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Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - ONESHORTS by lynestarchild
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Lyne
{CHECK FIRST CHAPTER TO SEE IF REQUESTS ARE OPEN OR NOT} Feel free to request oneshorts when requests are open! I will take both 'x reader' and 'x OC' requests. But if y...
Trollhunters villans x readers by Dinogirl321
Trollhunters villans x readersby Lilac321
It's about the trollhunters villains that are in love or friends with readers that read these stories I make!
To Decay by Alcainla
To Decayby Mabel
❝Because words just aren't as poetic my dear. I want to decay, and I want you to watch.❞
Tales of Arcadia x Male Reader by Banepower2
Tales of Arcadia x Male Readerby Banepower2
A certain troll watches Jim as he enters troll market for the first time. Who is he and what impact will he have on our heroes?
Sonnets by CalebPaul
Sonnetsby Caleb
The most beautiful form of poetry in my opinion. :)
ROT TMNT Imagines and Covers by lynestarchild
ROT TMNT Imagines and Coversby Lyne
Feel free to request what images you would like to see next! There will be only one picture in every post. WARNING! I DO NOT own the actual drawings/pictures unless I es...
Silver Knives and Blackened Petals by AnderTheEnderWolf
Silver Knives and Blackened Petalsby AnderTheEnderWolf
Charles, a human living in a world of bipedal animals as the only human remaining. His modern happyish life goes to escaping the Human Pet Enforcers or the H.P.E which l...
Epic Fanfiction: Nod x MK by -AnnaLane-
Epic Fanfiction: Nod x MKby AnnaLane
MK's life is going good. Her relationship with her dad is great, Ozzy is as lively as ever and she's still in contact with all her friends from the forest. Things couldn...
Malenia's Final Duel by SweetBreqd76
Malenia's Final Duelby SweetBread 76
Sleeping in certainty of her brother's return, Malenia rest gathering strength to protect her home harboring a sacred shard. Being the most skilled of the demigods she l...
True Love- Friends to Lovers; Middle School Teacher AU by wattislivelaughlove
True Love- Friends to Lovers; :)
i hate gay people
Go back to her.. I know you want to. (story based on the movie Epic!) by Evie13573
Go back to her.. I know you want ev-.56
Younger sister of a Queen, aspired to be a leafman/woman, finally reaching her goals, she finds a different interest in a certain someone. Growing together, training to...
The Celestial Guardian Book 1(a RotG fanfic) by Haru_Uchiha18
The Celestial Guardian Book 1(a Haru Uchiha-Otsutsuki
The girl who mysteriously died in space, a soul that the Man in Moon had been watching since the day she was born. A mysterious, winged creature, an old enemy of his, no...
Shower thoughts - Brain Rot by FleshIsTired
Shower thoughts - Brain Rotby Jinx
Concepts that hurt my brain or I think about when showering, in math or before going to bed.
My excuse. by pikachumaniajasmine
My pikachumaniajasmine
What happened there? What could it be? Look into my feral mind, then maybe you would see. I crawl into my bed at night, begging not to be, but the demons move in circles...
Daughter of Markus by ShaknaIs
Daughter of Markusby Shakna Israel
First book of The Heart of Madness Trilogy, followed by Savrsen of Isein and Sister of Magick. Bethia was a young girl abandoned at an orphanage, until the day that Mark...
Your My Mate~  (Angor rot x Reader) by Dreamerwolf1430
Your My Mate~ (Angor rot x Reader)by Dreamerwolf1430
I hope you like this story. If I mess up on anything, let me know. Hope you enjoy~
Abgabe by Mississippi17
Abgabeby Mieze
Ja hier ist die Abgabe für den Malwettbewerb Von @NimeryTheBlueCat
Bloat by YonderThrough
Bloatby YonderThrough
A small haiku.