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'Unique Couples' - TMNT boyfriend scenarios by SirFlabsAlot98
'Unique Couples' - TMNT Abi_p_98
If you love the turtles you'll love this. :) dont actaully own the tmnt or any other characters used in story
CoD Modern Warefare 2 Headcanon& One shots by Ghost_storys
CoD Modern Warefare 2 Headcanon& Ghost_storys
Headcanons and stories, mostly headcanons So after I hit the 92k views I should write a better description I guess. I most of the time I write you as a gender neutral re...
Leftovers~All of us are dead by llPeaches8Creamll
Leftovers~All of us are deadby Peaches & Cream
Y/N Nam is the twin brother of On-jo but is almost the complete opposite, he's incredibly smart and is a basketball star. He has also always liked Cheong-san since child...
I See You (Jack Frost x Cupid! Reader) by OneArtsyGamer03
I See You (Jack Frost x Cupid! Art ( ^◡^)
** COMPLETED ** My name... Is (Y/N)(L/N). Or "Cupid", as people like to call me. How do I know that? Well, the Moon told me so. ... Jack Frost was alone witho...
My Love by aamna313
My Loveby
Now finally I can get rid of that low life who was enjoying all the luxuries for so many days. Now your time is up Hoor let's see now who will help you or protect you. Y...
Billionaire love (Completed) by aamna313
Billionaire love (Completed)by
Suddenly there was a knocking on my door it looks like that they will broke the door. Maid opened the door as I was sitting in the lounge. And when I saw who it was my...
Together Alone/ 𝐟𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐨𝐫𝐡𝐚𝐭𝐞 by kristinna248
Together Alone/ 𝐟𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐨𝐫𝐡𝐚𝐭 k
,,It's funny how we treated us like a pieces of shits." I smiled. ,,Language babe." He smirked. Another story in book in your library that is hidden between an...
Chaselyns story by Chloe7962
Chaselyns storyby Outerbanks_obx23
This is a story about chase and Maddie and there relationship. So read if you are missing them🥰 love you!!!! ⚠️WARNING⚠️ There may be sensitive scenes in this book tha...
Teamwork by dxrkblxss
Teamworkby 🌑 dxrkblxss 🌑
Felicity Cooper had never liked football, despite her whole family being mad about the sport, so, when her sisters team comes over one night to celebrate their recent wi...
Background Characters | WLW Story by dxrkblxss
Background Characters | WLW Storyby 🌑 dxrkblxss 🌑
It's all a matter of perspective *** Anna Thatcher had always lived in the background of everyone's lives so, when she joins a new school, she isn't surprised to find th...
Avengers x Child Reader by MiuMichinaga
Avengers x Child Readerby MiuMichinaga
you were a very small baby that know nothing been left alone in an alley with no one even know you there. You Cry so hard. you cry, cry and cry for so long. Even though...
Vampires pet by GhostEaterer
Vampires petby GhostEaterer
myra Gidon, a blonde, that was born into the life of a human pet. after her mother died, when being forced to mate with a sex pet, and give birth to Myra, she is left b...
Hey..will you love me forever? by kattyhobb
Hey..will you love me forever?by kattyhobb
Vijay : You did not have to do that... Naan unna romba love pannen..... But you...what did you broke my trust....he said while pressing her neck with his large...
when music and blades combine (white rose and Bumblebee, band au)  by kirawolf3
when music and blades combine ( kira wolf
Ruby Rose wanted to go to Beacon Academy for three reasons. One,to follow her mother's foot step to be the best huntress and musician who spread joy while protecting peo...
Lover from another dimension. Avengers x reader by MiuMichinaga
Lover from another dimension. MiuMichinaga
(y/n) Robertson is just a normal student she and her friend is an Marvel fan especially Avengers. one day they were drawing they character in Marvel universe. they keep...
Mine (Complete) by aamna313
Mine (Complete)by
It's previous name was From Worst To Best Saad decide that I have to give her sleeping medicine otherwise she will get worse then she already is me and Saad both asked h...
WLW Oneshots (Tiktok) by dxrkblxss
WLW Oneshots (Tiktok)by 🌑 dxrkblxss 🌑
This is where I'll continue my tiktok imagines for all that want them. *** Fluff and smut warning ⚠️ *** Published: 20th Jan 2023 Completed:
I can't love another by napsycapella
I can't love anotherby nana ova_izy
***NENE gave out her virginity to a total stranger in a mask party, thinking that will mend her shattered heart and help remove her ex from the picture.. But what will...
Mail Order Brides and The Doctor (A Western Romance Book)(COMPLETED) by lealaurensbooks
Mail Order Brides and The Doctor ( lealaurensbooks
Being a mail order bride is hard... dealing with the new in-laws is harder! Irene Bailey misses Missouri more than she could have imagined. The cousin she's living with...
Hirashi, Haruhis Brother {Ouran high School Host Club} by Lumimon
Hirashi, Haruhis Brother {Ouran Lumimon
Haruhi and her twin brother are completely different but when it comes down to it they love each other and would do any thing for one another. He ends up in the same pre...