Can Roses Kept Secrets? by pastels_waffles
Can Roses Kept Secrets?by pastels_waffles
Kim Taehyung is a princess. Yes princess. Who is secretly a boy. His parents were told to have a girl so she can marry off to another prince. They wanted a boy though so...
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Anti-Blonde by clairystanson
Anti-Blondeby clairystanson
Sarah lives in a world where blondes are illegal. The government killed hundreds of blondes everyday until there was none left, except for Sarah , a nineteen year old gi...
  • drama
  • mafia
  • hate
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Destiny. by Evahfolkner Evahfolkner
Jessica Joyce is a simple vampire. She wants nothing more then to find her Mate and settle down. On her 18th birthday she goes to bed expecting to see her Mate for the f...
  • trust
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  • hardships
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🖤Differences🖤 by Dylan_Tt
🖤Differences🖤by Dylan_Tt
Powerless is a deep, multi-meaning word that can be expressed in many different ways. But how could the word 'powerless' be explained when it puts into a world of power...
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Unpublished for Editing | Reincarnated Love - Part 1 by Catherine_Edward
Unpublished for Editing | Catherine Edward
#2 in vampire as on 25th March 2018 Katherine Wilcox's life takes a nosedive when she embarks on a family trip supposed to bring their estranged family together. She s...
  • humanmate
  • immortals
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Royal Screw Up by Samantha4165
Royal Screw Upby 🌹🖤👑Sam👑🖤🌹
This is a Prinxiety story! Virgil was adopted into royalty while Roman was born royal. Virgil is often referred to as a 'Royal screw up' and a 'mess'. He is clumsy, shy...
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Eyes Like The Ocean | A Culled Crown Novella by BriannaJoyCrump
Eyes Like The Ocean | A Culled Brianna Joy Crump
Ten girls. Nine bodies. One crown. If given the chance to be queen, would you take it? Viera Kevlar is goddess-touched, one of ten female heirs to the Eirdian throne. S...
  • crown
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Future Queen ↠ Royal Family by alissacharlotte
Future Queen ↠ Royal Familyby alissa🤯
[#12 in royal family] Born on June 21, 1982, Princess Elizabeth Diana Victoria of Wales and her twin brother Prince William of Wales, they were the royal twins everyone...
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One Of  A Kind Maxon X Reader by harry_potter1018
One Of A Kind Maxon X Readerby bookworm5ever
You, Y/N L/N, are a Six living in the beautiful country, Illéa. Mason Schreave, the heir to the throne, is coming of age, meaning The Selection. Now, you aren't very fon...
  • theselection
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Eminence. by iamkoalabecuziluvhug iamkoalabecuziluvhug
•Kim Taehyung• •Kim Seokjin• •At that moment I saw the life leave his eyes...even though he wasn't dead• >>*you can skip past prologue if you...
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THE BATTLE OF LOVE by PrincessOfFlowerland
THE BATTLE OF LOVEby PrincessOfFlowerland
"So, should I take it as a 'yes' Dharani?", Acharya asked me looking straight into my eyes as if he is reading my expressions. I immediately looked down trying...
  • hate
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Voltron Whimsical Week 2017 by JudeMathis16
Voltron Whimsical Week 2017by HonorsStudent
Writing Week from the Once Upon A Paladin Blog Nov 5th-11th (C) misterdump for art used in book cover.
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Thy Kingdom Come by e-l-i-o
Thy Kingdom Comeby e l i o
"For the first time in this great kingdom's history, there will be a voluntary shift of power. In six months time, I will relinquish the title of acting King, and m...
  • king
  • gayfiction
  • queen
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Predicaments of a Schoolgirl by BlankSpacesOfTime
Predicaments of a Schoolgirlby Anne
A future Duchess finds herself bent over her teacher's desk much too often after she breaks the boarding school's overly strict rules repeatedly. Her powerful mother sen...
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King Slade by julielinn
King Sladeby Jules
Serenity Mitchell had always been alone. Well she had her kid brother, but she was left to raise him when her parents died when she was 16 years old. Soon everything fa...
  • love
  • death
  • werewolf
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Breathe Me by sunwassettorise
Breathe Meby sunwassettorise
"How do you expect me to do this without you?" he said lowly. "Do what?" she asked confused. "Do what?" Zayn's voice raised at me laughin...
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Total Nicole » Prince Harry & Nikki Bella by ThelovelyAngels
Total Nicole » Prince Harry & 💲💢 ƒⓞяEI𝓖几 🏆♗
×BOOK 1× A Royal Reality. In which Nicole leaves the United States to get over a mutual break up but instead lands into the arms of her real prince charming who is an ac...
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