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Escaping Gunpoint by Jaybird2337
Escaping Gunpointby Jay Marshall
This novel takes place in the slums of Miami Florida and focuses on the life of a young adult girl stuck in a criminal lifestyle. This fictional story is full of betraya...
  • betrayal
  • sexy
  • obsession
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I Wish You Loved Me by Katie_Bug77
I Wish You Loved Meby Katie_Bug77
A romantic story of a high school girl named Mianna. Her mom dies after her sister is born and try's to find a new mom. She has a crush on a boy named Jeremiah but his m...
  • romantic-suspense
A e i p a t h y  by _DarkPr1nce_
A e i p a t h y by ❤️ Prince ❤️
A E I P A T H Y: [ ay-puh-thee ] - an enhancing and consuming passion. Cynth Volk, is the new girl in Ridgewood. It's a town in Pennsylvania, full of strange people...
  • love
  • pranks
  • betrayal
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SPLIT by vvstay
SPLITby vvstay
*DISCLAIMER THIS HAS MATURE YET VIOLENT SCENES BEWARE* She is growing up with strict and religious parents. He grows up from the ghetto and has delt with many struggles...
  • romance-friendship
  • romance
  • mysteryromance
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Fallen For Her In The Fall - Aishika Roy by Aishika_Roy
Fallen For Her In The Fall - Aishika_Roy
Look how a girl overcomes her insecurities.
  • romantic-suspense
  • love
  • wedding
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The One by httyd_lover678
The Oneby httyd_lover678
Alice Green had plans, plans to graduate and head to Berkeley. What happens when all her plans falls apart along with her entire world ?
  • guyxgirl
  • drama
  • girlxboy
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Don't Cry  by kheloV
Don't Cry by Khelov
Don't Cry is an unbelievable diary or story from my imagination and romantic experience through life.I believe as an author this story is a great way for expressing yo...
  • tears
  • peace
  • love
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my first first first love by Ybtheexplorer
my first first first loveby Yb the explorer
a boy who fell in love with his neighbor
  • lovestory
  • romance
  • romantic-suspense
Running Home by leviisminebish
Running Homeby i'm not crying you are
The zombie apocalypse is a very scary place on your own...Fortunately for Eliza, she doesn't have to be alone anymore. While on a search to find her parents, she meets...
  • plzcomment
  • romantic-suspense
  • meow
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After 10 years by Navneet2711
After 10 yearsby Navneet2711
It is a story of a boy and a girl who were in deeply love with each but what changed their situation now what has happened 10 years ago that changed there whole life let...
  • romantic-suspense
  • sadness
  • lovestory
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lost in you by Pretty_Boy_Shon
lost in youby Pretty_Boy_Shon
two people who have been friends with each other but they end up falling in love with each other.
  • romantic-suspense
The Truth About Life. by Spell_Angel1
The Truth About Spell_Angel1
Madison Olsen and Mason Olsen are twins.Their parents are rich.Madison went to London for 2 Years for her studying and something else.....Mason is a The Quater back for...
  • mysterious
  • romantic-suspense
Silent&Deadly by justinerey123
Silent&Deadlyby justinerey123
A Romantic and Mysterious
  • romantic-suspense
The Poet by Galaxychan19
The Poetby Galaxy-chan
  • highschool
  • piano
  • romance
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Billy and Jeff - In the name of Science! by saiioma
Billy and Jeff - In the name of june
This is a heartbreaking novel that feature the use of two characters; Billy and Jeff. Personally, this story makes me cry my eyes out, but please read it. I do not own...
  • betrayal
  • canon
  • dora
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