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Diabolik Lovers: The Hidden Vampire Princess by AyumiHikariChan
Diabolik Lovers: The Hidden Hikari Ayumi
The Sakamaki brothers have a younger sister who's precious to them and she's in a deep sleep, her name is Sakamaki Airi, a 15 years old girl and the daughter of Karlhein...
  • vampire
  • kanato
  • fanfic
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Escape Route by wills_
Escape Routeby wills_
Carrie Sanders needed an escape route. She took on her father's offer of moving to a small village just outside of Dallas, Texas to run a farm, but what she didn't take...
  • route
  • south
  • sebastian
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Highschool dxd x Fem!Ghoul sisters by SilentYin
Highschool dxd x Fem!Ghoul sistersby SilentYin
All female harem, multiverse
  • route
  • gxgxg
  • yuri
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Sonic Facebook  by Blazelleanna
Sonic Facebook by Blaze Lavender Mato
You have been facebooked. . . by Sonic and friends! Ha, ha! ;) Join Sonic and his friends as they embraced the wonderful, the glorious, and the most horrifying thing on...
  • blaze
  • fun
  • route
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Mystic Messenger Walkthough by HeccOtome
Mystic Messenger Walkthoughby Leo
Mystic Messenger Walkthrough This will include chatroom times, mail responses, and obviously a walkthrough of the actual chatrooms themselves! You stumbled upon an app c...
  • chatrooms
  • messages
  • app
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Aoharu x Kikanjuu: Hosokawa Haruka x f!Reader x Midori Nagamasa by illimin
Aoharu x Kikanjuu: Hosokawa illimin
After a long time you decided to contact your childhood friends, the twins. Upon meeting Haruka again,who is always clingy, you get to know his senior Midori,who develop...
  • aoharu
  • hosokawaharuka
  • love
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Lil Rider by RealassBitch3874
Lil Riderby ThatLilBitch🤪🤪
Just read
  • glizock
  • memphis
  • rapper
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Something to Believe In | Fire Emblem: Three Houses Fan Fiction by sakuraboba
Something to Believe In | Fire Sophie
(1st Person POV Story) (This story will be primarily focused on the Blue Lions route) Anneliese Mari Griffin is a student at the Officers Academy located within the Garr...
  • fanfiction
  • threehouses
  • blackeagles
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 Reader x  Frisk (Chara) by DonAspell
Reader x Frisk (Chara)by Don Aspell
You are a hybrid, half monster, half human. Your father was Gaster, and your mother is unknown. You are a half brother to Sans and Papyrus. You fell down when you were e...
  • sans
  • route
  • chara
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Life route by Hamstergirl11
Life routeby Hamstergirl11
1000 years after the year of change, 2019. Suspense, tension, impatience will never be felt again. Our whole lives are planned for us in our life routes. No choices of...
  • kaito
  • suspense
  • robot
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The Route by Beach_City_Writer
The Routeby Determination
Frisk picks a new route because of being bored. They used to always pick the same happy route.. Until now, what should people think? How's the underground gonna be when...
  • dreemurr
  • nospoilers
  • route
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[New Member]- {A Mystic Messenger FF} by D3vilyn_45
[New Member]- {A Mystic Dev
(Y/n) and MC are best friends, they have been since high school. One day Maci (MC) decides to invite (y/n) to the RFA, (y/n) soon meets all of the members in person. But...
  • unknown
  • seayoung
  • 707
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Rescapés by lauradrewinn
Rescapésby lauradrewinn
Nous étions stupides et immatures. Nous pensions tout contrôler, que tant que nous étions ensemble rien ne pourrait nous arriver. La réalité était en face de nous, et...
  • rescapés
  • route
  • laura
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Another Summer; Footprints in the Sand by Zia-Vill3
Another Summer; Footprints in Zia
  • heart
  • second
  • cries
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I still think about you (lgbt boyxboy) by Nyhterides
I still think about you (lgbt Christine Bottas
Driving down route 66 with a new lover and old memories; the road feels never ending, like the pain inside.
  • thoughts
  • lgbt
  • drive
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Frisk's Diary: Pacifist Route by xXKiller-KittenXx
Frisk's Diary: Pacifist Routeby xXKiller-KittenXx
DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED THE GAME!!! OR IF YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED IT!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK Frisk has stumbled down MT. Ebott, there she meets Toriel, she make...
  • sans
  • route
  • pacifist
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The Undying Traveller by nirjhorbarua
The Undying Travellerby Nirjhor Barua
The nameless traveller, seeking love, fortune, violence, religion along the silk route finds himself, time and again, coming back to a delta, a land of fishermen, a land...
  • history
  • route
  • short
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Refrain, for we Fall by thiccfishsticc
Refrain, for we Fallby kimu
  • refrainforwefall
  • poetry
  • route
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Escape Route by nazinemesis
Escape Routeby Maerika Xi
Escape Route - Inspiration: Escape Route by Paramore - Project in Reading and Writing - Story by: RaW Generation (Group 2 - 11-STEM1) - Book Cover by: KJBR
  • romance
  • ciphers
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