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Fangirl Fanfiction by SamanthaGaddisBooks
Fangirl Fanfictionby Samantha Gaddis
Fanfic for Rainbow Rowell's 'Fangirl'. Enjoy and please leave feedback! :)
  • rowell
  • boys
  • rainbow
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Baby- SnowBaz by PurpleTortoiseReal
Baby- SnowBazby Purple Tortoise
It had been 3 months now and Simon's swelling belly continued to grow. "Baz?" Simon called "I have something to tell you...." Maybe the wings and ta...
  • rowell
  • snowbaz
  • baz
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Eleanor and Park (Sequel) by everythingbutaverage
Eleanor and Park (Sequel)by truey
"You should chase after what you love," they said. What if what I love is too far for me to ever catch up? Cover creds: runxway
  • love
  • confused
  • amazing
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Cather and Levi by hannahreadinggirl
Cather and Leviby Hannah
Years after college, Cath and Levi go through many changes, one including possible marriage. This fanfic follows their lives, living together on Levi's ranch. I don't ow...
  • fanfic
  • cather
  • love
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Don't Forget: A Simon Snow Story by carryongaran
Don't Forget: A Simon Snow Storyby carryongaran
It's been a little over a year since Simon Snow defeated The Humdrum and saved the entire magickal world from destruction. Everyone is moving forward. Penelope's future...
  • drarry
  • england
  • magicians
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Cather-Wren....  And Levi  by reader280202
Cather-Wren.... And Levi by Books lover
A fan - fiction on 'Fangirl' by Rainbow Rowell immediately after the book ends. Revolves around Cath and Levi, Wren and Jandro, Arthur, Abel and new characters. A lit...
  • simonsnow
  • fangirling
  • avery
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Thunderstorms a Carry On fanfiction by Arim0o
Thunderstorms a Carry On fanfictionby Arim0o
It all started with a thunderstorm, then it all changed. Snowbaz and Agatha/penelope. A fanfiction based on Carry On by Rainbow rowell. Cover from the book.
  • fanfiction
  • ôn
  • snowbaz
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Eleanor and Park(the sequel) by olivia0807
Eleanor and Park(the sequel)by olivia0807
SPOILERS! Just a sequel to Rainbow Rowell's original story "Eleanor and Park" Rights to characters, etc. go to Rainbow Rowell.
  • rowell
  • fiction
  • teen-romance
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Moonlight (snowbaz) by bibliosoph
Moonlight (snowbaz)by bibliosoph
It's been three months since the incident at Watford, and life has finally eased back into something normal. Well, as normal as it can be for a vampire, a mage, and a bo...
  • rainbow
  • fanfic
  • tail
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Carry On Cath by joshaidan
Carry On Cathby Brian Jones
I found the character of Cather (Cath) Avery from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell so interesting that I thought she deserved to live on in a work of Fanfiction. I also found t...
  • rainbow
  • rowell
  • simon
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Eleanor & Park by binibiningkpop
Eleanor & Parkby binibiningkpop
  • sequel
  • one
  • shot
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Fangirl 2 (Fanfiction) by Fictionamz
Fangirl 2 (Fanfiction)by Fictionamz
This is a Fan written sequel to the amazing novel 'Fangirl'. Cath and Wren are pushed to the limit in this fan-adorable book. Please do not copy my ideas! Best comment g...
  • funny
  • girl
  • wrenegrade
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Eleanor & Park, Again by dyltbh
Eleanor & Park, Againby dyltbh
Richie has left Eleanor's mom, and Eleanor gets to come back home. But she doesn't know what she's coming back to
  • rowell
  • eleanor
  • park
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Eleanor & Park by brightmoon69
Eleanor & Parkby brightmoon69
-Bono conoció a la que sería su mujer en la prepa -dijo Park. -Sí, y también Jerry Lee Lewis -contestó Eleanor. -No estoy bromeando. -Pues deberías. Tenemos 16 años -dij...
  • amor
  • libro
  • park
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Fangirl Sequel by fangirl_faith
Fangirl Sequelby faith
A fanfiction sequel to the most amazing book Fangirl by the even more amazing Rainbow Rowell. Cath's fanbase grows even more, Wren gets off track, Reagan finds someone...
  • rainbow
  • cath
  • fangirl
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Carry On Oneshots by Hayesjames
Carry On Oneshotsby Hayes James
The title kind of speaks for itself. I just started reading "Fangirl" (yes I know I'm going backwards) so I might pop off and include some of that... maybeee...
  • agatha
  • penelopebunce
  • penelope
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You're Magic by Livs_axx
You're Magicby Livs
A sequel to Rainbow Rowells fangirl. Cath and Levi spend the summer together and Levi finishes off his final year at Lincoln.
  • fangirl
  • rainbow
  • rowell
Carry on fangirl by JL-Tack
Carry on fangirlby Jennifer
"Carry On Fangirl" is continuation of Rainbow Rowell's "Fangirl" aka a Fanfiction. Hope you all enjoy!
  • fangirl
  • rainbow
  • rowell
INTROVERT by catherthanreagan
INTROVERTby catherthanreagan
just another cute story about an introvert girl named Katherine and how she was destined to cross path of life with an un-introvert guy named Colin. will they end up tog...
  • rainbow
  • girl
  • green
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SnowBaz by pipaaaaaa
SnowBazby Pipa
A short fic in which Simon and Baz get a teensy bit more intimate. It's cute, it's fluffy, it's SnowBaz. My first real one shot, enjoy! (Feel free to tell me if there...
  • rainbow
  • pitch
  • rowell
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