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Just One Day (Prequel to My Darkness Transformers Human AU) by T-Night
Just One Day (Prequel to My T
The Autobots, an undercover group of warriors setting out to find the group of criminals, the Decepticons. Both have different identities, and sometimes it's hard to see...
  • braden
  • romance
  • prowl
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The Boy In The Moon ↠ CEDRIC DIGGORY by -worldofwords
The Boy In The Moon ↠ CEDRIC 🧚🏻‍♀️
[ cedric diggory x oc ] [ golden trio era - goblet of fire ] Ever since Igor Karkaroff took over the Durmstrang institute, it has had a darker reputation than in the pas...
  • durmstrang
  • harry
  • gobletoffire
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Fred Weasley daughter by Wolf_Girl2908
Fred Weasley daughterby Wolf_Girl2908
this is a short story about y/n Weasley and her friends Albus and Scorpius. basically the Silver Trio. Oh and by the way Ron and Hermione kids are not born yet. Neither...
  • albus
  • fred
  • crush
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Draco's Twin A Harry Potter Story by _Lone_Wolf_Writer_
Draco's Twin A Harry Potter Storyby _Lone_Wolf_Writer_
Draco and his twin sister Arwen are on their fourth year going to Hogwarts as you know Draco is in Slytherin and so is his twin sister. Draco and Arwen are Snapes favori...
  • dracomalfoy
  • ron
  • twin
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Rough | D.M. by Lizzy-in-Wonderland
Rough | Callaniren
Lacey to wybuchowa gryfonka zakochana w Draco Malfoyu. Niestety ten nie jest nią zainteresowany. Zauważa ją tylko wtedy, kiedy coś mu nie pasuje. Wtedy kończy się to kłó...
  • fanfiction
  • ravenclaw
  • blaise
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Harry Potter Headcanons by KhwaahishShah
Harry Potter Headcanonsby KhwaahishShah
This is just a bunch of random facts, headcanons and extra stuff. Much of this is made up on my part. But some have been taken from other people. All credits go to them...
  • nextgen
  • ron
  • harrypotter
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Dramione: Prefect For Each Other by cchpfanfic
Dramione: Prefect For Each Otherby cchpfanfic
This is a Dramoine fanfiction. Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy became Prefects. This was their chance of knowing each other better. They fell for each other, but can t...
  • romance
  • prefect
  • malfoy
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Stay, Malfoy || D.M ϟ by lovingmalfoy
Stay, Malfoy || D.M ϟby A
Who thought Maci Mitchell would end up attending Hogwarts? She seems to have caught Draco Malfoys eye.
  • idk
  • ravenclaw
  • ron
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Những điều muốn nói  và funfact về Harry Potter by HuynPhm875
Những điều muốn nói và funfact về Huyền Phạm
Cre ; Harry Potter[VN]
  • funfactaboutharrypotter
  • dracomalfoy
  • harrypoter
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(Y/n) Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. by Boopydoopy111
(Y/n) Potter and the Chamber of Boopydoopy111
The second year at Hogwarts for the twin Potter children, after the escapades from last year surely this must be a more relaxing time. (All characters are owned by right...
  • witches
  • readerinsert
  • magic
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AESTHETICS→H.Potter by BookwormMalfoy
AESTHETICS→H.Potterby Remila
" YOU'RE DRIPPING LIKE A SATURATED SUNRISE " A book in which Remila has added the aesthetics of Harry potter characters which she hopes would be useful to your...
  • lupin
  • weasley
  • malfoy
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• One Of A Kind [Harry Potter Fanfic]• [Slow Updates] by Slyther1nPr1ncess
• One Of A Kind [Harry Potter ★·.·´¯`·.·★ Jessica ★·.·´¯`·...
"I've Never Met A Strong Person With An Easy Past." There's another prophecy, other than the Chosen One. Inside describes a powerful witch, with incredible po...
  • wizard
  • draco
  • sorcery
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The Wrong Boy Who Lived by AnnaTheDramaQueen16
The Wrong Boy Who Livedby Anna Mooney
Harry Potter is the most powerful wizard since Merlin. But what will happen if he had a twin or went to another school. Keep reading and find out.
  • darkharry
  • greyharry
  • hermione
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Revolution by Mind-To-Pen
Revolutionby Syd
Diana Chloe Cosmos. Named after a goddess, a planet, and a grandmother. At eleven years old, Hogwarts opens its heavy doors to her and they're no telling where they'll l...
  • magic
  • fantasy
  • weasley
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The Chronicles of Ashley Pevensie  by SheetaGranger
The Chronicles of Ashley Pevensie by Daughter of Hades
Ashley Pevensie is a mugglborn Witch. When the War happens in England before then she found out she was a witch. When the war happens she is at Hogwarts while her Silbli...
  • luna
  • pevesine
  • edmund
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You by my Side (Snarry) by ash_potter02
You by my Side (Snarry)by ash_potter02
Severus Snape and Harry Potter. Slytherin and Gryffindor. Greasy Git and The-Boy-Who-Lived. Two biggest enemies. That's how everyone saw it, until something started to c...
  • ron
  • hp
  • harry
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I Will Always by ginginginginny
I Will Alwaysby potterheadtotoe
Story starts in the beginning of Harry's fourth year and Ginny's third. Harry and Ginny were meant to be, they just couldnt accept it. This will talk about their blosso...
  • hermione
  • ronmione
  • ronweasley
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HP Lyric Pranks! by Tianacb11
HP Lyric Pranks!by Tianacb11
The title says it all! Don't be afraid to request! ⚠I don't own any of these lovely characters sadly! They all belong to the wonderful J.K Rowling⚠ Beautiful cover by...
  • ron
  • harrypotter
  • harmione
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Why Us? by atuyo0
Why Us?by Lady Ravenclaw
Draco and Hermione go to Hogwarts. Enter Veela genes, Blaise Zabini, Ginny Weasley, and Ron Weasley, ever the jealous ex. (I'm really bad at descriptions but please re...
  • cheesyromance
  • dramione
  • ronweasley
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Black As Coal  by Lumna10
Black As Coal by Lumna
Sorry for those of you read this before but I am changing it a little bit. Just so it won't be as weird.And to introduce a conflict. The characters that I use from the b...
  • nightmares
  • slytherin
  • bestfriends
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