That Twenty First Century Girl [Sebastian x Reader] by xXxYoursTrulyxX
That Twenty First Century Girl [ Selena
[Modern!Reader x Sebastian] (Y/n) is your typical, 21st century girl that gets stuck inside of the popular animation known as "Black Butler". The problem: the...
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Black Butler Boyfriend Scenarios by DamnCasifer
Black Butler Boyfriend Scenariosby DamnCasifer
****ON HIATUS**** It says it all in the title. Alois, Ciel, Sebastian, Claude etc. REQUESTS CLOSED. Now on Quotev as well
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The Modern World  || Black Butler by Ayaunicat
The Modern World || Black Butlerby 「Emon❀」
Dreaming of the Kuroshitsuji characters to land on your living room, clueless on their whereabouts? What happens when you, your brother and your best friend get dragged...
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  • grellsutcliff
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Black Butler Undertaker x Reader by SarcasticAlien103
Black Butler Undertaker x Readerby 🌟☄Moonchild 🍃🌙
(y/n) ran away from home, because her parents were abusive and mean. She was living on the streets of London until a young man by the name of Adrian had saved her. Disc...
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Black Butler X Reader Oneshots/Lemons by Raphewel122
Black Butler X Reader Oneshots/ Anime Fangirl
This is a book based on Black butler ships and x readers. Request anything you like and I'll do it.
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Your Life Is a Lie - Reader x Black Butler (Ciel, Alois, Seba by DeathTheGreat
Your Life Is a Lie - Reader x DeathTheGreat
You, [Name] [Last Name], are the best young assassin in London. That's the reason you were chosen, well, blackmailed, to kill the Queen and her only son. But you nearly...
  • kuroshitsuji
  • alois
  • undertaker
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not the same ( black butler x child reader ) by shadowdemon416
not the same ( black butler x shadow~chan
ciel is a young boy who lost his family in a mansion fire . he lost his mother and father and it was blasted through out the news . the thing was there was a 6 year old...
  • action
  • ronaldknox
  • reunited
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He Who Can Deceive Even Demons (Black Butler x FTM reader) by elliotbyrne
He Who Can Deceive Even Demons ( King of Hearts
(Y/n) (L/n) was known across London for his intelligence, wit, and his perfect logic in business dealings. No one knew just how he came to be the heir of the (L/n) busin...
  • undertaker
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  • grell
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The Queen's Tiger - Various!Black Butler x Demon!Reader by Artist_4_Anime
The Queen's Tiger - Various! I'm a Mess
You are a demon from Hell, and you are now living in London. Here, you meet multiple different males who all have the same feelings for you... Who will you choose? Just...
  • sebastian
  • triplets
  • claudefaustus
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Dimension Jump (Black Butler Kittens x Reader) by LittleDigi
Dimension Jump (Black Butler Author-Chan
When a young girl that goes by the name (Y/n) stumbles upon a group of unique cats in an alleyway in the pouring rain, she can't help but bring them home. Will she be a...
  • alois
  • demon
  • readerxvarious
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Reserva marina by schrodinguer
Reserva marinaby schrodinguer
Grell sutcliff es un triton que nada solo por el oceano ya que su raza esta en peligro de extincion, hasta que un barco lo captura para llevarlo a una reserva marina par...
  • schrodinguer
  • othello
  • yaoi
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Anime One-Shots! {Requests are OPEN!!} by ultmili
Anime One-Shots! {Requests are KICK
You the reader, make a request on your favorite Anime character! Me the author, writes a lovely story and hopes you enjoy it! Please feel free to request anytime you wan...
  • blackbutler
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Undertaken by Preussenlied
Undertakenby Mikki
***New, condensed title and an AMAZING cover made by my dear friend, TheMoonlightWolf!! This story will once again be undergoing some changes so that it isn't so crazy a...
  • sebastianmichaelis
  • blackbutler
  • cielphantomhive
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Gunshots and claw marks  by madfoxanime8
Gunshots and claw marks by Grell L Sutcliff
In a world where superheroes are long gone but crime is extremely high and only the police can help but then one day a hero shows up. Red cat but none of the police or t...
  • sebastianmichaelis
  • ronaldknox
  • sebagrell
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Odds And Ends (Shinigami Oneshots, Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji) by femme-lesbian
Odds And Ends (Shinigami femme-lesbian
It's just a book of odds and ends of my writing. Sometimes oneshots, sometimes character information, and maybe writing tags. A lot of content will revolve around the...
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  • ericslingby
  • ronaldknox
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Soul Mates | Grim Reapers by beefy-vibe
Soul Mates | Grim Reapersby beef
A Grim Reaper must act professional, calm, never frightened when seeing death lie before them. However seeing a well beautiful women reaper, it can be hard to manage the...
  • shinigami
  • ericslingby
  • grimreaper
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The Crazy Rich Asian and the Black Butler ~Sebastian Michaelis X modern! OC by Randomaccount246
The Crazy Rich Asian and the smol bean
Sebastian Michaelis X OC (a mini Crazy Rich Asians crossover) a little bit of romance between Ronald Knox and the OCs cousin ;) Chloe Young was born and raised in Singap...
  • phatomhive
  • crossover
  • crazyrichasians
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New Play Date by hoxomaki
New Play Dateby hoxomaki
A year passed since a red haired reaper and a stern reaper broken up. Nothing caught the red reaper's love interest besides an open invitation coming from a foreign scho...
  • yukiookumura
  • williamtspears
  • grellsutcliff
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After the Death... by AngieFowl
After the AngieFowl
Qu'y a-t-il après la mort ? Les gens biens montent au Paradis, rejoindre les Anges et les Dieux. Et les mauvais disparaissent six pieds sous terre, dans l'Enfer où les...
  • ames
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