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Stalker × Villain by kinmiko
Stalker × Villainby Kinmiko
*This is not a Yuri if you saw that cover that have two girls who seem very close Cliche? Well yes, you are about to witness and read the most cliche reincarnation otom...
Next In Line( We Never Learn x OC/ Male reader)  by zer0420
Next In Line( We Never Learn x Zer0420
Axle Hatake, one of the top students at his school is tasked with the mission of tutoring three female geniuses, one who excels in math and science , one language arts a...
Diabolik Lovers: The Hidden Vampire Princess by AyumiHikariChan
Diabolik Lovers: The Hidden Hikari Ayumi
The Sakamaki brothers have a younger sister who's precious to them and she's in a deep sleep, her name is Sakamaki Airi, a 15 years old girl and the daughter of Karlhein...
Escape Route | ✓ by wills_
Escape Route | ✓by wills_
[Written when I was 15 and had a lot to learn] Carrie Sanders needed an escape route. She took on her father's offer of moving to a small village just outside of Dallas...
Aoharu x Kikanjuu: Hosokawa Haruka x f!Reader x Midori Nagamasa by illimin
Aoharu x Kikanjuu: Hosokawa illimin
After a long time you decided to contact your childhood friends, the twins. Upon meeting Haruka again,who is always clingy, you get to know his senior Midori,who develop...
Sonic Facebook  by Blazelleanna
Sonic Facebook by Blaze Lavender Mato
You have been facebooked. . . by Sonic and friends! Ha, ha! ;) Join Sonic and his friends as they embraced the wonderful, the glorious, and the most horrifying thing on...
Reincarnated as an NPC?! (bxb) (DISCONTINUED ROUTES)  by user_secret_unknown
Reincarnated as an NPC?! (bxb) ( Unknown User
Hearing a unknown game that is popular in school. Miu who's about to go home got in a an accident. Miu was about to try the game but he didn't know he would be IN the g...
On the Run.Arcana fanfic. by VesuvianDoctorLu
On the Run.Arcana Lu rose
Julian's route but your Lirishi a mage on the run from the authorities and nadia when suddenly outside forces play
Vendors by PuffBunny338
Vendorsby FluffyRabbitVail
This... Well you know me lil'buddy... Uh well enough of that I guess we should get this "Playdate" over with so you know you can get on your way, and back to t...
Royal Love Edward's Route by Moongoddess18
Royal Love Edward's Routeby Moongoddess18
You choice to marry Edward for the kingdom. Read Centuries to understand please.
Pokemon: The Fusion Illusion by PieLover40000
Pokemon: The Fusion Illusionby PieLover40000
A young trainer is put to sleep by a Mismagius, which fuses with a Rayquaza. Can the trainer find his way home, or will he be stuck in a never ending nightmare?
Mystic Messenger Walkthough by HeccOtome
Mystic Messenger Walkthoughby Leo
Mystic Messenger Walkthrough This will include chatroom times, mail responses, and obviously a walkthrough of the actual chatrooms themselves! You stumbled upon an app c...
Kedarnath temple is open for another status by whatsapp55funny
Kedarnath temple is open for Lālu bhulu
Kedarnath temple is open for another status Kedarnath temple Yatra 2022 Trave Scorch Dham implies Four Dhams for example Four strict spots. Singe Dham in Uttarakhand i...
How To Check Available Seats In Trains Between Stations? by railmitra
How To Check Available Seats In RailMitra
Want to know how to check and inquire about IRCTC Train Seat Availability? Are you planning to travel via train and want to book a ticket? To check seat availability and...
Road Route Rajasthan by nishamit12
Road Route Rajasthanby nishamit12
Find route map searches from Rajasthan to other cities in India for your road trip. We also help you check shortest road map from Rajasthan.
Bullets In The Gun by blondenbrainy
Bullets In The Gunby Emma
This story is inspired by Toby Keith's Bullets In The Gun song which I was listening to earlier. It's kind of a modern twist on a Western/Cowboy/badboy/robbery story an...