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Us against the world by Mapleandbonnet4Lifr
Us against the worldby Keithtrella Cyprian
"It's time to go now" he was quiet seemed in deep thought we just smiled at him,he was surprised "Ar-Are you really going to help me?" "of cour...
X-men (Wolverine ) by Teenwolfstorysonly
X-men (Wolverine )by Teenwolfstorysonly
In a world where mutants exist and humans fear them . Their are bad mutants who wish to make humans bow down to them and other who will do everything they can to save hu...
Sea Wolf by ElizaC717
Sea Wolfby ElizaC717
Wolf packs, both good and evil, run the world unknowingly to most humans. Among these werewolves, a few are selected and given nature abilities by the Moon Goddess. I a...
Laws To Live By by CreatorOfReality
Laws To Live Byby Hannah
Catherinessa Farrah Leichester is an elite vampire from the clan of the Keeper's who is hell bent on killing Destroyers. She's killed 22 to date and intends on killing a...
♥️Fairy Tail x reader Oneshots♥️ ||Request closed|| by Purblood
♥️Fairy Tail x reader Oneshots♥️ | Insight
A collection of Fairy Tail Oneshots. Request are open. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ==== Fairy Tail © Hiro Mashima I don't own Fairy Tail or you. Start date...
scarlet princesses by tigerlilly132
scarlet princessesby Ciara Curwen
Kireina Uchiha, little sister to the infamous Itachi Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha of the leaf Kireina Uchiha, last female survivor of her clan escaped the night of a massacr...
Don't you see I am broken? by hello_-_jello
Don't you see I am broken?by Audrey
Abused, rejected and worthless... so she thought Regan Collins thought that about herself. After being outcastes and finally rejected it seems all was lost. She finally...
Jordan by IkEfOlK12
Jordanby ketwelwer
Jordan is a strange person... a strange rougue. No one knows about her past. Not even her closest friends.
Lucy's Revenge by JacintaLondon
Lucy's Revengeby Jacinta London
Team Natsu kicks Lucy off of the team but when they witness her newfound magic will they bribe her back to Fairy Tail or would she remain at Sabertooth and live as she w...
Revenge by couttsie
Revengeby couttsie
It's not easy being a werewolf, especially when you are a rogue. Seth Green, a young werewolf had tragedy struck through his pack when rogues attacked. After running fro...
Yukino's secret by Myasoki
Yukino's secretby Mayonaka
This takes place after Sting took over as master of sabertooth. Yukino has kept a secret from everyone in her guild for a long time. There are only two people who know h...
The age of Elementals Book #1: The Elemental triology (undergoing major editing) by ImNoOrdinaryGal
The age of Elementals Book #1: Mary Charles
All it takes it's one night to change Eleanor's life forever... Learning that she is a werewolf and part of a family of elementals making her one of the strongest werewo...
Not my Mate by dark_knight5
Not my Mateby :)
#Book. 2 in the my bully is my mate series # Ashley drew Anderson has grown from the last time we saw her now 20 and fresh out of school she's taken on a whole knew iden...
Reticent & Cutie by Rosianna_018
Reticent & Cutieby ROSIE
A love of father, friend, son towards a one girl who are willing to protect her with their lives and tries their best. Will they able to protect her? Why does she need p...
Night Howler by DrunkOnSoda
Night Howlerby Anastasia Brooke
The legend of the Night Howler is a simple, but frightening one. Mothers would use it to scare their pups when they were disobedient, and children would use it to scare...
The Dragon Queen (Reader X Fairy tail) by ZeldaWriter25
The Dragon Queen (Reader X Fairy ZeldaWriter25
A clouded past, with very less memory. Hated by everyone, since the age of 6. (Y/N) is the Dragon Queen, and is joining Fairy Tail. Will everyone love her, or hate her?