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HER KILLER [Kim Taehyung × Reader] by momopeach12
HER KILLER [Kim Taehyung × Reader]by bangtan'sflower
"Kim fucking taehyung... I'll kill you for what you've done to me."I shouted out to him in anger with my hands all tied up,my fists clenched making the ropes h...
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Wizard (Martin Garrix Fanfiction) by martin_garrix_
Wizard (Martin Garrix Fanfiction)by martin_garrix_
Madi is just your average 17 year old girl, right? Not quite. She has a huge dream of becoming a world-renowned DJ, like Hardwell, her idol. She despises people like...
  • romancefanfiction
  • martijn
  • imagine
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In The Wings (Chris Evans FanFic) by Lovey1206
In The Wings (Chris Evans FanFic)by Lovey1206
Breelan and Chris have been friends for years. Friends with an occasional side of benefits. This time is different though. When he comes home to Boston to take a few mo...
  • marvel
  • wattys2019
  • captainamerica
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the meet and greet by stellasyc
the meet and greetby stellasyc
Savannah dealt with a lot of traumatizing things in the past, her only way out was through Shawn's music. Her best friend, Vanessa, was there all the time. One day, they...
  • love
  • mendesarmy
  • romancestories
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Soft - KNJ by AngelRoseTurner
Soft - KNJby Heart&Seoul
"You used really good technique here." You rolled your eyes. "They're just doodles, Namjoon-ssi. Now help me clean it up so that I can go home." His...
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Falling | Cara Delevingne / you by gocarrt16
Falling | Cara Delevingne / youby King
Cara delevigne fanfiction, or cara and you/cara and unidentified. Im hoping to update every few days thank you for reading i hope you enjoyed.
  • romance
  • caradelevingne
  • cara
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roommates; j.g by codyherbinkoscock
roommates; j.gby emma
"kiara... due to an unfortunate miscount of girls, you will room with jack gilinsky." the dean said, biting her lip.
  • kinky
  • jackgilinsky
  • love
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Crushed (Chris Evans Fan-Fic) by Lovey1206
Crushed (Chris Evans Fan-Fic)by Lovey1206
Apparently the more you hide your feelings for someone the more you fall for them.
  • chrisevansfanfic
  • fanfic
  • romancefanfic
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new girl ; birlem [completed] by madsmoneymil
new girl ; birlem [completed]by madi mccleary
a cute relationship between two kids started in notes : oct 03/16 published : jan 02/17 ps. this story sucks but some people like it so read it if u want, i guess
  • boyfriend
  • birlem
  • josephbirlemfanfic
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Falling in love with him again (Sebastian Vettel fanfic sequel ) by Chocomania23
Falling in love with him again ( Adriana Rose
Alexis is living her life but in the back of her mind all she can think about is Sebastian Vettel. Sebastian and Alexis meet once again in Australia at the start of the...
  • sebastianvettelfanfic
  • formula1
  • fanfic
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Walking In Shadows (RWBY Fanfiction) by WitherKnightMC
Walking In Shadows (RWBY ShaggyRodgers
Have you ever been afraid of your own shadow? Well, you should be around (y/n). When you where 13 years old you killed your parents with there own shadows, because you c...
  • bloodandgore
  • rubyxmalereader
  • rubyrose
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Addicted To You. (Minsung) by hwanghyuniss
Addicted To You. (Minsung)by G
Lee Minho; An eighteen year old boy who finds a small, mysterious boy sitting and wondering on the edge of a bridge ready to jump, ready to take his own life. That boy w...
  • jisung
  • minsung
  • leeminho
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in time // h.s. by claudialaydee
in time // claudialaydee
Best friends since childhood, Janet, Harry and Matty thought their bond was unbreakable. But love changes everything. Janet has a choice to make but will she choose wise...
  • styles
  • romancefanfiction
  • romance
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Your future, my future -Twin star exorcist ff by A_Nisa05
Your future, my future -Twin Anime_mania
This story contains some part of anime. Like RYOGO getting married Some parts of manga are added to the story. Like Rokuro being Abe no seimei's child and Abe no seimei...
  • romance
  • fanfic
  • comedy
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Dangerously ~Chris Evans~ by Lovey1206
Dangerously ~Chris Evans~by Lovey1206
"Why do you want to know so much about me?" "Because I think you're intriguing." Chris lowered his voice and leaned into her. "I'm not." Sh...
  • captainamerica
  • naomiscott
  • marvel
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Don't Be An Idiot Ackerman(LevixMikasa) by Gnome96
Don't Be An Idiot Ackerman( Naomi
Authors note: Yes, yes, I realize that technically in the series Levi is in his thirties and Mikasa is not, but for this stories sake he is in his late twenties and she...
  • romancefanfic
  • mikasaackerman
  • animefanfic
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I've fallen in love with my friend's son by smoltodo
I've fallen in love with my smoltodo
My original characters -bl ff
  • fluff
  • boyslove
  • bl
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tayler holder's half sister ; birlem by madsmoneymil
tayler holder's half sister ; madi mccleary
being tayler holder's half sister is kinda fun but the best part was meeting joey (discontinued) started in notes : jan 28/17 published : mar 13/17
  • josephbirlemfanfic
  • josephbirlem
  • josephbirlemfanfiction
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A Change For The Better; Caleb Finn by Phoenix_martin
A Change For The Better; Caleb Finnby Phoenix M.
You explore your new life in Australia alongside Caleb Finn and you find yourself falling for him. Caleb x reader. ~[A Caleb Finn Fanfic]~ ||If you give it a read, pleas...
  • tiktok
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  • finn
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Its A Highschool Thing  by WINWIN_NCTZEN_127
Its A Highschool Thing by Krispy Kreme Babe
you are playing as the girl named Tempo and you have so many crushes but each crush has a surprise even your 2 best friends! created on 08/08/2019 for my friends @Yoo...
  • highschooldrama
  • darrencheng
  • highschool
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