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Right When I Saw You | Lukadrien by chatzona
Right When I Saw You | Lukadrienby dumb
Luka Couffaine is starting his new life at his temporary new school. And honestly, he expected time to fly by as fast as lightning while he was staying there. However, w...
Miraculous Ladybug; Watching the Show  by thatagenderkid
Miraculous Ladybug; Watching the jade 🦋
Paris' superheroes, their classmates, teacher, Marinette's parents, and Master Fu get transported to a theatre where they're made to watch a show about their lives. DIS...
Julerose: The Story of Their Love by PATDqueenFOB
Julerose: The Story of Their Loveby PATDqueenFOB
This fic starts a bit after the Zombizou episode. Rose kissed Juleka as she transformed into her zombie form. Juleka knew she liked Rose for a while, but was still surpr...
Miraculous: Chosen Fate by GlamrockMoon117
Miraculous: Chosen Fateby Ciel Celestial
(MLB au) (I don't own the cover) When the Butterfly Miraculous is being used for evil purposes and attacking Paris, Master Fu finds two individuals to be the holders of...
 miraculous ladybug  by TahirBond104
miraculous ladybug by TahirBond104
After The Death of your dad and your mom as miraculous Heroes your Butler/ Bodyguard has been Taking Care of You ever since New York and now you live in Paris 
Sleeping Rainbow (A Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction) by FaeShire
Sleeping Rainbow (A Miraculous @FaeShire
The dark Hawkmoth cursed Prince Marc that after pricking his finger on his 16th birthday, the prince will die! Luckily, one of his miraculous godmother, Mainette, was ab...
Miraculous Toons : ACME's Multiverse by Herosperger
Miraculous Toons : ACME's Herosperger
The Miraculous team with heroes from Tiny Toons are forming an alliance to protect Paris from Hawk Moth Akuma Alliance and Les Enfants Terribles (Chloe's Anti-hero/villa...
Luka Couffaine X Reader by Softieboyy
Luka Couffaine X Readerby softie
Luka from miraculous ladybug dating Y/N. how fun, honestly i dont know where ima go with this.
Marc White (a Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction) by FaeShire
Marc White (a Miraculous Ladybug @FaeShire
Jealous of Marc White's charm, Lila the wicked queen orders him to be murdered. Once she discovers that her innocent stepson is still alive and living with seven friendl...
Miraculous Team: Origins by JohnnyCharneca
Miraculous Team: Originsby SonicPossible00
The world is in peril... after 200 years, the evil Hawk Moth is back. To protect the world, a group of school friends have been chosen to wear the all powerful Miraculou...
I CAN'T FIX YOU // MLB by MommyIssuesLesbidemi
Season 1 of the series 'I can't fix you' ⊱ꨄ═══════☯═══════ꨄ⊰ ❝Your name is Adrien right?❞ ❝We've been seeing each other since you became my sister's friend, which was in...
Rehearsal by akode1
Rehearsalby akode1
Lila Rossi would not usually have left her apartment on the weekend. She would not normally have accepted Rose's invitation to watch Kitty Section rehearse. She most cer...
Miraculous: We Can Be Heroes by Titan826
Miraculous: We Can Be Heroesby Titan826
Six teenagers in Paris find a new purpose in protecting their city as Miraculous heroes. This story is part of the Galactic Titans universe. To read the full saga in chr...
Be My Rose ~a JuleRose Fanfic~ by MiraculousPotterhead
Be My Rose ~a JuleRose Fanfic~by Miraculous Potterhead
Sequel to 'My best Friend'. Can be read as a stand-alone. Juleka wants to confess to a certain someone but doesn't know how. Meanwhile Rose starts finding roses on her d...
Tigress - The New Hero Of Paris by purple_moonfang
Tigress - The New Hero Of Parisby Purple Star
Juleka is the new hero of Paris, and everybody loves her as Tigress, but this secret can bring troubles. - Tigress AU/Tiger!Juleka AU. Also with Julerose and Couffaine f...
Miraculous Saber 4: Guardians by helicrapters
Miraculous Saber 4: Guardiansby helicrapters
Now that Saber and his swordsmen are guardians of the Miraculous, they have a lot of responsibilities. Not just that, Hawk Moth is now using both the Butterfly and Peaco...
The Masked Girl by Minelle196
The Masked Girlby Minelle
(Y/n), a girl who always has a pair of sunglasses and a smile on her face despite the situation is best friends with Luka, a boy who is empathetic at reading people's em...
Seulement des chansons d'amour by NatsumiNiikura
Seulement des chansons d'amourby Sara
Tras una gira de dos años, junto a Luka y Jagged, Juleka regresa a París desando recuperar su vida allí donde quedó pausada incluyendo su relación con Rose. #PrideMonth2...
The Making of Miraculous by faerialchemist
The Making of Miraculousby 1-800fangirl
Marinette Dupain-Cheng is an aspiring fashion designer, so of course she seized the opportunity to make costumes for the film her best friend happens to be directing. Si...
miraculous ladybug next gen by annoying_ginger
miraculous ladybug next genby butterfly
Idk...I don't own miraculous but I do own the next gen character (except the parents...some of their parents...) The story consists of the child(ren) of: adrien and mari...