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With Her   (Volume 1 and Volume 2) by MishTayoto
With Her (Volume 1 and Volume 2)by Red__Maiden
Meet Zyrien na gagawin ang lahat para sa taong mahal nya Kakayanin nyang mag hintay kahit nawawalan na sya ng pag asa Kakayanin nyang mag pakatanga.. Meet Lawrence isa...
Milton High School (A TNS Story) by Springdancer
Milton High School (A TNS Story)by Heathizzy
Have you ever wondered what is it like for TNS characters to be in high school? Well, you're about to find out?
DICTIONARY by senjatani01
DICTIONARYby pelangi senja
ketika si mataduitan bertemu dengan si kikir. ketika si over ekspresif bertemu dengan si minim ekspresi. apakah mereka bisa bersatu dengan damai atau akan terjadi persa...
It's not a Love Story by Hashimitsu
It's not a Love Storyby Honey Paulene
I dated a guy for a few months. one day, he stopped returning my texts and calls. He told me that he was having " Family trouble" and couldn't talk. this went...
The Grasmere Cottage  by heartsofgold17
The Grasmere Cottage by heartsofgold17
Meet Ella Baker, she is a 24 year old art graduate, currently in a bad relationship that needs to be ended and soon to be kicked out of her own bedroom due to her nephew...
Respect! by Rnz_MonT3
Respect!by Rnz_MonT3
Lahat naman ng tao kailangan ng RESPETO kasi karamihan dito sa Mundo JUDGEMENTAL na Diba kala mo naman Kung sinong mga PERPEKTONG tao maka Pang LAIT Kala mo PERPEKTO Kay...
Written Script By: IMHWEE by ImHwee
Written Script By: IMHWEEby Hwee
This story is about being disadvantage of popularity to everyone. Where everything will change your habit and lifestyle.
Rich Kid or The Mafia Boss: Knocking on Death's Door. by elsiix
Rich Kid or The Mafia Boss: elsiix
After retiring from a regrettable career choice several years ago, Isaac is hired by a group of shady criminals to kill the CEO of the world's biggest gaming company in...
ANIMA by angelbon_
ANIMAby mycocaineisabook
Sa loob ng mga taon na pag cecelebrate ni Nici ng mga birthday nya, ngayon lang ang pinakakakaiba, sa ilang taong pagihip sa sariling kandila kasabay nito ang pagihip a...
When Love can be so Complicated by RCW_097
When Love can be so Complicatedby PTV Channel
12 Tahun pacaran, melewati berbagai macam rintangan dan kesusahan. Antara Usaha, Pendidikan, atau Relatioship. Yang satu suka matematika tapi malas mengahafal sedangkan...
Missing You By:Imkeng💛 by Keng0111
Missing You By:Imkeng💛by Keng0111
Missing You is a story of Liz Sanchez and Kane Drix Maxford who need to choose between love and dreams... will they able to separate ways to achieve their dreams... is...
Fight For Her//Mike X Eleven by XXXXLosersClubXXXX
Fight For Her//Mike X Elevenby Nameless
Eleven and Twelve both struggle to survive. Eleven alway stuck by Twelve through everything, because he was always upset. Eleven always hid her feelings, until Twelve fi...
I Wanna Love You ( COMPLETED ) by QilAQil
I Wanna Love You ( COMPLETED )by AQil Thaqif
Description What happens,
when the girl you're dating,
happens to be dating your member as well?