take my hand → andrew bazzi by andrewsbazzi
take my hand → andrew bazziby s.
in which he guards his heart from his soon to be wife. ( royal!andrew bazzi x oc )
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Destiny's Play by sohinisanyal
Destiny's Playby Sohini Sanyal
Radha is an ordinary girl. Her mundane purposeless life revolved around her job, her second hand television set and her dream of feeling special. Life flows with regular...
  • faith
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College Princess. Bürgerlich verliebt (XXL-Leseprobe) by AnnieLaine95
College Princess. Bürgerlich Annie Laine
**Eine Prinzessin zum Verlieben** Nichts verabscheut Isabella mehr, als sich dem strengen Hofprotokoll ihres Königreichs zu beugen. Vor allem die ständigen Versuche ihre...
  • liebe
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A contest of Crowns by AtliaGraves
A contest of Crownsby Adelia & Atla Graves
The contest was set up to ensure the endurance of the royal family of Medora. Whoever manages to win over the prince's heart, as well as those from the people of Medora...
  • sexy
  • drama
  • lovestory
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Beast (an african Werewolf Story) by Wongile
Beast (an african Werewolf Story)by Wongile Mbano
An African werewolf mate story. Your pair, your other half, your soulmate, Chauta is generous gifting every leopard with a mate. (Chauta is word for God) Werani is happ...
  • luna
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Royal Love - Una favola reale ( Jortini  ) by BlueMooon25
Royal Love - Una favola reale ( BlueMoon
Cosa accade quando una ragazza normale incontra il principe d'Inghilterra?
  • amore
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Eulilia, Princess Diana's Daughter  by ItsHarper
Eulilia, Princess Diana's Daughter by ItsHarper
Eulilia (aka Lili), is the only daughter of the late princess Diana. After her mother's death, Lili's brothers, Prince Harry and Prince William have always been a little...
  • princewilliam
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Dragonblood ( Book 2 ) by YourBaybayEzra
Dragonblood ( Book 2 )by Ezra_Kenzie
Killian had to leave his life behind in Axaviel in order to prevent the war from happening. He shares his soul with his ancestor which he is a reincarnation from. The on...
  • power
  • dragons
  • fiction
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Agent Undercover by Xxwolf_kingxX
Agent Undercoverby Wolf King
(front cover will make sense in the end)Emma, a 16-year-old and is just like everyone else. She goes to a normal school, wears normal clothes and eats normal foods. But...
  • royal
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Individual Roleplay by RisingMoon22
Individual Roleplayby Rising Moon Goddess
This is an Individual Roleplay where you can have any type of roleplay, fantasy, modern, medieval, anything. Please join!!
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A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong by ThatReeader
A Fairy Tale Gone Wrongby aria may
❝Holy fuck, why are you attacking me?❞ ❝Who the fuck are you?❞ ❝I'm your husband!❞ » full description...
  • teenfic
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Life Line pt2 (Royal Family)  by Lovatodelagarzarocks
Life Line pt2 (Royal Family) by Devonne Rose Leigh Smith Lova...
Part 2 of Life Line. DeAnn has to cope with being a single mother and potentially becoming Queen. Will she be the next reigning monarch of the Kingdom
  • throne
  • kate
  • duke
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Hunting for Silence by RobThier
Hunting for Silenceby Robert Thier
British business mogul Rikkard Ambrose has departed London to face his arch-rival in a deadly game of espionage and intrigue at the Royal Court of France, leaving his la...
  • love
  • storm
  • billionaire
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The Empress // Taehyung by evethesithh
The Empress // Taehyungby ᏋᏉᏋ
On a far away land, lived an empire, where the House of Valois ruled over for centuries. As time passed by, the amount of men outnumbered the women. Yes, women were sta...
  • duchess
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The Royal Awards  by _sanzz_23
The Royal Awards by Anime🌟lover☺royal👸princess...
This is the oppurtunity for you all to win prizes and there will be special prizes also . Who want to win prizes . "The Royal Awards.' is an opportunity to show y...
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The Woodworlds Academy  by Addicted_to_death
The Woodworlds Academy by Addicted_to_death
Emma's life is turned upside down when she gets to know that she and her twin brother are adopted. And it all gets even more messed up when she discovers that her true r...
  • supernaturals
  • war
  • academy
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Call me Doc by samea1998
Call me Docby samea ghaffar
a story of girl who just complete her MBBS degree and join her father hospital as a resident but she never thought in her dreams that it will change her life *********...
  • lovestory
  • watty2018
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Some Smiles Might Weep // G.D. by krystaljane3
Some Smiles Might Weep // Krystal Jane
She moved his messy hair out of his face and said, "But, I love you...and I don't care what anyone thinks." COLLAB w/ @baaaabbyyyyytrippie
  • -romance
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||voltron next generation|| Earth adventure|| by loveyouto345
||voltron next generation|| loveyouto345
the next generation of paladins are on earth because there parents need to keep them safe by hiding them.But the question is will they stay Hidden. ||Voltron is owned by...
  • memories
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Your only hurting yourself by dandelionsplash
Your only hurting yourselfby dandelionsplash
This book holds a very important and wise quote in it. "Don't live with anger and hate in your heart. You'll be only hurting yourself more than the people you hate...
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