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Dimension Hop! ||Homestuck x Reader|| by AmasTea
Dimension Hop! ||Homestuck x Ama's Tea
Dimensia is a rather rare power. Something not fully recognized as a power but rather a cumbersome condition given to a person due to their continuous unstable atoms try...
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MOONSETTER  by v_ritual
MOONSETTER by v_ritual
[ a homestuck one-shot book for lgbt readers ] [ lowercase intended ] [ cover by @ghost-zip on tumblr! ]
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Night Terrors by TRMoonGamee
Night Terrorsby -- Moon --
•VisionStuck• Jake English, an adventurer and local blue lady enthusiast, lives with his cousin, Jade Harley, in a nice little neighbor hood with others. They live close...
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Dave Strider's Cool Diary/Fanfic Place (Idk anymore Man) by Onyx-Sullavan
Dave Strider's Cool Diary/Fanfic ~F4ND0M FR34K~
Don't let bro see this, he will KILL me if he does. Anyways, the only reason I'm doing this is because Rose says "I'm not opening up enough", so she gave me th...
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La stessa risposta by ValentinaCondotta
La stessa rispostaby Valentina Condotta
I disastri dell'amore non corrisposto.
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The Keyhole Experiment by victoriandragons
The Keyhole Experimentby Johnathan
Welcome to the game Leon and his friends must figure out how to get back to their home by beating a grand chess master at her own game. Little do they know they're just...
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Homestuck x Reader Boyfriend and Girlfriend scenarios || by HarumiMegido
Homestuck x Reader Boyfriend and Haru
I don't own any art or pictures unless said otherwise. Homestuck and it's characters belong to Andrew Hussie. Any gender. ⚠️Trigger Warnings⚠️ Swearing I may not being a...
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In love with my assassin by Thatonegaycactus
In love with my assassinby Thatonegaycactus
Sorry for the random cover but if you find a better one DM me and I will have you send it to something. But yeah, I don't own the characters nor Homestuck but I do own t...
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A Home Away From Stars by JasonJewels
A Home Away From Starsby Jason Jewels
As young, 12 year old Roxy Lolande flys through life on Earth, her dreams bare another life that grasps onto the supernatural and the unknown. From what once was a norma...
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FAYGOS FREAK SHOW by _worm_queen_
Come one! Come all! To gamzees circus for misfits This show will take you on a journey you'll surely never forget TRIGGER WARNINGS ABUSE FLASHBACKS
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actual torture [Homestuck Smutshots] by X_FloweryPeaches_X
actual torture [Homestuck Flower
Homestuck x reader in 2019/2020? Impossible. Here again, here I am. female readers unless said otherwise bunch of kinks, listen man. have fun
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Homestuck x reader oneshots by Itsyaboiphoenixwing
Homestuck x reader oneshotsby Phoenix wing
There needs to be more
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Soberiety  by artistvsworld
Soberiety by artistvsworld
Dirk is a demon working at a cheap convenience store in his down time. He meets his brother's new friend, and that's when things start to turn upside down.
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Changed by Jelyjamz
Changedby Forever Unreliable
*Being revived and rewritten!* John - psychopath Jake - broken Dave and Dirk - murders Jade - freak-show Rose - normal? Jane - 'perfect' Roxy - addict Once regular kids...
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Dave x Reader: She was a Stripper by TurnTechCosplayer
Dave x Reader: She was a Stripperby Pip Holland
Dave and (Y/n) have no clue each other exist. Dave works as a male stripper and part time DJ at the scratch club, and (Y/n) is a semi-famous dancer and singer who throws...
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The Popstar's Roommate (DaveJohnKat) by SalemTheMortician
The Popstar's Roommate ( 🍼🍭🔮Salem🔮🍭🍼
John Egbert is the loner at his awfully too quiet of a school. What happens when you speak to a singer once, and offer him housing while he goes to your school? A lot of...
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Random Homestuck Shit by Karkle_Sparkles
Random Homestuck Shitby Josie
*crab-walks away*
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See You Again || dirkjake by but-idc
See You Again || dirkjakeby this acc is old but rad ;)
imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try. no hell below us, above us only sky
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The Unfortunate Circumstance Called Reincarnation (A Homestuck Earth C fanfic) by EndraDragon
The Unfortunate Circumstance Endra
Eridan Ampora didn't want to be alive. He didn't want the memories of what had happened to flood back to him, but he wasn't given much of a choice. It's hard to forget w...
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Paradox Space Won't Stop Him by hecticPillager
Paradox Space Won't Stop Himby hecticPillager
Alpha Dave Strider is famous, cool, and basically living under a poorly-managed dictatorship. One day, he sees a zap in his room.
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