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- Kindergarten 2 RP - by Andyyx_15
- Kindergarten 2 RP -by Andyy
> Art by kindsnob < So- I've fell on a fandom again ;;)) I rlly like this game! So, I decided to make a RP book! I've onlly rp 5 of my fav fandoms, Kindergarten is...
  • felixhuxley
  • félix
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A Little Bird Told Me - [Fred Weasley x reader] by HanneEerdekens
A Little Bird Told Me - [Fred Hanne Eerdekens
"You're an idiot", I mumbled and looked up. He was standing pretty close and I could just now study his face properly. He had a smile on his lips constantly a...
  • ron
  • george
  • weasley
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Draco's Boggart  by legitdraco
Draco's Boggart by drarrytrash
Hogwarts Students return to finish their education after the war. Draco returns but nothing is the same. All his friends have left and no one is there to comfort him unt...
  • drarry
  • harry
  • romione
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(Y/n) Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. by Boopydoopy111
(Y/n) Potter and the Chamber of Boopydoopy111
The second year at Hogwarts for the twin Potter children, after the escapades from last year surely this must be a more relaxing time. (All characters are owned by right...
  • readerxcharacter
  • voldemort
  • wizard
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Harry Potter: Enlightenment by I_Am_A_Asshole
Harry Potter: Enlightenmentby I_Am_A_Asshole
What if Harry knew about his destiny in his 3rd year of Hogwarts? In this story that happens and much more. Sorry I am horrible at descriptions, I am copying and pasting...
  • richharry
  • ronbashing
  • dumbldorebashing
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BLOOD-LINE | Hermione Granger by kieran_w
BLOOD-LINE | Hermione Grangerby 𝐤𝐢𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐧
It was a common assumption that all children raised in pureblooded families, especially the Malfoy family, despised muggle-borns and blood traitors. Another assumption w...
  • harrypotter
  • bloodline
  • fanfiction
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Here We Are Now by Booksdoglover
Here We Are Nowby Booksdoglover
"Is it really you?" He asks Two girls disappeared from the Wizarding world 15 years ago. The question is where are they now? Enter a reunion, a still in love e...
  • cho
  • ron
  • draco
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Our little secret  by sallydara
Our little secret by sallydara
It's about their love,their secret and life. The story starts in hermiones fifth year. How long will theyr secret las? Who will betray them? What will hermiones parents...
  • narcissa
  • hogwarts
  • dumbledore
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Kindergarten: Brothers in Grief by ellanotchofgigikiwi
Kindergarten: Brothers in Griefby ellanotchofgigikiwi
(An "acquaintances to friends to brothers" story.) (Backstory and AU.) After nearly killing each other and realizing there's something wrong with their family...
  • monty
  • alice
  • ted
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9 is the number that broke us by goldenzingy46
9 is the number that broke usby Trixie Bella-Rose Lestrangle
It's after the war, and nine innocents have a new jail in Azkaban - nine people who fought for happiness, for goodness, for faith, but were betrayed by the master manipu...
  • dark
  • wandless
  • complete
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Fred Weasley daughter by Wolf_Girl2908
Fred Weasley daughterby Wolf_Girl2908
this is a short story about y/n Weasley and her friends Albus and Scorpius. basically the Silver Trio. Oh and by the way Ron and Hermione kids are not born yet. Neither...
  • harry
  • gerorge
  • ron
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T a n g l e d   L o v e    by qt-hufflepuff
T a n g l e d L o v e by Hufflepuff ~ Babe
Hermione and Pansy are stuck holding hands for 10 weeks . During that period of time they will have too struggle together to save themselves and their friends . But when...
  • cute
  • drarry
  • lavender
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DRARRY ONE SHOTS  by Drarry198765
May contain smut. smut will be in the beginning of the chapters containing smut. sometimes smut just happens unexpectedly. I might have one or both die it depends on how...
  • lupin
  • harry
  • draco
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Rough | D.M. by Lizzy-in-Wonderland
Rough | Callaniren
Lacey to wybuchowa gryfonka zakochana w Draco Malfoyu. Niestety ten nie jest nią zainteresowany. Zauważa ją tylko wtedy, kiedy coś mu nie pasuje. Wtedy kończy się to kłó...
  • ravenclaw
  • hogwart
  • blaise
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You by my Side (Snarry) by ash_potter02
You by my Side (Snarry)by ash_potter02
Severus Snape and Harry Potter. Slytherin and Gryffindor. Greasy Git and The-Boy-Who-Lived. Two biggest enemies. That's how everyone saw it, until something started to c...
  • ronweasley
  • harry
  • severusnape
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Lost by celestiallitterateur
Lostby celestiallitterateur
Harry Potter was perfect, right? He was the Golden Boy, the boy who lived, the Chosen One, his life had to be perfect. Well, that's what everyone at Hogwarts thought, an...
  • blaise
  • ron
  • dracomalfoy
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I Will Always by An_arrogant_toe_rag
I Will Alwaysby potterheadtotoe
Story starts in the beginning of Harry's fourth year and Ginny's third. Harry and Ginny were meant to be, they just couldnt accept it. This will talk about their blosso...
  • garry
  • harry
  • hinny
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Defying the Path by I-HaveFangirlItis
Defying the Pathby PoleVaultOverDemHaters
Alizah Jane Lestrange is expected to be evil. A truly, honestly, wicked witch. But what happens when she finds she doesn't have to take that way? Will she be strong enou...
  • ron
  • alizahxdean
  • alizahlestrange
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Layla Potter: The Philosopher Stone by Starhope01
Layla Potter: The Philosopher Stoneby LOSTSTAR
Layla lily potter, an orphaned girl of two powerful wizards who possess unique extraordinary gifts. On her eleventh birthday, she and her brother summoned to Hogwarts. A...
  • ronweasley
  • potter
  • layla
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