʆѳѵɛʆiɛร!~ ☆" "ɛɳtɛʀtɑiɳ ɱɛ, pɛɑรɑɳt~" "piɳk รigɳiԲiɛร ʀѳɱɑɳcɛ, ʆѳѵɛ, ɑɳɗ Բʀiɛɳɗรɦip. it ɗɛɳѳtɛร Բɛɱiɳiɳɛ quɑʆitiɛร ɑɳɗ pɑรรiѵɛɳɛรร.&q...
  • momoiro
  • prince
  • ask
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Unless It's With You ➻ Princess Beatrice by ThelovelyAngels
Unless It's With You ➻ Princess YSL
×BOOK 3× In Which Princess Beatrice of York goes on a date with Prince Nicholas of Luxembourg and falls in love. Never wanted to feel weak in love, give up control Never...
  • england
  • katemiddleton
  • maryse
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I Don't Understand Love by Ms_mystry
I Don't Understand Loveby A kawiia potato
Aphmau was left in a box in the woods when she was born. She was raised by a pack of wolf that taught her how cruel the world is and how love can break you. As she grew...
  • funny
  • royal
  • jenny
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Royals  by darkxbettyxcooper
Royals by Betty Cooper
  • queen
  • royal
  • england
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Royally Flawsome   by Shey_kha
Royally Flawsome by Shey the angel❤️
Hales Adams is as normal as any girl can get, with one leg and a big positive vibe. She didn't care about the sympathetic looks she got every time she walked down the s...
  • royalfamily
  • life
  • insecure
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Bruised Secrets | COMING SOON by Lttle_daydreamer
Bruised Secrets | COMING SOONby Lttle Daydreamer
She was broken by her own family, declared an outcast who brought nothing but shame. Growing up in the harsh reality of the cold world that surrounded her, she hid behin...
  • romance
  • hate
  • badass
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Playing The Ice Queen{Finding Ruby} by p_diamond
Playing The Ice Queen{Finding Ruby}by Diamond_writer
No.1 in Royal series "You don't know me!!!" I shouted, still close to him. "Oh I know you more than you think, I know what happened five years ago and I...
  • found
  • story
  • gmw
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The Royal Treatment by MiraculousKitty40
The Royal Treatmentby Miraculous Kitty
Krystal is just a normal girl in the kingdom of Silia. Her whole world is turned upside down when she is dragged out of her home and into the palace to be part of some e...
  • marriage
  • fantasy
  • royalty
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